Is Remnant 2 multiplayer?

Is Remnant 2 multiplayer?
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Are you wondering is Remnant 2 multiplayer? Like most souls-like games, Remnant 2 can be beaten as a single-player campaign, but if you’re someone who prefers taking games on with one or more friends in co-op, you’ll want to know if Remnant 2 gives you that option.

While you’re here, make sure you’re fully prepared for the Remnant 2 release date and take a look at whether Remnant 2 is on Steam. With that, let’s get into answering the question of whether or not Remnant 2 is multiplayer.

Remnant 2 multiplayer: 3 players standing in front of a stone wall with overgrown tree roots.

Can Remnant 2 be played co-op?

Yes, Remnant 2 supports online co-operative multiplayer for groups of up to three players. While the game can be completely beaten solo, you will be able to join with up to two others to take it on. While you can join in with other players, as far as we know there is no crossplay available, so you’ll have to play with friends on the same platform if you’re looking for a multiplayer experience, but this may be something that gets added to the game in the future.

Remnant 2 multiplayer: Two players fighting a monster. The nearer one is firing a gun.

The multiplayer system is also extremely easy to set up, with players being able to drop in and out of another player’s game seamlessly, no matter where you both are in the story. This means you can drop out of a multiplayer game, catch up in single player, and rejoin your friends later on, or go back to an earlier point in the game to help out a struggling friend.

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