MW2 players are burnt out due to ‘part-time job’ Battle Pass grind

MW2 players are burnt out due to ‘part-time job’ Battle Pass grind
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The MW2 Battle Pass has always been a great method of gaining additional content within the game. It previously took players only a few matches to earn tokens that they could then use to progress through it.

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With the release of Season 2, however, it seems that the Battle Pass grind has become much more difficult as it now takes more completed matches than usual to gain even one BP token. The slow progression has now forced some players to take to Reddit as a way of venting out their frustrations.

One specific post that has recently been gaining popularity details a player’s experience regarding their BP progression. According to the thread, the user in question averages “about one token per hour of game time.” Using this information, they were able to calculate that it would take at least an hour and forty minutes every day to fully complete this season’s BP.

“Who has 12+ hours a week to spend playing this game like a part-time job?”, they would go on to say. They then proceed to take a jab at Activision by noting that they’re “already greedy enough charging $70 for this game.”

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Most players commenting under the thread are naturally in agreement of the post author’s sentiment. The “part-time job” comment especially resonated with some, which they noted was impossible to treat it as such since there are hundreds of other games out there.

Whether or not Infinity Ward and Activision did indeed make the BP progression slower remains to be seen. However, based on the evidence provided so far, it does seem like the case as this forces players to spend more time and money on the game.