All MW3 battle pass Season 4 blueprints, weapons, and Blackcell rewards

All MW3 battle pass Season 4 blueprints, weapons, and Blackcell rewards
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✓ At a glance
  • The game’s battle pass has three tiers – free, accelerated, and BlackCell. These cost 0$, $9.99, and $29.99 respectively.
  • Each offers a variety of reward tiers that offer operator skins, weapon blueprints, finishing moves, COD points, and other cosmetics.
  • BlackCell owners get the most rewards but they are all cosmetic in nature.

The battle pass reward system is a familiar sight in MW3, offering rewards for the time you spend in-game. These rewards are handed out each Season, giving you more reasons to dive back in alongside the new game modes and weapons. And with Season 4 almost here, here’s what you need to know about its pricing and what rewards you can expect.

What is the Battle Pass and how much does it cost

The battle pass in MW3 is the game’s reward system that allows you to unlock special items through playing the game and earning battle pass XP. These rewards are mainly cosmetics that change your operator’s look, such as emblems, weapon skins, and operator skins. There are three types of battle passes:

  • Free Battle Pass: free
  • Accelerated Battle Pass: $9.99 (1,100 CoD Points)
  • BlackCell Battle Pass: $29.99

Just like in MW2, players get to progress via a map with multiple sectors. Plan your route around this map to get the gear that you prefer from these sectors. The Free battle pass is free for all players. You get to the next tier exclusively through gameplay in order to earn cosmetics. You can purchase the Accelerated battle pass in the in-game store using CoD Points. It comes with 20 Battle Token tier skips, allowing you to get through the battle pass quicker. You can earn CoD Points through the Accelerated battle pass and premium tiers or by purchasing it with real-world money. Use this resource to buy cosmetics or the next season’s battle pass. These passes are exclusive to the game’s current season.

Weapon stickers and decals in the game.
Reap a variety of rewards in Season 4’s battle pass. Image via Activision.

Season 4 Battle Pass rewards

Season 4 starts on May 29, 2024. Expect its battle pass to follow a similar trend as those before it, with rewards like operator skins, weapon blueprints, and calling cards. Here are all the confirmed rewards so far:

  • Operator Skins
  • Hammer Operator
  • Battle pass boost Tokens
  • Weapons: Marksman Rifle (sector 5), Superi 46 SMG (sector 6)
  • Weapon Blueprints
  • Finishing Moves: Bone Snapper
  • COD Points (only in Accelerated and BlackCell battle pass)
  • Calling Cards, Weapon Charms, Decals, Stickers, Emblems
  • Zombies Acquisitions (including Aether Tools, Aetherium Crystals, and a Ray Gun Weapon Case)

All Operator Skin rewards in Season 4

Here are all the operator skins you can earn:

  • Instant: Nautilus for Soap
  • Sector 3: Hazardous Materials for Hush
  • Sector 4: Filth for Ripper
  • Sector 8: Chemtrail for Jet
  • Sector 10: Detritus for Pathfinder
  • Sector 13: Iron Lung for Nolan
  • Sector 16: Void for Void
  • Sector 18: Personal Growth for Alpine

All Weapon Blueprints in Season 4

Here’s a list of all the new weapon blueprints you can unlock in Season 4:

BMRI Models

  • Sector 1: “Brutal Matters” BAL-27 Assault Rifle
  • Sector 3: “Cork and Screw” COR-45 Handgun
  • Sector 10: “Isotope Breakdown” Marksman Rifle
  • Sector 12: “Bio Triage” MTZ-556 Assault Rifle

Xeno Corp Hex

  • Instant Sector: “Hexocore” BP50 Assault Rifle
  • Sector 2: “Tri-Hex” Gladiator Melee
  • Sector 8: “Hexed Cruelty” Renetti Handgun
  • Sector 13: “Structural Morality” Longbow Sniper Rifle
  • Sector 17: “Nanometer” FJX Horus SMG
  • Sector 19: “Betalock” Rival-9 SMG
  • Sector 20: “Cognizant Rebel” Superi 46 SMG

