Best SVA 545 loadout in MW3 – see our preferred attachments, class build, and perks

Best SVA 545 loadout in MW3 – see our preferred attachments, class build, and perks
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Looking for the best SVA 545 loadout in MW3? You’ve come to the right place. Modern Warfare 3 brings a handful of new guns right out of the gate, and one of them is the SVA 545. This assault rifle is a weapon that’s is best suited for an aggressive playstyle. Well, you’re in luck because we have the best Modern Warfare 3 loadout for the SVA 545 right here.

If you’re seeking for an AR that can keep up with an in-your-face playstyle and is perfect for short to mid-ranges, then the SVA 545 is for you. In the meantime check out some of our other MW3 weapon guides, like our best BAS-B loadout, and our best MCW loadout guide for some solid assault rifle action. If you’re on the fence about the game, check out our Modern Warfare 3 review.

An image of the SVA 545 in the Gunsmith of MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Image taken by VideoGamer.

Best SVA 545 loadout and attachments in MW3

  • Muzzle: HMRES Mod Suppressor
  • Barrel: Authority IV Short Barrel
  • Underbarrel: Chewk Angled Grip
  • Stock: Skelly Folding Stock
  • Rear Grip: Citadel Grip
  • Optic: MK.3 Reflector

For our attachments, we’re going to pick the HMRES Mod Suppressor. This will give us some bullet velocity, and keep us off the radar. Since the SVA 545 fires in short bursts, being silent improves your odds of racking multiple kills. Our barrel choice is the Authority IV Short barrel, which gives us additional movement speed, aim walking speed, and steadiness. For our Under barrel, we have the Chewk Angled Grip. This overall gives us a lot of additional control over our gun.

The Skelly Folding stock gives us more mobility. Our rear grip is the Citadel Grip, which gives us a very important aim down sight speed, and some more overall control. Consider a 45 Round Mag if you aren’t securing kills or if you want to tackle multiple opponents without reloading ammunition. As for the scope, don’t be picky. The MK.3 Reflector is a good pick if the usual iron sights aren’t to your liking in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3.

✓ Isa’s remark

A fantastic mid-range weapon

The SVA 545 Assault Rifle is a reliable choice, blending accuracy and firepower. With well-balanced handling, it excels in mid-range engagements. Its design also offers versatility on the battlefield, making it a solid option for players seeking a dependable and adaptable assault rifle experience.

An image of the SVA 545 rifle in combat in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Image taken by VideoGamer.

Best SVA 545 perks and equipment in MW3

  • Vest: Infantry
  • Gloves: Scavenger
  • Gear: EOD Padding
  • Boots: Lightweight
  • Lethal: Semtex
  • Tactical: Flash Grenades
  • Field Equipment: Comm Scrambler

For our perks, we’re going with the Infantry vest. This gives us increased tac sprint duration. The Overkill or Gunner vest lets you carry two primary weapons, letting you bring a sniper rifle or shotgun alongside the SVA 545. So consider it for some extra versatility if you don’t value tac sprint. Then for the Gloves, we’re using Scavenger to keep our ammo reserves topped up. For the gear slot, EOD Padding is our pick, as it will help keep you alive against random grenades that are thrown around the map.

Finally, for our Boots, we’re using Lightweight ones to further boost our tac sprint duration. You could also go with Stalker Boots for better ADS move speed if that’s your style. Here’s how to get strafing kills in MW3 to improve your survivability.

For our equipment, we’re picking the Semtex (or Frag Grenades) for our Lethal, Flash grenades for our tactical, and the Comm Scrambler for our Field Upgrade. Munitions box might help if your allies don’t pick this valuable equipment. These are pretty standard choices, and you can’t go wrong with them. Pick and choose what best fits you.

An image of the SVA 545 rifle iron sights in combat in MW3. Image captured by VideoGamer.
Image taken by VideoGamer.

How to unlock SVA 545 in MW3

In order to unlock the SVA 545, you’ll need to play enough games to level up your account to level 4. This will unlock the base gun, and then as you level up the gun, you’ll unlock attachments that come native to the gun. Additional frame variants will unlock after leveling up the base gun. It’s one of the first assault rifles you get. This is surprising because it’s one of our best MW3 assault rifles. The MW3 Vault Edition upgrade lets you get your hands on Crimson Fate and Carbon Fate, two gorgeous blueprints of this gun.

SVA 545 Camo Challenges in MW3

If you want to shake up the appearance of your SVA 545 rifle, here are all the camo challenges in MW3:

  • Blue Tones – Get 50 kills with the SVA 545.
  • Topo Muddy – Get 50 kills while ADS with the weapon.
  • Cinders – Get 15 headshot kills.
  • Monarch – Get 25 kills while in Tactical Stance.
  • Gilded – Get 3 operator kills with 1 magazine 10 times after competing all base camo challenges.
  • Forged – Get 25 multi-kills after 6 Gilded camo challenges with ARs.
  • Priceless – Get 15 headshot kills with a magnification scope after 36 Forged camo challenges.
  • Interstellar – Finish 36 Priceless camo challenges.
  • Wayward – In Zombies, get 250 kills with the SVA 545.
  • Topo Ghast – In Zombies, get 5 kills without releasing the trigger 20 times.
  • Sludge – In Zombies, get 250 Kills in the Medium or High Threat Zone.
  • Chaos – In Zombies, get 250 kills with the SVA 545 while having at least 4 perks active.
  • Golden Enigma – In Zombies, get 100 kills and exfil in MW3 after completing all Zombies base camo challenges.
  • Zircon Scale – In Zombies, get 300 kills with the weapon while it’s Pack-A-Punched after 6 Golden Enigma camo challenges with assault rifles.
  • Serpentinite – In Zombies, get 10 Special or Elite Zombie kills after 36 Zircon Scale camo challenges.
  • Borealis – Complete 36 Serpentinite camo challenges.

And that’s all we have for you for the best SVA 545 loadout. If you fancy Zombies, we’ve got some MW3 Zombies tips and tricks for you. And here’s how to get the PHD Flopper for free in MW3 Zombies if you want to dive to prone and cause massive explosions. MW3 is out on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Best SVA 545 loadout MW3 FAQs

Is the SVA 545 good in MW3?

Yes the SVA 545 is good, though there are other guns that also fill this roll, the SVA 545 is a solid contender.

What’s the best secondary to use with the SVA 545?

The top secondary that we’re going to recommend you use is the Renetti pistol.