How to get free Fortnite skins and items in May 2024

How to get free Fortnite skins and items in May 2024
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Skins are one of most popular things about Fortnite, and with every update bringing brand-new ones, players are always on the lookout for which skins they can add to their collection. But if you’re not the kind of person who wants to spend money on them, you’ll be looking for those skins you can get completely free of charge.

As you are probably already aware, obtaining skins in Fortnite requires V-Bucks, the game’s premium currency. Considering that most of the V-Bucks come from real money purchases, some players are not able to afford them. Fortunately, these players can still unlock free skins and wear them forever.

✓ At a glance
  • There are three free skins available. Trailblazer Tai, Explorer Emilie and Lina Scorch
  • Signing up to Fortnite Crew will cost you monthly, but you will get a free skin.
  • Apart from skins, there’s also a list of free cosmetics up for grabs.

Can you get free skins in Fortnite?

A lego-style character dressed in explorer attire is displayed on a video game screen indicating "items acquired," including free skins in Fortnite.
After linking your LEGO and Epic account together. The free Explorer Emilie skin will appear in your Fortnite game.

Yes, there are currently three free skins active in Fortnite, with another one coming soon. Trailblazer Tai and Explorer Emilie are free for everyone, and Lina Scorch skin is available via PlayStation Plus. These skins currently don’t have an expiry date, but we recommend redeeming them asap.

Fortnite Free SkinsHow to claim
Trailblazer TaiComplete a list of LEGO Fortnite quests
Explorer EmilieLink your LEGO and Epic account together
Lina ScorchAvailable via PlayStation Plus
Active free skins in Fortnite

How to get free skin with Fortnite Crew Subscription

Subscribing to Fortnite Crew is not technically free. However, if you get it only for the Battle Pass or V-Bucks, we need to add that you’ll receive a skin as well. Epic Games releases new Crew skins every month. On top of that, you will receive a couple of other cosmetic items, such as a pickaxe or back bling.

✓ Asmir’s Tip

Fortnite Crew is a bargain

Once you subscribe to Fortnite Crew, you will receive a Battle Pass, 1,000 V-Bucks, a skin, and other cosmetic items, as well as a few more goodies. If you don’t own a Battle Pass, you should subscribe, as you will get a lot more items for just a few more dollars.

Furthermore, Fortnite Crew comes with a progressive skin as well. The longer you are subscribed to this monthly service, the more styles you will unlock for it. So if you want a somewhat exclusive Fortnite skin, you should subscribe to Crew.

Free Fortnite skins that have expired

Epic Games has released many free skins in Fortnite over the past few years. Unfortunately, a lot of these skins will never return. Here is the list of some of the skins that were previously available in the game, we will keep updating this list with the skins as they expire.

Updated on May 1, 2024

Expired Fortnite SkinAction
Champion SirenFNCS Community Cup
JackieRocket Racing
Ascendant MidasMidas Cup
Subzero CrypticPlayStation Plus
JackieRocket Racing quests
RedcapRefer-A-Friend 3.0
Winterfest BushrangerWinterfest 2023
Holiday BoxyWinterfest 2023
Runway RacerFree quest pack
Vivi ChromaPlayStation Plus
Underworld Desdemona Free quest pack
Clone TrooperFind the Force event
Jun-HwanPlayStation Plus
Gold Blooded AceMost Wanted event
XanderRefer-A-Friend 2.0
List of expired free Fortnite skins

3 ways to get free skins in Fortnite

Free skins are a perfect reward for every Fortnite player, and there are a few other ways you can get them:

1. Tournaments

Epic Games frequently releases Fortnite tournaments that allow you to win a free skin if you rank high. Skins like Beast Boy and Chloe Kim were free through tournaments, so keep an eye on them.

2. Exclusive quests and events

Certain events have exclusive quests you can complete to unlock free cosmetic items in Fortnite. Furthermore, each Winterfest event brings two free skins, and attending live events sometimes brings free items.

