Apex Legends season 18 end time, story, Revenant Reborn, events, and more

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The Apex Legends season 18 end time is no longer all that far away. With Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale nearing the end of season 18, it’s once more time to begin looking to the future, and reflect on what this season has brought us, and how much longer we’ve got to enjoy it for.

There’s plenty about the coming season that we can’t be sure of, but plenty for Season 18 we’ve seen over the course of the past weeks, as well as just a little more yet to come. We’ll cover the Apex Legends season 18 end time here, and go over everything else this season has brought us, in case you’ve missed out and need to catch up

Season 18 end time

Apex Legends season 18, titled Resurrection, will end on November 1, 2023 at 10AM PT/ 1PM ET/ 6PM BST. The season began on August 8, 2023 at 10AM PT/ 1PM ET/ 6PM BST. Going by this, Apex Legends Season 19 will then begin immediately following, bringing its new Legend Conduit and Season 19 meta changes with it. This could be subject to change if there are any last-minute announcements by Respawn of any problems or necessary server maintenance.

The update came out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch platforms simultaneously. We’re expecting the same to hold true for the following season.

Apex Legends season 18 start time: Apex Season 18 battle pass menu.

Season 18 story

Season 17 saw a few interesting story beats manifest in the form of the Kill Code missions. It’s a thread which continued into Season 18, and provided some insight into the story of Revenant, among other characters. Kill Code has taken a dual approach to storytelling for the game.

Kill Code trailers

First we have the trailers for Kill Code. Part One premiered on July 17. This trailer shows Loba, Lifeline and Mad Maggie infiltrate an installation on Salvo in search of information Durado Silva. After partially downloading files from the mainframe inside, they make a narrow escape. It seems there are efforts underway to monitor mysterious ongoing changes in the Outlands.

The trailer for Kill Code Part Two dropped on July 31.

This one follows on from the events of the mission. It confirms that the facility was indeed a factory making Revenants – a place Loba had believed she had destroyed. As we watch largely from the perspective of a detached Revenant’s eye, seeing his various copies malfunction and parts of his backstory, we learn more about where this is heading. The team sets out to stop Durado getting his hands on Revenant’s human head, which controls the robotic copies, while a reborn Revenant begins to hunt them down.

Kill Code missions

Alongside the trailers, we have an in-game, limited time playable mission. You’ll play as Loba in this mission, navigating a massive underground facility as we saw in the Part One trailer, in search of answers.

Apex Legends season 18 start time: Loba swings through the underground facility on Salvo across ziplines.

At the end of the mission we find a kind of stasis module. The module itself is empty inside, but Loba seems distressed, recognizing the technology and equipment. On the ground next to the pod she finds the remains of a mechanical skull, damaged but irrevocably similar to Revenant’s skull.

We know that Revenant is tied up in this story. The second trailer in particular has all but confirmed that we’ll see a Revenant rework next season, which we’ve gone over in more detail below.

Both the mission and trailers indicated a flowing narrative that carried over into Season 18, and may even carry over further yet. The story saw a continuous escalation as Revenant became stronger than ever and the other Legends searched for a way to bring him down. Kill Code part 3 is expected to come out in the final stretch of the season.

Season 18 Revenant Reborn

Easily the biggest feature is the Revenant rework, also called Revenant Reborn. This has been what Kill Code has built towards, and it’s finally been confirmed. On August 3, the Resurrection trailer dropped, giving us our first look at the new Revenant.

If you want a full breakdown of the new Revenant and everything that’s coming with him, we’ve covered that in full in another guide.

Season 18 battle pass

The cornerstone of any season, Season 18 Resurrection’s battle pass is full of fantastic new cosmetics for those wanting to spice up their look in-game. This one takes a lot of inspiration from Revenant’s resurrections, with a host of new, deadly skins. We know that the following cosmetics are in the battle pass. Most of these were confirmed by the battle pass trailer. Here’s a look at some of the highlights from this season’s battle pass.

Cosmetic NameCosmetic TypeCosmetic GradeUnlocked At
Outlawed TechMad Maggie skinLegendaryLevel 24
Heart of The DivineEva-8 shotgun skinLegendaryLevel 25
Heart of BrimstonEva-8 shotgun skinLegendaryLevel 110
Vortex CoreL-Star energy weapon skinLegendaryLevel 1
PathogenPathfinder skinLegendaryLevel 50
Advanced ReignValkyrie skinEpicLevel 1
Bad BloodCaustic skinEpicLevel 1
Blood RushOctane skinEpicLevel 1
Se Ya!Valkyrie skydive emoteEpicLevel 2
Feedback LoopSeer frameEpicLevel 9
Stare DownCrypto emoteEpicLevel 10
Anarchy UnleashedMad Maggie frameEpicLevel 18
Looks Like ReignValkyrie holoEpicLevel 35
The Dopple GangKraber sniper rifle skinRareLevel 8
Overstimulated Octane frameEpicLevel 67
Accelerated AdversaryNemesis energy rifle skinEpicLevel 80
Devil’s EdgeWeapon charmEpicLevel 89
Raven DashBloodhound skydive emoteEpicLevel 95
Apex Legends season 18 start time: The Heart of Brimstone EVA-8 shotgun skin from the new battle pass.

