Best ways to get Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Best ways to get Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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Are you looking for the best ways to get Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Both Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have hidden Gimmighouls throughout them. Finding enough of them will help you evolve one into Gholdengo.

If you’re after regular coins, our how to make money in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide should help out. And if you’re trying to get yourself a Gimmighoul, check out our how to get Gimmighoul in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide, too. To help you gather the required Coins to evolve it, here’s a guide listing the best ways to farm the Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

What Are Gimmighoul Coins in Pokemon Scartler and Violet?

Gimmighoul Coins are collectible items dropped by the Pokemon Gimmighoul. Funnily enough, these are tagged as TM materials despite serving only one purpose: evolving Gimmighoul into Gholdengo. The amount of Gimmighoul Coins dropped by the Pokemon varies, as the roaming Gimmigouls can give as low as 1 to 3 Coins, with slim chances of bagging 200 coins. On the other hand, its chest form leaves more Coins as a reward for defeating it, or catching it can net you anywhere from 50 to a whopping 777 Coins.

Take a look at this table that displays the odds of getting Gimmighoul Coins from both variants.

Roaming Gimmighoul Coins

Roaming Gimmighoul CoinsOdds
Roaming Gimmighoul Coins and Odds

Chest Form Gimmighoul Coins

Chest Form Gimmighoul CoinsOdds
Chest Form Gimmighoul Coins Odds

Prerequisites: Ride Abilities

Depending on the copy of the game that you own, it is worth unlocking either your Koraidon or Miraidon’s ride abilities, as some of the Gimmighoul chest’s locations won’t be accessible without your Legendary’s ride abilities. Therefore, if you don’t already have them by now, giving the Titan Pokemon a visit to amp up your Legendary will definitely make your life easier in the game.

Best Way To Get Gimmighoul Coins

As Gholdengo is one the most helpful Pokemon for soloing Five and Six Star Tera raids, you’ll undoubtedly want to start your Gimmighoul Coin hunt right away. Below are the seven best ways to farm Gimmighou Coins:

1. Roaming Gimmighouls

Gimmighoul coins ruins

Despite giving a minuscule yield of Gimmighoul Coins, the Paldea Region is teeming with roaming Gimmighouls. There are currently over 200 Roaming Gimmighouls in the game, and whichever way you’re heading, you’ll undoubtedly come across a dozen of them.

Therefore, if you hear a ribbit-like tune playing, that’s your clue. Keep your ears glued to the melody, head over to the source, and you’ll find a Roaming Gimmighoul hidden behind a signpost waiting to hand its coins.

2. Watchtowers

In addition to acting as fast travel points, watchtowers in Paldea are the best way to farm Gimmighoul Coins, as they house Gimmihoul’s chest form instead of its roaming form. There are 14 watchtowers, and you’ll find a chest form Gimmighoul ready to take you on in a Pokemon Battle. Now’s also your chance to catch a Gimmighoul if you haven’t yet.

You can easily collect 700-900 Gimmighoul Coins by going through each chest form Gimmighoul hidden at the top of every watchtower. If you’re wondering where those watchtowers are, don’t worry, as we’ve provided their locations below in the table:

South Province (Area Three) WatchtowerRight near to the Pokemon Centre in South Province (Area Three)
South Province (Area Five) WatchtowerSouth of the Pokemon Centre South Province (Area Three)
East Province (Area One) WatchtowerOn top of a hill and below is Levincia’s beach
East Province (Area Three) WatchtowerNorth of the Steel Titan Pokemon
South Province (Area Two) WatchtowerEast Of Cortondo Town and south of the Tower is a Pokemon Centre
South Province (Area Four) WatchtowerMake sure you have the surf ability, as it’s below the Pokecenter in South Province (Area Two) 
West Province (Area One) WatchtowerNear Giacomo’s base
Asado Desert WatchtowerCan be found east of the Quaking Earth Titan and west Cascarrafa
Casseroya Watchtower No. 1Series of Watch Towers found in North Province above Medali
Casseroya Watchtower No. 2Series of Watch Towers found in North Province above Medali
Casseroya Watchtower No. 3Series of Watch Towers found in North Province above Medali
Glaseado Mountain WatchtowerEast of Glaseado Gym
North Province (Area One) WatchtowerNorth of Eri
Leaking Tower of PaldeaNorth of Alfornada town

