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There are several companies in the world of Starfield that handle the manufacturing of weapons. Each company has a slightly different focus, and players will find different weapons are slightly more abundant in different areas of the galaxy.

All ship manufacturers in Starfield

All ship manufacturers in Starfield
Manufacturer Description
Amun Dunn Specialises in reactors
Ballistic Solutions Inc A manufacturer specialised in Ballistics weapons and fuel tanks
Deep Core Specialises in cargo holds and grav drives
Deimos Specialises in creating ship parts with highly defensive ship parts
HopeTech All around manufacturer, good parts in most categories
Horizon Defense Specialises in Ballistics and Energy weapons
Light Scythe Specialises in Energy weapons
Nautilus Specialises in shields and fuel tanks
Panoptes Specialises in engines
Nova Galatic Specialises in habs, landing gear and structures
Protectorate Systems Specialises in cargo holds
Reladyne Specialises in engines and grav drives
Sextant Shield Systems Specialises in shielded cargo holds
Shinigami Specialises in Energy weapons
Slayton Aerospace Specialises in grav drives
Stroud Eklund Specialises in structures and aesthetics, both inside and outside
Taiyo Astroneering Specialises in cockpits and habs
Xiang Specialises in reactors

All weapon manufacturers in Starfield

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All weapon manufacturers in Starfield
Manufacturer Description
Allied Armaments All purpose weaponry, usually found in United Colonies space
Arboron A subsidiary of Ryujin Industries, specialising in EM weapons
Combatech Common weapon manufacturer
Laredo Firearms Weapons designed to evoke an old-Earth aesthetic, often found in Freestar Collective space