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Can you Prestige in MW2? – MW2 Prestige System Explained

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Gamers around the world are now enjoying Modern Warfare after the MW2 multiplayer finally dropped on October 28th.

Most will be hard at work trying to unlock the Gold Mastery Camo. But for others, there’s only one thing they care about.

Can they Prestige in Modern Warfare 2? Here’s everything you need to know.

MW2 Prestige System Explained – Can you prestige in Modern Warfare 2?

In short, the answer is yes. All you need to do is reach level 56 with a weapon, which is done through winning matches and getting XP.

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This year, however, once you’ve leveled up past Rank 55, you’ll be able to earn a persistent Prestige Rank across different seasons rather than having it reset each time.

Reaching Rank 56 allows you to earn Prestige 1. Achieving this rank rewards players with an Emblem, additional rewards, and a set of challenges that you can complete to earn an exclusive calling card.

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You’ll also be able to reach four more Prestige Ranks in Season 1, which lets you gain access to additional rewards and challenges. Prestige 2 can be unlocked by reaching Rank 100 and Prestige 3 can be earned by reaching Rank 150. Additionally, you can also reach Prestige 4 at Rank 200 and Prestige 5 at Rank 250, which is the level cap until the end of Season 1.

Once Season 1 ends, you’ll be able to continue leveling up from whichever Rank you finished at. This new system is extremely useful for players that want to catch up in later seasons. It also does not reset the progress of any player that was able to reach the Max Rank of 250 for the first season.

How To Level Up Fast In MW2

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To speed up the process, make sure you are taking part in Daily Challenges, three per day, which unlock a fourth when completed that offers triple the XP.

There are also Daily Challenges on Spec Ops, which provide a ton of XP and they tend to refresh every 24 hours. Double XP weekends are also a great way to level up fast – the next one of which will likely drop very soon – which offers a great way to climb the ranks.

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Finally, start off with a gun that’s easy to handle and useful in a number of game modes. The M4 – which we have created a best loadout guide for here – is a fantastic entry gun for those new to the series as well as seasoned COD veterans.

Remember, if you’re still to buy the game and are focused on multiplayer, it may be worth checking out the MW2 Vault edition. We’ve broken down what comes in that edition in detail here, but of note are the 55 Tier skips, which could well come in handy for compeltionists.

Elsewhere, make sure you have completed the campaign to get your hands on the MW2 campaign rewards, which we have listed here. And if you’re a Burger King fan, check out their double XP promotion, which is running throughout November in many regions.

Papa Johns is also doing an MW2 promotion, if you’re a pizza lover. But this appears to be mostly for cosmetic items. More details can be found here.

MW2 Prestige FAQ

What is the max level in MW2?

With the new Prestige system in place, the maximum level is Rank 250 for Season 1. Even after you reach that, your rank will not be reset in subsequent seasons.

What level is Prestige in MW2?

If you manage to get to level 56, you will earn the Prestige 1 rank. You can also earn Prestige 2 at Rank 100, Prestige 3 at Rank 150, Prestige 4 at Rank 200, and Prestige 5 at Rank 250.