MW3 Battle Pass Season 1 explained and what’s in it

MW3 Battle Pass Season 1 explained and what’s in it
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Want to learn more about the MW3 Battle Pass? The tiered reward system has been part of the series for quite a few games now, but if you’re diving in for the first time to Call of Duty you might be lost.

With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 comes tons of new content for all players, from new weapons to a new campaign. Make sure you’ve claimed your pre-order bonuses and know how to do a finishing move because there is tons of gameplay to jump into. But, if you need to have the Battle Pass explained and know what’s in it, you’ve come to the right place.

A sniper looks down their sight in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.
A sniper looks down their sight in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.

What is the MW3 Battle Pass and how much does it cost

The Battle Pass in MW3 is the game’s reward system that allows you to unlock special items through gameplay or purchasing them. The Battle Pass rewards are mainly cosmetics that change your operator’s look, such as emblems, weapon skins, and operator skins. There are three types of Battle Pass and here’s how much they cost:

  • Free Battle Pass – free
  • Accelerated Battle Pass – $9.99 (1,100 CoD Points)
  • BlackCell Battle Pass – $29.99

Just like in MW2, players get to progress via a map with multiple sectors, each with five tiers. You can plan your route around this map to get the gear that you prefer from these sectors. This is done via the Battle token tier skips system.

The Free Battle Pass is, as you probably guessed, free for all players. You get to the next tier exclusively through gameplay and earn cosmetics. The Accelerated Battle Pass is one you can purchase in the in-game store using CoD Points that come with 20 Battle Token tier skips, allowing you to get through the Battle Pass quicker. You can earn CoD Points through the Accelerated Battle Pass as well in the premium tiers, and most players use those to buy the next season’s pass.

Each Battle Pass is exclusive to the game’s current season. The first Battle Pass will only have its items available for the first season, and the second has its items available for Season Two, and so on. The BlackCell Battle Pass also comes with those who purchased the Vault Edition of MW3, making it also known as the Vault Edition Battle Pass.

Get ready for MW3 Season 1

The first season of MW3 didn’t launch with the game. It will begin on December 6, once the final season of MW2 has concluded. This will mark the end of MW2’s new content, so the team can focus entirely on the newest game.

What’s in the MW3 Battle Pass

The official Season One for MW3 hasn’t begun yet, so we don’t know the exact contents of the Battle Pass yet. We expect it to arrive with the game’s first season. However, we do know that CoD Points will be available in both the Free and Accelerated passes. You can recover 1400 CoD points from it, meaning that you can regain the money you spent this way. Here’s how to get all the CoD points in MW3’s Battle Pass:

  • F2: 100 COD Points (free tier)
  • F4: 100 COD Points
  • F6: 100 COD Points (free tier)
  • F9: 200 COD Points
  • F11: 100 COD Points
  • F14: 200 COD Points
  • F17: 100 COD Points
  • F19: 100 COD Points
  • F20: 100 COD Points (free tier)
  • Battle Pass Complete: 300 COD Points
The BlackCell Battle Pass rewards in MW3.
The BlackCell Battle Pass rewards in MW3. Image via Activision

What is the MW3 BlackCell Pass

The BlackCell Pass is the premium Battle Pass in MW3, which includes exclusive cosmetics and weapon blueprints for those who purchase it. It is the most expensive Battle Pass the game has to offer but includes the most rewards. It also notably comes with many tier skips, allowing for immediate use of many of the rewards in the tiers. Don’t worry about not purchasing it in advance. MW3 lets players upgrade later and reap all the benefits of the BlackCell Pass.

What’s in the MW3 BlackCell Battle Pass

Luckily we do know a bit more about the BlackCell pass. Here’s a list of the unique BlackCell rewards in MW3:

  • Instant: Zombie’s Bane BlackCell weapon blueprint
  • Instant: Al Simmons BlackCell operator skin
  • F1: The Crypt BlackCell weapon blueprint
  • F2: Creepy Clown BlackCell operator skin
  • F3: Scorched Earth vehicle skin
  • F5: Scorched Wind vehicle skin
  • F6: Soul Crusher BlackCell operator skin
  • F8: Mil-Spawn BlackCell operator skin
  • F10: Necroplasm BlackCell weapon blueprint
  • F11: Gaia BlackCell operator skin
  • F12: Disruptor BlackCell operator skin
  • F13: Crackling Bones BlackCell weapon blueprint
  • F15: Burned Spawn BlackCell operator skin
  • F16: Pulp Chills BlackCell weapon blueprint
  • F17: Nikto Spawn BlackCell operator skin
  • F19: Violator BlackCell operator skin
  • F20: Eradicator BlackCell weapon blueprint
  • Battle Pass Complete: Spawn BlackCell operator skin

These will all be a part of the BlackCell pass, and as you can see most of them are exclusive content to the premium pass. You won’t be able to earn these rewards in the Free or Accelerated tiers, and once Season One is over, most of these rewards disappear for good.

Auto Progress in MW3 Battle Pass explained

As you activate the MW3 battle pass, you will have the option to pick how to get your rewards. This involves either switching Auto Progress on or off. If you want to prioritize certain items, keep this off. But if you’re sure you’ll get all of its rewards anyway, keep it on so that you don’t have to manually collect and redeem the rewards from the Battle Pass. You can change this whenever you want so don’t worry about it. To speed up progress, check when the next double XP weekend in MW3 is for XP tokens across all platforms.

Is the MW3 Battle Pass worth it

Affordability aside, we’d recommend getting the Battle Pass only if you are sure that you will be able to devote time to the game. This is because you cannot finish it once the Season ends. Earn the 1100 CoD points from a Season and you will be able to purchase the next Season’s Battle Pass. This would make up for the initial cost. As for the BlackCell Battle Pass, it’s a costlier purchase directed at die-hard fans of the franchise and its multiplayer component. If you’re wondering if the new game is worth the hype, check out our Modern Warfare 3 review.

That’s all you need to know about the Battle Pass system in MW3. Be sure to check out our full MW3 weapons list so you know which guns to use to dominate the new MW3 and Warzone landscape. As for Zombies, we’ve got MW3 Zombies tips and tricks to master it on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Remember that the Season 1 launch happens on December 6.

MW3 Battle Pass FAQ

What is the Battle Pass?

The Battle Pass is a reward system in-game that lets you unlock exclusive items through gameplay.

How often is there a new Battle Pass?

A new Battle Pass will come out each season for MW3.

Is the Battle Pass free?

There is a free version of the Battle Pass for all players. There are also two paid versions – the Accelerated Battle Pass and BlackCell Pass.