Apex Legends Revenant rework – who is Revenant Reborn?

Apex Legends Revenant rework – who is Revenant Reborn?
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The Apex Legends Revenant rework has finally been confirmed, and is set to arrive in Respawn Studios’ battle royale game soon. Being one of the lowest picks for Legends for quite some time, we’ve been long overdue a proper overhaul of the cyborg assassin.

Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Revenant Rework, also called Revenant Reborn. We’ll walk you through what you can expect to see from this new version of Revenant, starting from the Season 18 start time.

Who is Revenant Reborn?

Revenant Reborn is the full rework of the legend Revenant in Apex Legends, which goes live at the start of Season 18. We first learnt about the potential for a rework through leaks several months ago. It was then through the recent Kill Code in-game missions and associated trailers that we got a more concrete confirmation.

The general consensus has been that Revenant’s poor pick rate is due to a gradual shift in defensive doctrines in the recent seasons. More and more newer legends have been built around defensive strategy, with their abilities supporting those playstyles. The aim of Revenant Reborn is to rebalance this trend by optimising the legend to pair with offensive and aggressive playstyles.

Apex Legends Revenant rework: Revenant walks through a ferrite wall with his Forged Shadows ultimate active.

Revenant Reborn abilities

Revenant has a fully fresh suite of abilities to utilise in gameplay. As mentioned, these are geared more towards supporting aggressive plays, pushing enemy teams and keeping them off-balance.

Revenant passive ability

Revenant’s new passive ability is called Assassin’s Instinct. This ability marks nearby enemies when their health is low. It’ll show their position through walls, behind cover, and through smoke, making it far easier to track them before they can reposition. This should improve Revenant’s capacity to finish any fight he starts, putting single opponents under serious pressure. Assassins Instinct also slightly improves Revenant’s crouch speed and wall climb speed.

Apex Legends Revenant rework: Revenant's passive ability marks a low-health target taking shelter inside a building.

Revenant tactical ability

His reborn tactical ability is called Shadow Pounce. When pressing the tactical key, Revenant will perform a powerful forward jump, allowing him to clear a large amount of space in a single bound. Think of it like Octane’s jump pad, but designed more with lateral than vertical movement in mind. Holding down the tactical key can also charge up the jump for a stronger overall leap. This tactical makes Revenant a much more mobile threat. Whether dealing with one enemy or multiple, skilled players will be able to outmanoeuvre their opponents, attacking from vulnerable flanks, or even coordinating for multiside attacks with teammates.

Apex Legends Revenant rework: Revenant uses his tactical ability to jump across the terrain and land just outside a small building.

Revenant ultimate ability

Revenant’s new ultimate ability is called Forged Shadows, and it has the potential to be one of the strongest in the game. When activated, the ult wraps Revenant in a layer of protective shadows that absorb all incoming damage. Grenades, bullets and enemy ults and abilities won’t damage him, but they will damage the hitpoints of the shadows, degrading the overshield. The kick is that Revenant can regenerate the hitpoints of these shadows. Every time he lands a knockdown, the shadows regain health, and his tactical recharges more quickly, too.

This effectively means that a skilled Revenant player will be able to perpetuate their survival through racking up kills. The more kills they get, the longer they remain overshielded. Taken alongside his passive and tactical abilities, Revenant is now not only a highly deadly duelist and the perfect legend for bypassing defences and strongpoints, but potentially the best legend out there for taking on asymmetric engagements and handling multiple enemies at once.

Apex Legends Revenant rework: Revenant uses his Ultimate to push into close range combat against an enemy.

Season 18 Resurrections

This season’s title, Resurrections, is a reference to Revenant. Alongside his new abilities, he’s also got a new coat of paint, all of which we’ve seen in this season’s trailer.

The trailer highlights that, as the centrepiece of the gameplay and content changes for this season, Revenant will be as important to the narrative as he is to the meta.

How to play Revenant Reborn

The best news of all of this is the announcement from Respawn that for the full length of Season 18, Revenant will be free and unlocked for all players to access. This means even if you haven’t yet bought the legend with the in-game legend points currency, you’ll have access to him. Once the season ends, players will need to use the currency earned through matches, level-ups and victories to unlock him if they haven’t already done so.

That covers everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Revenant rework. His new capabilities are bound to shake up most legend tier lists. Similar to the Neon Network event, we know there’s another limited-time event coming later in the season, with outfits inspired by the cyber assassin’s new look.

Is Revenant a good legend?

Revenant Reborn is fantastic news for fans of this legend, as he is now arguably one of the best in the Apex.

Will there be more legend reworks?

While we don’t have any kind of information yet, it seems quite possible that other low-pickrate legends in Apex might also get reworks in seasons to come.