Starfield gets an extended gameplay reveal at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase

Starfield gets an extended gameplay reveal at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase
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Last night’s Xbox & Bethesda Showcase closed with our best look yet at gameplay from upcoming Bethesda RPG, Starfield.

Todd Howard, the game’s director, appeared at the end of the broadcast to take us through some footage from the early game. We kicked off as our character stepped onto Kreet, a moon orbiting the planet of Anselon. Accompanied by robot companion VASCO, the player takes in the vista before stepping out on this strange new world. After some light exploration and an encounter with Kreet Stalkers, the player comes across a base overrun by the space pirates of the Crimson Fleet.

Of course, Kreet won’t be our only planet we’ll explore in the game, as Howard would later let us know. In fact, we’re promised over 1000 planets(!) in over 100 systems to explore across Starfield‘s vast galaxy. Some of those might be barren-but-resource heavy, Howard says, but many could be teeming with life. Apparently you’ll be able to land wherever you want on these planets, which is certainly an impressive number.

This wasn’t all we’d get to see though. Across the fifteen minute-reveal, we also had the opportunity to see some of the other aspects of the game. These include base building, which seems to be greatly expanded from the similar mechanic in Fallout 4, and you’ll even be able to build your spaceship. This spaceship you’ll then be able to actually take into space, No Man’s Sky style. The trailer even showcased a good chunk of the space combat we’ll get to take part in.

You’ll certainly have plenty to be getting on with when Starfield arrives next year on Xbox Series X|S and PC. Todd didn’t give us a more specific date, alas, but you can check out the gameplay footage for yourself down below.