Best Striker loadout, attachments and perks in MW3

Best Striker loadout, attachments and perks in MW3
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Looking for the best Striker loadout in MW3? We’ve got you covered. The much-awaited Modern Warfare 3 is upon us, providing players with a sneak peek of the upcoming title’s visuals and gameplay. If you’re looking to kick off your MW3 experience early on, then it really doesn’t get better than trying out some of the best weapons and figuring out which one fits your playstyle. 

The Striker is a sleek and reliable SMG (submachine gun) that has often been referred to as a replica of the UMP-45 from previous Modern Warfare games and stands out as one of the top submachine guns in multiplayer. It excels in close-range combat, delivering headshots, and performs decently at longer distances. If you’re playing on PC, here’s our MW3 system requirements. For now, let’s go over the best Striker loadout and attachments. 

A screenshot of the striker in MW3 beta

Best Striker loadout and attachments in MW3

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Stock: Lachmann MK2 Light Stock
  • Barrel: Striker Recon Long Barrel
  • Rear Grip: Sakin ZX Grip
  • Laser: Sapphire-12 Laser

For the ideal Striker loadout in MW3, we recommend starting with the Monolithic Suppressor as it enhances your weapon’s performance, reduces coil and increases damage range. Then we move on to the Lachmann MK2 Light Stock which improves your aim down sight (ADS) speed, allowing you to aim faster.  

Then we have the Striker Recon Long Barrel which enhances your weapon’s damage range, making it more effective at medium to long-range combats and also provides versatility to the Striker. As for the Sakin ZX Grip, it improves your weapon’s ADS speed, letting you react faster against enemies. Lastly, we have the Sapphire-12 Laser that comes with improved hip-fire accuracy that’ll come in handy in close-range combats. 

Best Striker perks and equipment in MW3

  • Tactical Equipment: Battle Rage
  • Lethal Equipment: Frag Grenade
  • Field Equipment: A.C.S 
  • Gloves: Quick-Grip Gloves 
  • Boots: Covert Sneakers
  • Gear: Bone Conduction Headset

For the best perks and equipment, we kick things off with the Batte Rage which grants you a brief period to deal heavy damage, an increased movement speed as well as resistance to damage. Frag will help you inflict damage to nearby enemies and acts as an effective way of taking out multiple enemies at once. The A.C.S. is a field equipment that you can use to deploy a cover system and protect both yourself and your teammates from enemy fire especially when you need to hold down a position or create cover in open areas.

A screenshot featuring the best striker loadout in MW3 beta

As for the Quick-Grip Gloves, it increases your overall aim down sight (ADS) and reload speed. The Covert Sneakers reduces the noise your footstep makes and increases crouch movement speed while the Bone Conduction Headset lets you hear the game’s audio without having to block out your surroundings, especially if you prefer to communicate with your teammates and hear enemy footsteps without taking off your headphones. 

How to unlock the Striker in MW3

You can unlock the Striker once you reach level 4 in MW3. Reaching level 4 will also see you unlock custom loadouts which gives you access to more weapon attachments, perks and equipment.

If you’re looking to switch things up a bit by trying out other weapons, then consider going over the best MTZ-556 loadout in MW3 as well as the best BAS-B loadout which includes all the right attachments and perks that you’ll need to give you your best fighting chance. 

Striker FAQ

Is the Striker good in MW3?

Yes, the Striker is considered a viable weapon in Warzone, especially for close-quarters combat. Its fast fire rate and high damage make it very effective. 

How do I unlock the Striker in MW3? 

To unlock the Striker in MW3, you need to reach level 4. 

Is the Striker better than other SMGs?

The Striker has its strengths, but whether it’s better than other SMGs depends on personal preference and the specific situation. Some players may prefer the Striker’s fire rate and damage, while others may favor different SMGs for their own unique attributes.

How does the Striker perform at longer ranges?

Unfortunately, the Striker is not as effective at longer ranges due to its high recoil and damage drop-off. It’s primarily suited for close to mid-range combats.