Fortnite: How to get True Explorers Pack for free

Fortnite: How to get True Explorers Pack for free
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The LEGO Fortnite mode is finally out! With the release of the v28.01 update, Epic Games added a new game mode to Chapter 5. The new mode has brought a brand new experience for players, including over 1,000 of new cosmetic items.

To celebrate the launch of the mode, Epic also released the True Explorers Quest Pack. You can obtain the free Fortnite pack from the Item Shop, and our guide will explain how to get the skin.

How to get free LEGO skin in Fortnite?

The True Explorers Quest Pack includes Trailblazer Tai, a new Fortnite skin. The skin comes in both Fortnite and LEGO styles and has a matching back bling. Furthermore, by completing quests, you will also earn Account XP, which will help you level up the Battle Pass and unlock Runway Racer, another free skin.

To obtain the quest pack, please follow these steps:

  • Launch Fortnite
  • Open the Item Shop tab
  • Scroll down until you find the True Explorers Quest Pack
  • Open the item
  • Hold the Purchase button to buy it
Trailblazer Tai Fortnite skin
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To unlock the free Fortnite skin, its matching back bling, and Account XP, you need to complete these quests:

  • Invite an NPC to live in any village in a Survival World
  • Craft a Shortsword in a Survival World
  • Build a Spinning Wheel in a Survival World
  • Hit and deal damage with a Recurve Crossbow in a Survival World

To complete these quests, you will have to play LEGO Fortnite, a new game mode. Once you complete these questions, you will receive Trailblazer Tai in both Fortnite and LEGO variants.

Free LEGO Fortnite skin – FAQ

Why can’t I see the True Explorers Quest Pack in the Fortnite Item Shop?

If you cannot see the free pack in the Item Shop, try to restart your game. The quest pack should appear once you get back into Fortnite.

Can I obtain the free Fortnite skin from the shop?

To obtain this free skin, you will have to complete a couple of quests. Once you’re done with them, Trailblazer Tai will be added to your Fortnite locker.