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Players are unlikely to get far in Starfield without encountering the myriad crafting systems available. At various workbenches and labs, they will be able to put the numerous resources they've collected to good use in creating mods, consumables, food and more.

Each form of crafting requires the player to locate the correct crafting bench, which can be tricky in the early game. Luckily, once the player joins Constellation they can access the basement, which has all the necessary benches in one place. Players will need to research many crafting recipes at a Research Lab before they will be able to craft them, and higher tiers of recipe research are locked behind certain skills.

Weapon customization

Main article: Weapon Customization
Weapons can be modified at Weapon Workbenches. Here, players can add mods to the weapons they have on hand to improve their stats in various ways. These can improve the damage output, the size of the magazine, accuracy, and more. Investing in the Weapon Engineering skill will unlock further weapon mods to research.

Equipment customization

Main article: Equipment Customization
At a Spacesuit Workbench, players can modify the equipment they have in their inventory. Mods are available for spacesuits, helmets, and packs, and can boost damage resistance, boost pack duration, and more. Investing in the Spacesuit Design skill will unlock further spacesuit mods to research.

Manufactured resource creation

Main article: Manufactured Resources
At an Industrial Workbench players can craft manufactured resources, which are integral in building Outposts on faraway planets and moons. Investing in the Special Projects skill will unlock further manufactured resource recipes to research.


Main article: Food
At a Cooking Station, players can create food and drink consumable items that can heal them and boost various attributes. Investing in the Gastronomy skill will unlock further cooking recipes to research.


Main article: Pharmaceuticals
Players can create chems and medicines at a Pharmaceutical Lab. These can heal certain status afflictions and boost some stats temporarily. Investing in the Chemistry skill will unlock further pharmaceutical recipes to research.

Outpost creation

Main article: Outpost modules
Players can craft individual Outpost modules at any Outpost they've set up using the resources on hand and in their ship's cargo bay. Investing in the Outpost Engineering skill will unlock further pharmaceutical recipes to research.