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In Starfield, resources are items that players can use in crafting. There are several different types of resource, and players can gather them by exploring planets and moons or purchasing them from vendors throughout the game. Levelling up skills like Geology, Botany, or Zoology will allow players to harvest rarer types of resource.

Inorganic Resources

Inorganic resources can be found by breaking open rocks and mineral deposits with a Cutter, harvesting them manually, or building an Extractor at an Outpost. Levelling up the Geology skill will allow for the harvesting of rarer inorganic resources.

List of Inorganic Resources

Organic Resources

Organic resources can be found be harvesting plants and creatures when exploring. Levelling up the Botany and Zoology skills will allow for the harvesting of rarer organic resources, and will allow you to harvest from creatures without harming them.

List of Organic Resources

Manufactured Resources

Manufactured resources are a little different from the other types. As the name suggests, they do not occur naturally in the environment, and must be either crafted at an Industrial Workbench, purchased from a vendor, or found as loot. Levelling up the Special Projects skill will allow you to craft rarer manufactured resources at workbenches.

List of Manufactured Resources