Best Longbow loadout in MW3 – our top attachments, class build, and perks

Best Longbow loadout in MW3 – our top attachments, class build, and perks
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Looking for the best Longbow loadout in MW3? Sniper Rifles are a fan-favorite weapon archetype. The longbow is one of the three sniper rifles that you’ll be able to get in the game in addition to several sniper rifles that return from MW2. Now that the game is out, we have the best loadout to use with this powerful sniper.

Check out our other MW3 weapon guides such as our best MCW loadout guide and our best MTZ-556 loadout guide if you prefer traditional assault rifles. These guides will give you the best setups to use with these guns in MW3. Now read on for a lethal Longbow loadout. Now that Season 2 is out, check out the new MW3 battle pass.

An image of the Longbow in the Gunsmith of MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.
An image of the Longbow in the Gunsmith of MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Best Longbow loadout and attachments in MW3

Here’s our top Longbow loadout that can tackle enemies from afar or contest close-range engagements if needed in MW3:

  • Ammo: 7.62 High Grain
  • Muzzle: HMRES Mod Suppressor
  • Barrel: Pro-99 Long Barrel
  • Rear Grip: Citadel LV Tactical Grip
  • Stock: No Stock
  • Optic: SZ Mini

This build is suited for lethal damage on targets across all ranges. The Long Barrel ties all the other attachments’ strengths together to make this a long-range demon. Add a suppressor if you want to remain undetected as you fire rounds into enemies. As for the optics, it comes down to which one you prefer.

We took a liking to the SZ Mini over the other complicated options. As for dropping the Stock, this helps across a variety of stats. Things like accuracy and sprint-to-fire speed are actually better without a stock weighing the weapon down. We also picked the 7.62 High Grain ammo to keep this rifle at its best performance with decent bullet velocity.

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Other sniper rifles pack a bigger punch but the Longbow excels in fire rate

Missing a shot with a sniper rifle can be punishing. But thanks to the Longbow’s large magazine and decent fire rate, you don’t have to run from close-range fights.

While you can have two setups for long and short ranges, we prefer using the above loadout across all ranges. Even in larger maps like Estate, this weapon will tackle enemy snipers with ease. It’s perfect for Ground War and Warzone maps. As for smaller maps, it can still pack a punch with the right optic. Just remember that one shot to the chest won’t necessarily kill a player.

An image of the Longbow's optic in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.
An image of the Longbow’s optic in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Best Longbow perks and equipment in MW3

Here’s a solid class build that pairs some solid perks and equipment with the Longbow in MW3:

  • Vest: Gunner
  • Gloves: Quick-Grip
  • Gear: EOD Padding
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Flash Grenade/Scatter Mine
  • Field Upgrade: Trophy/Munitions Box

For our perks, we’re going to recommend the Gunner Vest. This allows us to use a primary weapon, like an assault rifle, as our secondary weapon. For our recommendations on which gun to use for this slot, a Striker SMG for mobility or an SVA 545 assault rifle for damage are good picks. And if you use another vest like the Infantry vest, you’ll have to settle for the Renetti handgun or COR-45.

For gloves, you might think that you’re going to want Scavenger, but Quick-Grip is our choice. If you miss your shot or don’t kill your target in one shot, being able to switch to your other weapon to finish the job is very important. Marksman Gloves are another good pick thanks to their bonus of reducing flinch, an important metric while sniping foes. The Gear choice is going to be EOD Padding to protect you from the occasional explosion.

For our equipment, Semtex is the play for lethals. Tactical is going to start out as Flash Grenades. Eventually, you may want Scatter Mines to act as a “bouncing betty/claymore” to cover your entrance points to your stakeout location. For our Field Upgrade, we’re going to recommend using the Trophy System or the Munitions Box.

All Longbow camos in MW3

Here’s a list of all the camos for the Longbow sniper rifle in MW3 and how you can get them:

  • Gilded – Get 10 kills while aiming down sights
  • Forged – Get 25 kills while ADS and Fully Loaded
  • Priceless – Get 5 kills without dying 3 times
  • Interstellar – Complete 36 Priceless Camo Challenges
  • Golden Enigma – In Zombies, get 100 kills and successfully extract with the Longbow
  • Borealis – Complete 36 Serpentinite Camo Challenges
  • Zircon Scale – In Zombies, get 300 kills with the Longbow while it’s Pack-A-Punched
  • Serpentinite – In Zombies, get 10 special or elite zombie kills
  • Topo Arid – Get 50 kills shortly after ADS
  • Topo Ash – In Zombies, get 250 kills with Fire Damage
  • Palette Adjudicator – In Zombies, get 250 kills with the Longbow at Rare or Higher Rarity
  • Palette Sunrise – Get 3 kills with 1 magazine 10 times
  • Puzzled – In Zombies, get 200 critical kills
  • Rippled – Get 15 one-shot kills
  • Calamity – In Zombies, get 250 kills
  • Crimson Skulls – Get 50 kills

How to unlock the Longbow fast in MW3

In order to unlock the Longbow, you’ll have to level up your account to level 25. This will unlock the base gun. We’ve got a guide that covers how to get the Longbow fast in MW3. It’s an effective weapon across all multiplayer modes. Here’s when the next double XP weekend in MW3 happens if you want to get there fast. Then you’ll have to level the gun in order to unlock the different attachments for the gun. If you want to skip the grind, consider upgrading to the MW3 Vault Edition.

Is the Longbow worth it in MW3 multiplayer

True, this comes down to personal preference. The Longbow functions a little differently when compared to regular sniper rifles with powerful shots and agonizing reload times. The Longbow can feel like a regular rifle with a scope duct-taped to it. And that has advantages in terms of reload speed and time between shots. You just have to remember that these shots are not going to be insta-kills like some of the best MW3 sniper rifles out there. Another sniper rifle worth considering is the KATT-AMR.

If you’re already knocking foes out in the MW3 multiplayer lobbies, here are some MW3 tips and tricks. And if you need a refresher, then see our guide on the Call of Duty Modern Warfare story so far if you want to get proper context before its campaign.

Best Longbow loadout MW3 FAQs

Is the Longbow good?

The Longbow is a fine weapon to use in MW3. While it’s not the best Sniper out there, it’ll certainly be good enough to get the job done.

What gun pairs best with the Longbow?

The Longbow is a sniper rifle, and as such, having a weapon that’s able to handle closer-range situations is going to be important. Ideally, we’re going to recommend something like the SVA 545, the Striker, or the AMR9.

How do I unlock the Longbow in MW3?

You’ll need to reach level 25 to unlock the Longbow sniper in Modern Warfare 3.