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Best M4 Loadout in MW2

The M4 is a reliable classic Assault Rifle, and its firepower has been in no way dampened for its inclusion in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

This venerable CoD firearm is back to do what it does best, spitting lead at a truly remarkable rate. It’s a more sophisticated gun than the frenzied Hurricane, suiting players who prefer longer range firefights.

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The M4 is available right from the off in Modern Warfare 2, serving as a great introductory tool. But it even overpowers other late-unlock Assault Rifles with its speed and damage potential, remaining viable in most combat scenarios.

There are few areas that the M4 doesn’t excel in, making it always worth consideration for your Modern Warfare 2 loadout.

Modern Warfare 2 – Best M4 Loadout

Modern Warfare 2 M4 Loadout
The M4 – Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

The ‘good all-rounder’ always brings to mind ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.

It’s maybe better to call the M4 a great all-rounder, as it deals incredible damage in the blink of an eye and can get you through almost any firefight in Modern Warfare 2.


There are very few drawbacks to using the M4, but you may wish to use weapons that are more tailored to specific tasks compared to the M4’s broad applicability.

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Your choice of sub-weapon gives you some flexibility with what areas you will want to cover. But even then, they will be enhancing the M4’s strengths more than covering any glaring weaknesses.

The M4 is best used in mid-range combat, but with the right sight, you’re able to dramatically cut-down aim-down-sight speed, for close range combat. Recoil is manageable in vanilla form, although – as we’ll explain, it’s worth investing in the right grip.

Modern Warfare 2 – Best Perks For M4

Modern Warfare 2 M4 Perks
Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

Recommended PerksAlternatives
TrackerBasic Perk: Overkill
Quick FixBonus Perk: Fast Hands
Ultimate Perk: Ghost


As the M4 excels at most ranges, you’re never going to have trouble downing opponents with it in Modern Warfare 2. If you do end up on the losing side of an engagement, it tends to be less of an issue of firepower and more your foes reacting first.  

Tracker will allow you to engage with opponents when you decide, being able to more easily follow nearby foes, and giving the enemy team less information to work with to boot. With a little forward planning, you’ll be able to catch countless enemies unaware and gun them down with the M4’s incredible damage. Few other base perks can compete in this loadout.

Quick Fix 

Again, the M4 rarely comes up short in terms of damage, but taking on multiple opponents at once can quickly leave you outmatched in Modern Warfare 2, no matter how powerful your kit.  

Quick Fix can even the odds against enemies bunched together, as even if you take damage while dealing with one, the health regen that procs when killing them will bring you back up to full, ready to take out more of the squad. 

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Modern Warfare 2 – Best Attachments For M4

Here are the must-have attachments for the M4. We have left one slot up to you, but wouldn’t recommend changing the others.

Attachments Menu
Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

Tempus Hightower 20” Barrel

The Tempus Hightower is an incredible option for recoil and effective damage range. If you want to get the most out of the M4, the Hightower is a must.

Cronen Mini Red Dot Optic

If you really want to drop opponents as quickly as possible with the M4, then headshots are the name of the game. In terms of optics, there’s really nothing like the Cronen in this area, and it’ll help you zero in on foes and down them with a speedy ADS and a single squeeze of the trigger.


This rear grip will add more recoil control and balance, further improving the M4’s ability at range.

4mW Laser Box

Improves hip-fire accuracy for close quarters combat, completing the M4’s transformation into a deadly tool at all ranges.

Modern Warfare 2 – Best Tactical Equipment To Use With M4 

Tactical Equipment
The Drill Charge – Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

Drill Charge

Even the M4’s excellent damage potential can be held up and frustrated by heavily fortified enemies. The Drill Charge will burrow through surfaces before detonating its payload, allowing you to breach enemy positions much more easily.

Portable Radar

Modern Warfare 2’s rapid TTK incentivizes specific kinds of play in many game modes. Slow, methodical play can lead to stretches without encountering foes, before being ambushed unexpectedly. The Portable Radar will let you keep an eye on your surroundings and help prevent opponents from catching you unawares.

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Modern Warfare 2 – Best Weapons To Pair With M4

Modern Warfare 2 M4 and Pistol
Copyright Infinity Ward/Activision, Captured by Videogamer

FTAC Recon Battle Rifle 

The FTAC Recon is a hard-hitting BR that compliments the M4 in cross-map firefights. Its semi-auto fire mode can’t compete with the M4’s blisteringly hot auto fire, but taking another rapid-fire weapon along with the M4 can become quickly obsolete. Instead, the FTAC Recon offers a powerful, accurate option that performs slightly better at longer ranges than the M4, and is no slouch at midrange either. 

X13 Auto Handgun

The M4 works well with a large number of perks, and as a result, sometimes you aren’t going to want to spend one of your basic perk slots on Overkill. Without access to a second main weapon, the X13 fills in well as a subweapon for the M4. 

Given that the M4 performs to a high standard in most areas, you will rarely be switching to a secondary weapon in the first place. But, even if the M4’s reload speed is significantly better than MW2’s LMGs, it’s still always quicker to switch to your sidearm when circumstances require it. The X13, with its rapid rate of fire and added speed compared to the X12, won’t fall too far behind when needed.

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M4 Alternative Weapon Choices

The M4 is a fantastic weapon to get started with in Modern Warfare 2, and will always remain a viable choice. But if you like the style of the M4 and are looking to branch out into similar weapons, we have a few suggestions for you.

FSS Hurricane

The FSS Hurricane is an SMG that is quickly becoming popular in Modern Warfare 2. Players have been thoroughly won over by its high rate of fire and damage potential, allowing you to carve through the opposition in close-range engagements.

Lachmann Sub

The Lachmann Sub – or MP5 as it is sometimes known – is another SMG that can replicate the all-round excellence of the M4, and will serve you well in most all scenarios that Modern Warfare 2 will throw at you.

Is The M4 Overpowered in MW2?

Due to its popularity within the MW2 community, the M4 receives a lot of appreciation, but at the same, a fair amount of scrutiny regarding the favoritism it seems to get – seeing how strong it can be and how consistently so from one CoD title to the next. As a result, fans will sometimes wonder if the M4 is overpowered, and whether they are at a disadvantage when going against it in MW2?

Though the M4 is a very good and reliable weapon, it is by no means overpowered, which is highlighted in a couple of key ways. To begin with, there’s a handful of other weapons that have a faster firing rate, aim down sight speed, and close range damage than the M4. So it’s not very difficult to take someone out with it depending on your situation in-game and your proximity to your opponent.

Secondly, if the M4 was overpowered, most players in your lobbies would be using it, and that’s not the case right now, particularly if you’re playing on maps like Shipment or Shoot House. The variety in MW2’s multiplayer is quite deep, with some going as far as using knives and riot shields.

Best M4 Loadout in MW2 – FAQ

What are the best M4 attachments in MW2?

The following are the best attachments for the M4 in MW2. Tempus Hightower 20” Barrel, Cronen Mini Red Dot Optic, XTEN Grip, 4mW Laser Box.

Is the M4 still good in MW2?

In short, yes. The M4 is a versatile and powerful gun that is perfect for newbies but has enough customization potential to please seasoned gunsmith veterans.

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