3. Giveaways

Epic Games almost never releases codes for free Fortnite skins. However, you can obtain them by participating in giveaways online. In the past, it was possible to get free Fortnite skins by subscribing to Twitch Prime. However, this is no longer possible. Additionally, there have been three Refer-A-Friend events, but none of them are available at the moment.

List of free Fortnite cosmetics

Apart from free skins, there are many free cosmetics that players can get from completing simple actions. We have compiled an updated list below, some have expiry dates, so make sure to redeem these as soon as possible.

Updated on May 1, 2024

Hailstorm Rider gliderReboot RallyMay 3, 2024
Forsaken Eye wrapReboot RallyMay 3, 2024
Reckoner’s Blades pickaxeReboot RallyMay 3, 2024
Appa gliderAvatar passMay 3, 2024
Four Elements Banner back blingAvatar passMay 3, 2024
The Four Elements loading screenAvatar passMay 3, 2024
Draymin instrumentAvatar passMay 3, 2024
My Cabbages emoteAvatar passMay 3, 2024
Laughing Top emojiAvatar passMay 3, 2024
Sokka’s Space Sword pickaxeAvatar passMay 3, 2024
Zeus Insignia sprayKickstart questsMay 24, 2024
Hades Insignia sprayKickstart questsMay 24, 2024
Aphrodite Insignia spraySnapshot questsMay 24, 2024
Artemis Insignia spraySnapshot questsMay 24, 2024
Poseidon Insignia sprayWeekly questsMay 24, 2024
Prized Llama back blingSurvivor MedalsN/A
Eternal Ranker back blingRanked questsMay 24, 2024
TNT banner iconRanked questsMay 24, 2024
Grim King Hades sprayRanked questsMay 24, 2024
Ace of Clubs emoteRanked questsMay 24, 2024
Challenger Cerberus sprayRanked questsMay 24, 2024
Grave Mistake emojiRanked questsMay 24, 2024
Competitor Medusa sprayRanked questsMay 24, 2024
White Flag emojiRanked questsMay 24, 2024
Zeus’ Conquest sprayRanked questsMay 24, 2024
Feel the Sting loading screenRanked questsMay 24, 2024
Challenger’s Staff pickaxeRanked questsMay 24, 2024
Aetherius WheelsNeon Rush KickoffN/A
Psypher Trail Neon Rush rankedN/A
Olympian Victory Umbrella gliderVictory RoyaleMay 24, 2024
Cerberus loading screenBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Cerberus Bite wrapBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Hadean Gate back blingBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Cerberus banner iconBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Heart Fall contrailBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Heart’s Carver pickaxeBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Immortal Aphrodite loading screenBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Immortal Heartwinder gliderBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Swim Free lobby musicBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Cozy Conch back blingBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Murktide wrapBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Stony GG emojiBattle PassMay 24, 2024
The Gorgonblades pickaxeBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Serpentide Summoning emoteBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Stormy Descent contrailBattle PassMay 24, 2024
The Grand Olympus guitarBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Bolt Blades pickaxeBattle PassMay 24, 2024
The Huntress Aims sprayBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Huntress Lyre back blingBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Arrow banner iconBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Immortal Moonbow Breezer gliderBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Shadowsmoke contrailBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Hadean Key pickaxeBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Immortal Hades loading screenBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Underworld Rock emojiBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Hadean Chariot gliderBattle PassMay 24, 2024
Skullder back blingTrue Explorers Quest PackN/A
List of active free cosmetics in Fortnite

Free Fortnite skins – FAQ

Where can I get codes for free skins in Fortnite?

There are no codes for free skins in Fortnite.

How often does Epic Games release free cosmetics?

Epic Games releases free cosmetics a few times a year. These include skins, pickaxes, wraps, and many other items.

Do Xbox players get free Fortnite skins?

Epic Games has released a couple of exclusive Xbox skins, but they came bundled with a console. Unlike PlayStation players, Xbox players cannot get free Fortnite skins that are specifically made for their system. However, they can get all the skins that are available to everyone else.