Starfield:Aneutronic Fusion

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Aneutronic Fusion
Aneutronic Fusion
Skill Tree Science
Skill Tier Master
Utility Space Travel

In Starfield, Aneutronic Fusion is a skill in the Science category. By levelling up this skill, players will be able to draw more energy from their ship's reactor. As a Master-tier skill, players will need to invest 12 skill points in Science skills before it can be unlocked. Later ranks are locked behind challenges.

Aneutronic Fusion skill ranks

Aneutronic Fusion skill ranks in Starfield
Skill rank Description Challenge
Rank 1 Ship reactors produce 1 extra unit of power. Destroy 5 ships.
Rank 2 Ship reactors produce 2 extra units of power. Destroy 25 ships.
Rank 3 Ship reactors produce 3 extra units of power. Destroy 50 ships.
Rank 4 Ship reactors produce 5 extra units of power. N/A