Starfield:Outpost Management

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Outpost Management
Outpost Management
Skill Tree Social
Skill Tier Expert
Primary Utility N/A
Secondary Utility N/A

In Starfield, Outpost Management is a skill in the Social category. Levelling up this skill will allow you to assign more robots, cargo links and crew at outposts.

Outpost Management skill ranks

Outpost Management skill ranks in Starfield
Skill rank Description Challenge
Rank 1 More cargo links can be placed at outposts Build cargo links on 6 different planets
Rank 2 At outposts, you can construct and place additional robots. Construct 8 robots at outposts.
Rank 3 Additional crew can be assigned at outposts Construct 10 crew stations at outposts.
Rank 4 Outpost extractors produce twice as fast. N/A