Palworld blasted by PETA who want Vegan mode and guide

Palworld blasted by PETA who want Vegan mode and guide
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Palworld is one of the biggest games of all time selling millions of copies in less than a week and in early access, but it has been broiled in controversy since day one. Not only have people been coming at it for its apparent likenesses to Pokémon, but now PETA has expressed their disdain at the treatment of its Pals. PETA has responded to the existence of Palworld and they have expressed a desire for the game to introduce a ‘Vegan guide’ and mode to celebrate ‘Veganuary’.

While it has sold over 7 million copies in less than a week, you can actually play the game entirely for free through the Game Pass January 2024 selection. Again, it’s only in early access, but an official roadmap has been released promising bug fixes and new features such as more Pals, bosses, and islands throughout the early access period.

Unfortunately, for PETA, the roadmap doesn’t mention anything about Palworld introducing a Vegan mode.

PETA reacts to Palworld

PETA’s VP of programmes, Elisa Allen, provided the following statement about Palworld to Insider Gaming:

‘PETA has already heard from many Palworld fans who have no interest in eating ‘Pals’ and want a vegan guide created for the game. It’s ‘Veganuary’ after all, and gamers want to help animals by eating vegan in their game worlds and outside.’

Even though it is just a survival game like many others where killing animals and feasting on them is part of the experience, Palworld has been accused by some of ‘animal cruelty‘. This is because you can butcher Pals and eat them to gather meat and crafting materials. However, on the flip side, you can also care for Pals and treat them of injuries.

Far more worrying than PETA’s response is the fact that the Pokémon Company has released a statement about the comparisons. They have not stated any intention to sue Palworld, but they have said they’re investigating any unwanted use of their intellectual property.

If you’re not at all worried about your conscience and treatment of fabricated animals just like in other survival games, you can continue playing Palworld and find our guide to the full Paldeck. We also have a guide to the fastest flying and grounded mounts, and you should also learn the dupe glitch so you can farm infinite resources.