MW3 how to get Longbow – here’s 3 ways to unlock the powerful sniper rifle

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There are lots of really good weapons in Modern Warfare 3 but if you’re looking for a weapon that will provide you with ease of use and mobility, then you should go for the Longbow sniper rifle. And in this guide, we’ll be taking you through how to get Longbow in MW3 and put the weapon’s lightweight handling and impressive recoil control to good use. 

The Longbow also has a pretty impressive magazine capacity which many players will find appealing. Before we dive into how you can get your hands on the Longbow, you’ll also be interested in our MW3 multiplayer tips and tricks to help you get started with the game. With that said, here’s how to get the Longbow sniper rifle in MW3. 

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How to get Longbow in MW3

There are three main ways to unlock the Longbow in MW3: 

  • By playing Armour challenges after reaching level 25
  • Extracting Longbow sniper from MW3 Zombies
  • Purchasing the game’s Vault Edition

Getting the Longbow via Armoury challenges

First off, your profile must reach level 25 before you can unlock Armoury challenges. Reaching level 25 also unlocks the Longbow traditionally which allows you to set it as your active Armory Unlock challenge. Once you do that, you’ll have to complete up to five Daily challenges to get the Longbow. 

The Longbow has a hefty magazine capacity and over 30 unlockable attachments which are among the reasons why you’d want to get your hands on this sniper. Levelling up will take some time so be sure to check our MW3 cheats and gameplay tricks that’ll help you level up faster. 

How to get the Longbow through Zombies mode 

If you’re eager to get your hands on the Longbow and you’re not planning on reaching level 25, you can attempt to get the Longbow by playing zombies mode by extracting it at the end of a match. To do this, you’ll first have to find the Longbow around Urzikstan. If you can’t find it from a loot, try visiting any of the Wall Buys around the map and see if you purchase a Longbow from among the available weapons. 

A screenshot of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 featuring the Longbow weapon from MW3.
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And if you don’t want to rely on luck or Wall Buys to find the Longbow, the sniper is guaranteed to drop after you defeat The Rock mini-boss just on the fourth floor of the Ghalia Seaside Hotel. But be careful when heading towards them and use a Sentry Turret if you can for some external firepower. Once you see them, shoot to kill and you should be able to collect the Longbow from them. 

✓ Isa’s remark

Not the best, but it’ll do

The Longbow is undoubtedly a fine weapon to use in Modern Warfare 3 and although it’s not the best Sniper Rifle out there, it’s good enough to get the job done. The Longbow’s one-shot kill and long-range makes it an ideal weapon from any distance. But its slow fire rate and high recoil makes it difficult to defend yourself against close-range enemies. So if you’re playing in a sniper’s paradise like Afghan, definitely use the Longbow but if you’re playing in a map like Rust, the Longbow won’t keep you alive.

Once you’ve gotten the Longbow, you’ll have to take it with you in an exfil helicopter to retain it. And this is not just for the Longbow. To retain any item and equipment you loot in MW3 zombies, you’ll have to take them with you in the exfil helicopter. Upon a successful exfil, you’ll have the Longbow so you might need our best Longbow loadout in MW3.

Unlocking the Longbow through the MW3 Vault Edition 

This last method of unlocking the popular sniper is pretty straightforward. Thanks to the FATE Weapon Vault part of the Vault Edition, players who purchased this edition of the game will automatically have the Longbow sniper unlocked including any attachments. So if you want to skip all of the above methods of getting the Longbow, you just have to pay a little extra for the Vault Edition and unlock the Longbow alongside others like the AMR9, Riveter and even the SVA 545

Modern Warfare 3 FAQs

Can I still purchase the Vault Edition after buying the Standard Edition?

Yes, you can still purchase the MW3 Vault Edition even after you’ve bought the Cross-Gen/Standard Edition and enjoy the added benefits.

Where are the best locations to find Wall Buys?

The best two areas to find Wall Buys in MW3 zombies mode are Popov Power and Zaravan City.

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