Remnant 2 best class tier list

Remnant 2 best class tier list
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Wondering what the Remnant 2 best class is? Remnant 2 comes with a few hugely distinct classes to choose from, each with its own upsides and downsides, unique archetype traits, and different playstyles to help you find your perfect way to play. But naturally, with so many differences, some classes are simply better than others.

If you’re looking to start a new playthrough, you’ll want to know how to get scrap fast in Remnant 2. And if you’re after some of the Remnant 2 best weapons, you’ll want to check out our tier list. For now, let’s take a look at our Remnant 2 best class tier list to see who you should be taking into the World Crystal.

Remnant 2 Best Class: A close-up of the Challenger.

Remnant 2 best class tier list

We’ll be talking about each class based on how good they are in combat when used as a primary archetype. There are no bad classes, and just because one of them is ranked lowly, this does not mean it’s not worth playing at all. Each class is useful in different situations, and depending on your playstyle, one of the lower-ranked classes might be perfect for you, so take this tier list with a pinch of salt.

Here is our Remnant 2 class tier list:

Remnant 2 Best Class: The Gunslinger on the archetype selection screen.



The Gunslinger is easily one of the best classes in the game, being able to consistently deal incredibly high DPS. Using Gunslinger skills, like the Rank 10 Bulletstorm, increases fire rate and reload speed. Used alongside certain weapons with high burst damage, especially when coupled with a Hunter dual archetype, the Gunslinger can easily carry both in co-op and solo play. Our Remnant 2 Gunslinger build will tell you how best to put this class to use.

Remnant 2 Best Class: The Medic on the archetype selection screen.



If you like close-quarters tanking, this is the class for you. High stamina thanks to the Strong Back trait, a Prime Perk that revives, skills like Juggernaut and Rampage that provide stat buffs, crowd control with War Stomp, extra melee damage and melee speed, and the ability to wear heavy armor all contribute to what makes the Challenger so useful. They can tank at point-blank range in solo play, but also draw aggro in co-op, making them a perfect all-rounder, and useful however you play.


The Medic class is a must-have in co-op playthroughs, thanks to the incredible healing and shielding they can pump out. With their Healing Shield and Redemption abilities, you can easily keep an entire team at max health even during the hardest fights. Getting extra relic charges for healing more is a huge buff, too. Unfortunately, they aren’t as viable in solo play, despite starting with the excellent XMG57 Bonesaw machine gun, but if you’re playing a co-op campaign, you need a Medic on your team.


Engineer is another class that comes to life in a team. With a teammate to draw the aggro, your Heavy Weapons skills can deal huge amounts of damage from the backline, as well as providing damage reduction to and refilling the ammo reserves of nearby teammates. This requires a bit of teamwork, but the payoff is worth it. Their Prime Perk can let their turrets shred mobs and bosses alike, and makes them very much viable in solo play, too. If you haven’t got them yet, check out how to unlock the Engineer archetype in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Best Class: The Hunter on the archetype selection screen.



The Handler is the perfect beginner class. Having your dog companion makes a lot of the early game easier, especially in solo playthroughs, giving you a bit of extra damage, and even a potential revive. In the late game, however, it does fall off somewhat, with the companion skills not really stacking up with those of other classes. Pack Hunter’s increased damage is great in solo play, while reduced friendly-fire damage with the Kinship Prime Perk, and extra movement speed for allies with Spirit of the Wolf is handy in co-op, but not amazing. Very strong for a first playthrough, but less so on subsequent runs.


Hunter can really be an enabler for their team thanks to their Hunter’s Mark skill. This applies MARK to all nearby enemies within a 35m radius, giving your allies a bonus 15% critical chance. Alternatively, Hunter’s Focus applies MARK when aiming at an enemy, making it good for bosses. Its perks are also focused on dealing precision, weakspot damage, so if you can hit your shots, it’s a decent choice, but other classes do what Hunter does better, and more easily. The Hunter’s Shroud ability also makes it viable for stealthy, solo play builds, granting extra damage and reducing enemy awareness.

Remnant 2 Best Class: The Invader on the archetype selection screen.



Alchemist is all about applying buffs to themselves and their allies, like taking less damage with Stone Mist, increased fire rate with Frenzy Dust, health regeneration with Living Will and more. This is useful, but does feel like a worse alternative to other classes. Medic provides more effective healing, Hunter provides more effective damage buffs, Engineer provides damage reduction and a turret to boot. Couple that with its reduced effectiveness in solo play, and Alchemist is a jack of all trades, master of none – viable, but there are better options.


Invader sounds good on paper, and is a fun class to play with great damage and survivability, but somewhat lacks team cohesion. Its playstyle focuses on creating decoys to draw attention away, before dealing massive damage with surprise attacks. This has the potential to hit hard, especially on bosses, but a lack of team-oriented skills and perks means your team will often be left picking up the slack. Similarly, the damage it deals can be matched more easily by other classes, making it not the best solo pick either. If you’re intent on choosing them we’ve got a Remnant 2 Invader build that plays to their strengths for potential massive damage.

Remnant 2 Best Class: The Explorer on the archetype selection screen.



This feels harsh, as the Explorer can be an excellent choice if you’re farming for loot. However, it simply does not have any combat skills that make it worth choosing over any other. Its potential for getting rarer loot makes it a good choice for a dual archetype, especially for Adventure Mode runs, but you’re best to avoid choosing this as your primary archetype. If you want to know how to unlock the Explorer archetype in Remnant 2, check out our guide.


Summoning minions to fight for you sounds great, but honestly it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Summoning these minions costs health, and they don’t deal a great deal of damage, and die quickly. They can be used well to draw attention away from you as a dual archetype for an Invader or Engineer, but they’re simply not good enough to make Summoner worth picking as your primary archetype.

That’s it for the Remnant 2 best class. Naturally, the real best class is whatever you want to play, but hopefully this helped you out if you’re struggling to choose. If you’ve been exploring Ward 13 and are wondering what the Remnant 2 Ford’s chest code is, we’ve got the answer. And if you’ve found the Remnant 2 Override Pin and are wondering how to use it, we’ve got you covered there too.

What are the best classes in Remnant 2?

The best classes in Remnant 2 are the Gunslinger and the Medic. The Gunslinger is capable of dealing the highest DPS in the game, while the Medic’s healing is a must-have in co-op playthroughs.

What are the best classes for single player in Remnant 2?

The best classes for single player in Remnant 2 are the Gunslinger and the Challenger. The Gunslinger is capable of dealing huge DPS, while the Challenger has increased survivability thanks to their increased tankiness and the Die Hard Prime Perk which can revive after taking fatal damage.