Destiny 2 Lost Sector today – What’s today’s Legend/Master Lost Sector?

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What’s the Destiny 2 Legend Lost sector today? Legend Lost sectors have breathed new life into this once fairly mundane element of Bungie’s space-faring FPS. With higher difficulties, new rewards, and a quick, easily replayable format, this daily activity is well worth the effort if you’ve found yourself in the endgame stage of Destiny 2’s progression.

Here, we’ll break down what the daily Destiny 2 Legend Lost sector is, how to find it, and what you can expect inside. Though it might not complete your stockpiles of the best PvP weapons and best PvE weapons, there’s still plenty of loot, from Glimmer to Ascendant Shards to be had.

Today’s Legend Lost sector Destiny 2 (Jan 16 2024)

Today’s Destiny 2 Legend Lost sector is Concealed Void in the Asterion Abyss on Europa. It rotated into the active Lost Sector at 5PM GMT/9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET, and will rotate out again at the same time tomorrow.

You’ll face off against Overload Champions and Barrier Champions. The surges are Solar and Strand, the threat is Solar, and the weapon surge is for trace rifles.

Destiny 2 Lost Sector today: The map to the Concealed Void lost sector.
Image by VideoGamer

How do you reach today’s Legend Lost Sector in Destiny 2?

Follow our directions below step-by-step, and we’ll have you at the Lost Sector in question in no time.

  1. Head to the Directory page and select Europa, then travel to the Charon’s Crossing waypoint.
  2. Hop onto your sparrow and follow the path through the glaciers to your right, leading up to the Asterion Abyss.
  3. Head to the centre-left of the Abyss. You’ll find large vex architectural frameworks. In the centre of the mess is a crevasse with ice caves underneath. You’ll find the flag just at the entrance to these caverns, near the left-most end of the crevasse.
  4. Interact with this flag and hit Launch to begin the Lost Sector.
Destiny 2 Lost Sector today: The start location for the Concealed Void lost sector.
Image by VideoGamer

What are some tips and tricks for the daily Legend/Master Lost sector?

Legend Lost Sectors are designed to be tough, so it’s worth having a good idea of what to expect and how to prepare before you head in. Here, we’ll cover some general bits of advice, as well as a couple of tips specific to this Destiny 2 Legend Lost Sector.

Did you know?

There’s another, rarer type of Lost Sector that pops up only around Halloween. During the October in-game event Festival of The Lost, you’ll be able to run Haunted Sectors, a spooky spin on the typical challenge that Master and Legend Lost Sectors offer.

General Legend/Master Lost Sector advice – Our top three tips

  • If you’re farming, go for Legend runs. Legend Lost sectors are a great way to get exotics, but there’s a big step up in difficulty between the Legend and Master versions. In Legend, you’ve got a 25% chance for an exotic to drop at the end of the run, versus only a 30% drop on Master. In the interest of efficiency, we’d strongly recommend sticking to Legend – Master just isn’t worth it.
  • Destiny 2 Champions. Every Legend Lost sector has Champions within, enemies you’ll only otherwise tend to encounter in high-level raids, dungeons, or the weekly Nightfall strike. Make sure to equip the right mods and weapons, or make use of stunning effects like Ignite, Freeze and Suspend via your chosen class and subclass. We’d recommend prioritising these enemies for a quick removal where possible.
  • Try to optimise your build if you’re struggling. These activities can be tough – in fact we wouldn’t recommend attempting them until you’re at least near to the pinnacle cap. If you’re intent on soloing them for the best rewards, try a Solar Warlock build, a Void Hunter build, or a Strand Titan build – these are some of the most reliable options for each class. Be sure to optimise for the best Hunter stats, best Warlock stats, and best Titan stats, but remember that in activities like this, 100 Resilience is the most important investment of all – it’ll give you a 30% damage reduction.
Destiny 2 Lost Sector today: A Guardian Phoenix Dives to restore health while fighting a horde of Vex in a Lost Sector.
Image by VideoGamer

Our two best tips for today’s Legend Lost sector (Jan 16 2024)

Now for the Lost Sector in particular, here are two quick bits of advice we’d recommend you keep in mind when running it.

  • Tight corridors. This is a fairly cramped space for a Lost Sector, with plenty of narrow hallways and chokepoints. Be sure to take time to check and clear out flanks so that enemies can’t outmanoeuvre you.
  • Vex milk. Being inside vex architecture, there’s plenty of Radiolaria everywhere, lovingly called ‘Vex milk’ by the community’s brightest boffins. Be sure to avoid stepping in it, as it deals damage on contact.
Destiny 2 Lost Sector today: A Guardian charges a Solar grenade while fighting a Barrier Servitor in a lost sector.
Image by VideoGamer

Destiny 2 Legend Lost Sector rewards – Is it worth soloing a Legend/Master Lost Sector?

While they can be a good source of fun, most of us are really here for the excellent rewards you can pick up from running this quick, efficient activity.

Before we dive in – one important thing you should keep in mind: rewards are far more generous if you run a Legend Lost sector solo – meaning without a fireteam. You don’t need to go flawless unless you’re hunting for triumphs, but if you want to get your hands on some exotic gear, you need to take on this challenge by yourself.

Anyway here’s a list of potential loot you can pick up in Legend and Master Lost Sector completions.

  • Glimmer – it goes without saying there’s plenty of the blue stuff around.
  • Legendary armor and weapons – this can include some solid stat and perk rolls, or it can be junk. It’s very much luck-of-the-draw.
  • Enhancement Cores – if you’re trying to farm these, only platinum rewards from Season of the Wish Coil runs really surpass Legend Lost Sectors in effectiveness.
  • Enhancement Prisms – Very useful for masterworking your favourite gear.
  • Ascendant Shards – These are quite rare, but not unobtainable.
  • Exotic armor. What type will rotate between exotic legs, exotic arms, exotic chest pieces, and exotic helmets each day throughout the week. The specific piece is random, but the loot pools include some of the best Warlock exotics, best Titan exotics, and best Hunter exotics.
  • XP – useful for progressing in the Season Pass.

That’s everything we’ve got for you on the Destiny 2 Legend Lost sector today, how to get there, and what to expect. It’s not your only source for good loot though. From exotic missions like the Starcrossed mission for Wish-Keeper, to the weekly stock Xur has available, there are plenty of other good ways to get your hands on the best loot in-game.

Destiny 2 Legend Lost Sector FAQ

How many times can you do a Legend Lost Sector?

There’s no limit on how often you can do a Legend Lost Sector. You can do it for 24 hours straight until it ends rotation, if you want.

Are Master Lost Sectors worth it?

We would argue that no, Master Lost sectors are not worth the effort unless you’re after triumph scores. They’re much harder and more tedious to clear than Legend versions, and provide only marginally better rewards.

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