MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks – 6 essential tips to dominate Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer

MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks – 6 essential tips to dominate Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer
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Admit it. You never really bought MW3 for the campaign. No, it’s always about the multiplayer, and this year’s, despite some of the flak, is on the whole pretty good. There’s a decent selection of old school maps, plus there’s a weapon to cater to pretty much every playstyle. Having played hours and hours of MW2 and Call of Duty over the years, there’s certainly a number of MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks you can learn to make things easier.

We’ve also enlisted the help of Call of Duty enthusiast and host of the TikTok channel, Jay Crotty – who also gave his hints and tips on how to survive Modern Warfare 3 zombies mode, Operation Deadbolt. The below are general tips, based on experience, that can help those both new to the game and those who are picking it up having spent a lot of time with Modern Warfare 2.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 screenshot featuring MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks.

Get the right sensivity for you

This makes a huge difference, with even the slightly change having a drastic effect on the way the game feels. We’ve pulled together a detailed guideon the best controller settings for Modern Warfare 3, which will help you steady your aim and take down foes with ease. We recommend before booting up the game, making these changes and the spending some time in the firing range so you get the feel for the adjustments. Once you get an accuracy score of above 90%, you’ll be ready to go into multiplayer with some confidence. Jay says: “Tuning your sensitivity level is very important as reaction time is key in MW3 – having it too high may cause you to miss shots and on the other side, having it too low may cause you to lagg behind, everyone is different so try them all!

Turn off motion blur

This is sort of a no brainer for those who have played a lot of Call of Duty games, but we highly recommend turning off World Motion Blur and Weapon Motion Blur in the in-game menu. While this will reduce the cinematic feel of the game, it adds uncessary blur that can make shooting and tracking enemies far harder. This is an abslolute must if you’re to be as effective in combat as you can be.

A soldier is laying on the ground with a gun, showcasing MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks.

Opt for score streaks

If you’re struggling to kill a load of people, for example – you often pick up assists, then you can toggle score streaks in the multiplayer menu. It can be a bit hard to get higher end kill streaks if you’re not the best player in a match, while score streaks reward the objective player and grant them a chance at those streaks. And by earning score streaks, you can force the enemy team to stay in cover and be more cautious. This can give you more freedom to move around the map and take control of key positions.

Choose the right loadout

The right loadout can sometimes be enough to make you win or lose a fight. And be sure to use your preferred weapon for your playstyle. If there’s a particular weapon you’re already familiar with, be sure to keep using it. So we suggest getting familiar with one or two of your favourite weapons and perks and making those your go-to loadout options for every match. And if you’re just starting the game, see our best MW3 loadouts.

Use slide cancelling and pre-aim corners

You can chain together multiple slide cancels to create more complex movement patterns and keep your opponents guessing. For example, you could slide cancel into a jump, then immediately slide cancel again to drop back down to the ground.


Pre-aim however, involves aiming your weapon at a corner before you turn it so that you are ready to shoot as soon as you see an enemy. To pre-aim corners effectively, you need to be aware of the common places where enemies are likely to be hiding. Once you know where the enemies are likely to be, you can start pre-aiming those corners.

Use builds and vintage points

Although it’ll take you a while to unlock some builds in MW3, they’ll allow you to customise your weapons and attachments to suit your playstyle. This can give you a significant advantage in gunfights, as you will be able to use a weapon that is perfectly suited to your needs. Vintage points on the other hand, are strategically advantageous positions on the map that give you a better view of the battlefield. By using vintage points, you can identify enemy positions more easily and get the jump on them.

There are many other tips that can help you win matches in MW3 but if you utilise and work with the few we’ve outlined above, you should have a good chance of winning a matches in Modern Warfare 3.