Additional Season 18 content and gameplay

There are two aspects to consider for the rest of Season 18’s gameplay. The first of these is the new content that we’ve seen in the game. The second is gameplay and content changes, rebalances, and the like, which we’ll cover in the next section.

Season 18 collection event, weapons, and maps

We’ve seen a few events during the season. From the Death Dynasty event to the soon-to-begin Halloween Doppelganger event, it’s been a busy season. This next collection event will be called Death’s Dynasty, and offer players a chance at unlocking another host of new skins for Legends and weapons.

As for new weapons, there are no brand new ones joining us yet. Respawn’s newest weapon, Nemesis, was the first brand new weapon to be added into the game in quite some time. This could indicate a trend of more guns appearing in the future, just not for this season. Far likelier though is that the devs will continue to balance and refine what’s already in the game before than expanding the arsenal.

To that end, the Charge Rifle has actually seen a rework for this season. The gun no longer has hitscan or a pre-fire laser, but the shots can open doors and pass through the first enemy they hit, retaining 80% of their damage. The gun also now fires by holding down your shoot key until 100% charge. Releasing the key will lower the charge. Lastly, it has faster handling a Sniper Mag attachment slot, and its projectiles will do greater damage over longer distance.

Apex Legends season 18 start time: The charge rifle with a new skin on display in-menu.

There have been no rumours about new maps to date, and given that Respawn prefer to add content slowly and work on refining what they’ve already got, it’s likely in a similar spot to new weapons. This season hasn’t brought new maps. However, mixtape modes did arrive on the Broken Moon map, which was a fun surprise.

Season 18 new Legend

Early leaks seemed to indicate the arrival of a new Legend this season. According to the rumours, the new legend named Conduit would be arriving at the start of Season 18. The new character’s abilities, if rumours are to be believed, are:

  • Passive – Capacitance. Conduit can regenerate his shield over time, gaining a boost to the regen rate for each nearby ally.
  • Tactical – Arc Flash. Conduit can regenerate the shields of a nearby ally at the cost of some of her own.
  • Ultimate – Alternating Current. Conduit throws out a cluster bomb that damages combatant’s shields, healing her own for the damage that is dealt.

The specificity of the Legend’s name and abilities seem to suggest it’s pretty likely that she does at least exist. Whether her abilities and playstyle are accurate is another matter. It’s of course all but guaranteed we won’t see her in before the end of Season 18, but it remains plausible that she could be coming later down the line.

Apex Legends season 18 start time: A Revenant player knocks down a Valkyrie opponent at close range with an R-99 SMG.

Season 18 content and gameplay changes

There are three different areas of changes we saw in Apex Legends Season 18. These are:

  • Ranked tuning and changes (confirmed)
  • Cross-progression (unconfirmed)
  • Revenant rework (confirmed)

We’ve already covered Revenant of course, but let’s take a closer look at the other two.

Ranked changes in season 18

Apex devs revealed that competitive play for the game was to see some more fine-tuning come Season 18. With a current assessment that the rank distribution is incongruous with player skill, changes began to alter the MMR requirements, especially for the highest ranks, to make it easier to de-rank for the top echelons of the competitive pool. Wins now grant slightly less LP, and players challenging their current MMR and climbing ranks encountered matchmaking that more accurately puts them against similar-skill opponents.

There were also changes to aspects of the gameplay. The ring now does more damage, and it’s timings have been adjusted to create more mid and late-match encounters.

Apex Legends season 18 start time: Player scores a hit on an opponent in a chaotic firefight near the end of a match.

Cross-progression for Season 18

There’s been some speculation that cross-progression might finally be coming to Apex Legends this season, fuelled by the discovery of some new files in-game. Cross-progression would allow players to make progress on their account across multiple platforms or devices. At the time of writing though, it’s unclear if or how this might actually work. With the season almost over, it looks unlikely we’re going to see these changes soon.

That covers everything we know so far about the Apex Legends season 18 end time, what went down, what might still be left to come, and all gameplay, content and story changes. While we wait for the end of this season and the start of the next, be sure to check that you’re up to scratch with the current Apex Legends character tier list, so that you can go into Season 19 well prepared.

When did Apex Legends season 18 come out?

Apex Legends season 18 began on August 8, 2023.

Will there be a new legend for Apex in season 18?

It does not currently look like we’ll see a new legend arriving in Apex Legends season 18.

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