3. Ruins

Some ruins in Paldea also act as the perfect shelter to four chest form Gimmighouls, and here’s where you can find them:

Asado Desert RuinsNorth of Asado Desert Watchtower
Dalizapa Passage RuinsOn top of Dalizapa Passage by climbing it
North Province (Area One) RuinsSouth of North Province (Area One) Watchtower
Casseroya Watchtower RuinsBetween Casseroya Watchtower No. 1 and 2

4. Islands

Add one more chest form Gimmighoul to the 18 you’ve come across now. This one is found on the nearest Island to the west of Porto Marinada. However, if you’ve not yet unlocked Koraidon or Miraidon’s surf ability, you’ll just stand there, watching the Island from a distance and doing nothing.

Make sure to defeat the Open Sky Titan, that’ll earn you either of the Legendary’s surf ability. Once you get it, make your way to the Island and beat the Gimmighoul — unless you want to catch one — to claim 50-80 Gimmighoul coins,

5. Miscellaneous

Now, seven chests remain, which you’ll encounter at random locations in the game. Some of these will be found on top of hills, while others will require an effort to reach, but it’s worth the hike, as you’ll find yourself in the middle of some breathtaking Paldean sceneries. Nevertheless, we’ve also provided the locations of the remaining 7 chests:

Gimmighoul Chest Location
Gimmighoul Chest No 20Found alongside the Socarrat Trail and near the Ting-Lu Legendary Pokemon
Gimmighoul Chest No 21Found beside a waterfall to the west of Montenevera city.
Gimmighoul Chest No 22On a small land surrounded by water on top of a mountain in North Province (Area Two)
Gimmighoul Chest No 23Atop a hill west of East Province (Area Two), Mela’s base can be seen from there
Gimmighoul Chest No 24Near the lighthouse, which you and Nemona climb at the start of the game
Gimmighoul Chest No 25Inside Colonnade Hollow in West Province (Area Two)

6. Gimmighoul Respawn

Once you interact with either Gimmighouls, they disappear, only to reappear with more coins. Having said that, after interacting with the Gimmighouls, they are likely to respawn at the exact same location after a day (real life). However, the roaming Gimmighouls have a 50% chance of spawning compared to its chest form’s 5%.

Therefore, it’s worth pinning the Gimmighouls locations on your map, so you can easily find them the next day. However, we only recommended rechecking its roaming form since one in two will always respawn. In fact, if you’re thinking of eating Sandwiches for the chest form, please don’t, as it won’t lower its odds of respawning, and it will all be in vain. So hold on to your Sandwiches.   

7. Coin Collector

If you’ve kept up with our guide, you will not have 999 coins but an excess of 999 coins. Since the player can’t hold more than 999 Coins, you might wonder where the excess Coins are going. Rest assured, as those are not wasted; the extra coins find their way to an old man in Medali who is as enthusiastic about the coins as the Gimmighouls.

While we don’t know how the man gets his hands on our hard-earned coins, there are no bad intentions behind his motives as the guy only keeps it for safekeeping. So, once you’ve spent the Gimmighoul Coins for a Gholdengo, visit the old man and claim your excess Coins.

That’s a wrap-up on our best ways to get Gimmighoul Coins guide. This comprehensive guide will land you not 999 but more than the amount needed for the fantastic Gholdengo, for which you’ll need to make various trips to the old man in Medali. If you’re after an easier Ghost-Type Pokemon to obtain, our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet best Ghost Types guide will help you out. And if you want to use your Gimmighoul best, make sure you can avoid all the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Ghost Type Weaknesses.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gimmighoul Coins – FAQ

How many Gimmighoul Coins are needed to evolve Gimmighoul?

You need 999 Gimmighoul Coins if you want to evolve Gimmighoul into Gholdengo.

Where can you find the Chest Form Gimmighoul in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet?

Chest Form Gimmighoul can mainly be found in ruins at the top of watchtowers but can also be found in random locations such as along trails.