Best Holger 26 loadout, attachments and perks in MW3

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Looking for the Holger 26 loadout in MW3? You’ve come to the right place. Throughout the history of Call of Duty games, LMGs have consistently proven to be formidable weapons. This holds true even in newer titles such as MW2 and Warzone, where weapons like the Bruen, Stoner 63, and PKM have established themselves as powerful options for players and their loadouts.

Yet, the Holger 26 LMG has proven its viability as a weapon in Warzone when optimized with the appropriate attachments and perks. With that said, let’s delve into the best loadout and attachments for Holger 26 in MW3. You might also be curious to know how to play the MW3 Campaign Early Access and be among the first to witness the return of Makarov.

A screenshot showcasing the best Holger 26 loadout in MW3.

Best Holger 26 loadout and attachments in MW3

  • Muzzle: HMRES Mod Suppressor 
  • Optic: VLK 3.0x Optic
  • Stock: RB Crotalus Assault Stock
  • Underbarrel: SL Skeletal Vertical
  • Rear Grip: Morn-20 Grip

To have the optimal Holger 26 loadout in MW3, we suggest starting with the Mod Suppressor which enhances your damage range while maintaining stealth by keeping you off enemy mini-maps during gunfire. Given the Holger 26’s less favorable iron sights, we’ve chosen the precise VLK 3.0x Optic for accurate firing.

A screenshot of the Best Holger 26 loadout in MW3.

Managing your recoil is crucial when using the Holger 26 since it can exhibit a significant kick. To enhance your control over recoil and improve aiming stability, consider equipping the SL Skeletal Vertical as your under barrel attachment. Also, if you prefer to have increased mobility and faster aim-down-sight as well as sprint-to-fire speeds, the Morn-20 Grip as your rear grip is an excellent choice to round out the best Holger 26 loadout in MW3. 

Best Holger 26 perks and equipment in MW3

  • Tactical Equipment: Battle Rage
  • Lethal Equipment: Frag Grenade
  • Field Equipment: Munitions Box
  • Gloves: Quick-Grip Gloves 
  • Boots: Lightweight Boots
  • Vest: Infantry Vest
  • Gear: EOD Padding

If you’re looking to enhance your performance when using tactical equipment, Battle Rage is the way to go as it provides a good tactical advantage in matches. As always, Frag Grenades can deal heavy damage to enemies when thrown within their blast radius. If you need faster resupplying of ammo or even increased capacity, the Munitions Box will come in handy. 

A screenshot featuring the Best Holger 26 loadout in MW3, showcasing a gun in a video game.

While gloves in general don’t really impact your performance, the Quick-Grip Gloves will do well to improve your weapon handling by offering faster aiming and reloading which could enhance your combat efficiency. Lightweight Boots will improve your mobility and speed, Infantry Vest will provide you with extra protection while the EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) Padding will give you some level of protection against explosives. 

How to unlock Holger in MW3

If you already have the Holger 26, you can access it once you unlock custom loadouts by reaching level 4 in MW3. But if you don’t already have the Holger 26, you can unlock it by reaching level 13 in MW3.

So these are the best Holger 26 loadout and attachments we have for you. If you need a refresher on the campaign, here’s our Modern Warfare story so far to help you recall the events of the previous games.

Holger 26 FAQ

Is the Holger 26 LGM good?

Absolutely! The Holger 26 is a fine LMG in MW3 beta but it’s worth mentioning that it does have a somewhat sluggish aiming down sights (ADS) speed. 

What type of weapon is the Holger 26?

The Holger 26 is an LMG (Light Machine Gun) in MW3. 

Is the Holger 26 suitable for close-quarters combat?

While it can be used in close quarters, its slower ADS speed may be a drawback in such situations but you could give it a try. 

How does the Holger-26 compare to other LMGs in MW3?

It offers a balance of mobility and firepower, making it a competitive choice among LMGs

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