Hazardous Growth

  • Sector 4: “Microbial Vandal” Riveter Shotgun
  • Sector 9: “Leeched Poison” MORS Sniper Rifle
  • Sector 11: “Cellular Collapse” TAQ Eradicator LMG and “Poisoned Caress” AMR9 SMG
  • Sector 14: “Cell Eater” Bruen MK9 LMG
  • Sector 15: “Chem Threat” Marksman Rifle
  • Sector 16: “Fungal Pattern” Sidewinder Battle Rifle
  • Sector 18: “Genetic Abnormality” MTZ-762 Battle Rifle
  • Completion Sector: “All in Vein” DG-56 Assault Rifle

Tier 100 rewards

Clear the final sector in the battle pass to earn the following rewards:

  • 300 COD Points
  • “Gilded Virus” Skin for Soap
  • Additional “Gilded Virus” Skin for Soap
  • “All in Vein” DG-56 Assault Rifle Weapon Blueprint
A detailed graphic with all the rewards from the game's Blackcell season pass.
Season 4’s Blackcell pass brings new hooded agents and some top-secret gear. Image via Activision.

BlackCell Pass rewards in Season 4

The BlackCell pass is the premium battle pass, which includes exclusive cosmetics and weapon blueprints for those who purchase it. It is the most expensive battle pass the game has to offer but includes the best cosmetic rewards. It also notably comes with tier skips, allowing for immediate use of several rewards. Here’s a list of the unique BlackCell rewards in Season 4:

  • Access to the MW3 Season 4 battle pass and 20 Tier Skips (25 on PlayStation).
  • 1,100 COD Points.
  • 1,400 COD Points that can be unlocked within 100 tiers of unlockable content
  • 7 Tracer Weapon Blueprints
  • 12 animated Operator Skins: Hammer, Soap (x2), Hush, Ripper, Jet, Pathfinder, Nolan, Void, and Alpine.
  • Identity Theft Finishing Move (steal enemy’s Operator skin on kill)

BlackCell weapon blueprints

Here’s a list of all the blueprints exclusive to the BlackCell pass:

  • Sector 1: “Brutal Matters” BAL-27 Assault Rifle with Cellular Corruption Tracers and “Necrosis” Death Effect.
  • Sector 11: “Poisoned Caress” AMR9 SMG with Cellular Corruption Tracers and “Necrosis” Death Effect.
  • Sector 12: “Bio Triage” MTZ-556 Assault Rifle with Cellular Corruption Tracers and “Necrosis” Death Effect.
  • Sector 15: “Chem Threat” Marksman Rifle with Cellular Corruption Tracers and “Necrosis” Death Effect.
  • Sector 17: “Nanometer” FJX Horus SMG with Cellular Corruption Tracers and “Necrosis” Death Effect.
  • Sector 20: “Cognizant Rebel” Superi 46 SMG with Cellular Corruption Tracers and “Necrosis” Death Effect.

Auto Progress explained

As you activate the battle pass, you can pick how you get your rewards. This involves either switching Auto Progress on or off. If you want to prioritize certain items in specific sectors, turn this off. This will let you target specific sectors and unlock their rewards first. Instead, you can keep it on so that you don’t have to manually redeem rewards. You can change this whenever you want so don’t worry about it. To speed up progress, check when the next double XP weekend in MW3 is for an XP buff across platforms.

Is the Battle Pass worth it?

Affordability aside, we’d recommend getting the battle pass only if you are sure that you will be able to devote time to the game. This is because you cannot finish it once the Season ends. Earn the 1100 CoD points from a Season and you will be able to purchase the next Season’s battle pass. This would make up for the initial cost. As for the BlackCell battle pass, it’s a costlier purchase directed at die-hard fans of the franchise and its multiplayer component. While it offers some slick cosmetics, you will have to clear all 100 tiers to get every reward possible.