How to get free Fortnite skins in February 2024

How to get free Fortnite skins in February 2024
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Would you like to get free Fortnite skins and expand your locker? If so, you are in luck! Several skins are currently available for free, and you can easily obtain them. Epic Games releases a couple of them every year, allowing players to add new cosmetics to their lockers without paying. This is also a perfect opportunity for new players to see what it feels like to wear a new outfit in the game.

As you are probably already aware, obtaining skins in Fortnite requires V-Bucks, the game’s premium currency. Considering that most of the V-Bucks come from real money purchases, some players are not able to afford them. Fortunately, these players can still unlock free skins and wear them forever.

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Our detailed guide will explain everything you need to know about free Fortnite skins that don’t require any purchase. You can also check out our guide on how to earn free V-Bucks by helping Epic Games.

How to get free Fortnite skins in 2024

The first thing you need to know about free Fortnite skins is that they are only available during certain periods. At some point, no free skin can be obtained in the video game. Fortunately, that is not the case at the moment.

Right now, you may unlock four Fortnite skins for free. Trailblazer Tai can be obtained by completing a couple of quests, while you can get Explorer Emilie by linking your Epic Games and LEGO accounts. Jackie is a free Rocket Racing skin, while the Subzero Cryptic skin is available for PlayStation Plus members.

How to unlock Explorer Emilie Fortnite skin for free

Explorer Emilie free skin in Fortnite
Image by VideoGamer

Explorer Emilie is a new collaboration skin that arrived with the release of Fortnite Chapter 5. You can obtain her for free, and the entire process takes only a couple of minutes. Besides the Fortnite style, you will also get a LEGO-styled Explorer Emilie.

To unlock the free Fortnite skin, please follow these steps:

Signing up for a LEGO Insiders account is free and can be done easily. The skin will be available for a limited time, so make sure to add it to your locker before it’s too late. If you’re not sure how to link your Epic Games and LEGO accounts, we have a detailed guide on it as well.

How to unlock Trailblazer Tai in Fortnite

Trailblazer Tai Fortnite skin
Image taken by VideoGamer

Similar to Explorer Emilie, you can unlock Trailblazer Tai by completing a couple of questions in LEGO Fortnite. Before completing quests, you need to head over to the Fortnite Item Shop and grab the True Explorers Quest Pack for free.

Once you get the pack, you need to complete these quests:

As soon as you complete the last quest, you will receive Trailblazer Tai. Additionally, you will receive a couple of other rewards, including Battle Pass XP.

How to unlock Jackie

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Jackie is the newest Fortnite skin that you can obtain for free. The cosmetic item came out with the Rocket Racing game mode. To add Jackie to your Fortnite locker, all you need to do is reach the Gold rank in the racing mode.

Jackie is obtainable by reaching the Gold 1 rank. Once you reach this rank, however, you will need to play at least one more game to add her to your locker.

PlayStation Plus subscribers get a free skin

Get the Subzero Cryptic fortnite outfit with a blue background for free!
Image by VideoGamer

PlayStation Plus subscribers can get a new free pack that contains another free Fortnite skin. The pack is obtainable for a limited time, but if you grab it, you will also be able to use the items from it on other platforms.

To get a Subzero Cryptic skin, all you need to do is open the PlayStation Store and look for the Chilling Mystery Pack. Add the pack to your cart, check out, and the free skin and other cosmetics will be added to your Fortnite locker.

Free Fortnite skins that have expired

Redcap in Fortnite
Image via Epic Games

Epic Games has released many free skins in Fortnite over the past few years. Unfortunately, a lot of these skins will never return. Here is the list of some of the skins that were previously available in the game:

  • Redcap – Refer-A-Friend 3.0
  • Winterfest Bushranger – Winterfest 2023
  • Holiday Boxy – Winterfest 2023
  • Runway Racer – Free quest pack
  • Vivi Chroma – PlayStation Plus
  • Underworld Desdemona – Free quest pack
  • Clone Trooper – Find the Force event
  • Jun-Hwan – PlayStation Plus
  • Gold Blooded Ace – Most Wanted event
  • Xander – Refer-A-Friend 2.0

We will keep updating this list with the skins as they expire.

Fortnite Crew Subscription and a free skin

Subscribing to Fortnite Crew is not technically free. However, if you get it only for the Battle Pass or V-Bucks, we need to add that you’ll receive a skin as well. Epic Games releases new Crew skins every month. On top of that, you will receive a couple of other cosmetic items, such as a pickaxe or back bling.

✓ Asmir’s Tip

Fortnite Crew is a bargain

Once you subscribe to Fortnite Crew, you will receive a Battle Pass, 1,000 V-Bucks, a skin and other cosmetic items, as well as a few more goodies. If you don’t own a Battle Pass, you should subscribe, as you will get a lot more items for just a few more dollars.

Furthermore, Fortnite Crew comes with a progressive skin as well. The longer you are subscribed to this monthly service, the more styles you will unlock for it. So if you want a somewhat exclusive Fortnite skin, you should subscribe to Crew.

Other ways to get free skins in Fortnite

Free skins are a perfect reward for every Fortnite player, and there are a few other ways you can get them:

  • Tournaments: Epic Games frequently releases Fortnite tournaments that allow you to win a free skin if you rank high. Skins like Beast Boy and Chloe Kim were free through tournaments, so keep an eye on them.
  • Exclusive quests and events: Certain events have exclusive quests you can complete to unlock free cosmetic items in Fortnite. Furthermore, each Winterfest event brings two free skins, and attending live events sometimes brings free items.
  • Giveaways: Epic Games almost never releases codes for free Fortnite skins. However, you can obtain them by participating in giveaways online. Unfortunately, a lot of people who host giveaways usually scam others, so be careful.

In the past, it was possible to get free Fortnite skins by subscribing to Twitch Prime. However, this is no longer possible. Additionally, there have been three Refer-A-Friend events, but none of them are available at the moment.

Free Fortnite skins – FAQ

Can you get free Fortnite skins?

Yes, you can, but only when Epic Games releases them. It is not possible to get Item Shop skins for free unless Epic makes them obtainable through Fortnite cups.

Where can I get codes for free skins in Fortnite?

There are no codes for free skins in Fortnite. However, by following our guide above, you can find out how you can unlock skins for free and add them to your locker.

How often does Epic Games release free cosmetics?

Epic Games releases free cosmetics a few times a year. These include skins, pickaxes, wraps, and many other items.

How do you get Account Levels in Fortnite?

Account Levels are similar to regular levels. However, the only difference is that Account Levels carry over through multiple seasons. If the free skin requires you to earn 50 Account Levels in Fortnite, this means that you can level up 20 times in the current season and 30 times in the next season to unlock it.

Do Xbox players get free Fortnite skins?

Epic Games has released a couple of exclusive Xbox skins, but they came bundled with a console. Unlike PlayStation players, Xbox players cannot get free Fortnite skins that are specifically made for their system. However, they can get all the skins that are available to everyone else.

Can I earn free V-Bucks as well?

Each Battle Pass comes with free V-Bucks, which makes it possible to add them to your account without paying. The Chapter 5 – Season 1 Battle Pass comes with 300 free V-Bucks.