When is the next double XP weekend in MW3 and Warzone?

When is the next double XP weekend in MW3 and Warzone?
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  • There is no word yet as to when the next double XP weekend will be.
  • The last Double XP Weekend in MW3 was April 19, 2024

With the latest Modern Warfare 3 double XP weekend been and gone, all eyes on when the next one could be. Like earlier Call of Duty titles, Modern Warfare 3 allows players to rack up experience points during special events held regularly throughout the year. Double XP weekends let you earn twice as much XP as usual in matches. This includes working towards objectives or taking down enemies across MW3’s multiplayer modes. You’ll notice unique indicators highlighting “Double XP” events when they occur. Usually, the developers automatically apply bonuses for the weekend, which they also announce in advance.

When is the next double XP weekend?

The next double XP weekend has not been confirmed yet, but as soon as it has been, we’ll let you know. The good news is that Double XP weekends are pretty common, with recent cadence suggesting at least one of them every month. That means we can expect to see another event in May or early June.

Previous double XP weekends

The previous MW3 double XP weekends ran on the following dates

Double XP Weekend Start DateEnd Date
April 19thApril 22nd
March 7thMarch 11th
February 23rdFebruary 26th
January 19thJanuary 22nd
Previous double XP weekend

How to get Double XP

To get double XP during the double XP event weekends, simply play the online multiplayer modes. During the event, the game modes will highlight which ones have Double XP. Apart from the weekend event, you can also earn Double XP from:

  • Complete single player campaign mode
  • Battle pass tiers
  • Promotional items

Can you stack double XP tokens during MW3 double XP weekends?

Note that you cannot use Double XP tokens during a Double XP weekend and stack these effects up. So save these tokens for regular days when there’s no such promotion. Doing so will let you double player XP or weapon XP to improve specific weapons at your convenience. Reaching closer to the MW3 max level gets you access to new weapons, killstreaks, and other gear.

That covers the latest information on MW3’s double XP weekend. Make sure to check out our guides on the best Renetti loadout for MW3 and best Striker loadout in MW3 if you’re wanting to rack up kills quickly.