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MW2 Mastery camo: here’s how to get complete mastery in Modern Warfare 2

mw2 mastery camo
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Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is here – and finally gamers can put their hard-earned MW2 campaign rewards to good use.

There are four Mastery Camos in Modern Warfare 2. These are: Gold, Platinum, a space-themed camo called Orion and a Polyatomic camo.

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After a lot of leaks speculation, Activision finally announced these mastery camos officially – and detailed exactly how to get them, which we go into now – courtesy of a detailed blog post.

MW2 gold mastery camo
The Gold camo is easiest to achieve is arguably the best looking of the MW2 Mastery Camos

MW2 Mastery camos – how to get them

MW2 Mastery Camos are unlocked only for a specific weapon – and come in: Gold (above), Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion, as confirmed by the Modern Warfare 2 blog post.

Gold mastery camo how to get

The Gold Camo Challenge for each weapon is available once all of its Base Camo Challenges done.

Platinum mastery camo how to get

The Platinum Camo Challenge for each weapon is available once the Gold Camo is unlocked across a minimum number of weapons in each category.

Polyatomic mastery camo how to get

The Polyatomic Camo Challenge for each weapon is available once the Platinum Camo is unlocked across a minimum of 51 weapons.

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Orion Camo how to get

The Orion Camo is a reward for unlocking Polyatomic Camo across a minimum of 51 weapons. It is also automatically granted on every weapon that earns the Orion Camo past its minimum requirement.

The blog adds: “Each Mastery Camo is also tied to an additional challenge required for Weapon Mastery on each weapon, which can be done in parallel with the Camo Challenge journey.”

MW2 Mastery Challenge

After unlocking a Mastery Camo — Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic, and Orion (below) — on a weapon, you gain access to that weapon’s Mastery Challenge.

Orion MW2 Mastery camo
The Orion Camo is the hardest to achieve and will challenge MW2 fans skill and patience

These involve earning a set number of kills with a weapon while a specific Mastery Weapon Camo is equipped.

Taking the M4 as an example:

  • Gold Mastery Challenge: Get 100 Kills with Gold Camo equipped to the weapon.
  • Platinum Mastery Challenge: Get 200 Kills with Platinum Camo equipped to the weapon.
  • Polyatomic Mastery Challenge: Get 300 Kills with Polyatomic Camo equipped to the weapon.
  • Orion Mastery Challenge: Get 400 Kills with Orion Camo equipped to the weapon.

Completing each Mastery Challenge on a weapon awards a new Calling Card and Emblem based on that weapon. Meanwhile, completing all four Mastery Challenges on a weapon unlocks a Weapon Charm based on that weapon.

In order to master every weapon, you need to unlock Orion on each one, then complete every Weapon Mastery Challenge. You can check out all the Modern Warfare 2 maps right here, too.

MW2 Mastery Camo FAQ

Does Modern Warfare 2 have mastery camos?

MW2 Mastery camos have been confirmed for Modern Warfare 2. They come in Gold, Platinum, Polyatomic and Orion.

How do I get camo in MW2?

You get camos when you increase the Weapon’s XP Level. This will unlock a number of base level camos. Should want to achieve more rare camo, there are individual challenges that need to be completed. There are also some promotions that unlock camo.