Starfield:Cassiopeia I

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Cassiopeia I is a planet located in the Eta Cassiopeia System.

General Information
Cassiopeia I
System Eta Cassiopeia
Type Rock
Gravity 1.04 G
Temperature Temperate
Atmosphere Standard O2
Magnetosphere Average
Fauna Moderate (6)
Flora Moderate (5)
Water Safe

Environmental Hazards

There are no known environmental hazards on Cassiopeia I.

Cassiopeia I landmarks in Starfield

Cassiopeia I is one of the primary locations for Sarah Morgan's companion mission In Memoriam, so in addition to the procedurally-generated landmarks, players will always encounter two points of interest called Sarah's Crash Site and Dauntless Crew's Crash Site.

Resources you can find on Cassiopeia I

As well as the organic resources found by harvesting the flora and fauna on Cassiopeia I, players will also find the following inorganic resources:


Cassiopeia I has no moons.