When is the next double XP weekend in MW3? The first XP boost event is nearly a week-long

When is the next double XP weekend in MW3? The first XP boost event is nearly a week-long
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When is the next MW3 double XP weekend? Like earlier Call of Duty titles, Modern Warfare 3 allows players to rack up experience points during certain times of the year.

This lets you make plenty of progress as you work towards prestige in MW3. Spending your time across multiplayer lobbies is also a good way to earn rewards in the MW3 battle pass and can help you unlock all of the best perks in MW3.

When is the next double XP weekend in MW3?

The next double XP weekend in MW3 will begin on Wednesday, November 22, 2023, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM GMT. This XP boost promo is also relatively longer compared to previous events, as it ends on Monday, November 27, 2023, at the same time. This means you’ll have five whole days to grind out your account level, weapon progressions, and battle pass ranks while it’s ongoing.

In addition, the Monster Energy x Call of Duty event from November 10 offers multiple 2XP rewards. Earn up to 1 hour and 45 minutes of double XP gains over 7 reward tiers. Note that to participate, players need to purchase Monster Energy Drink cans with the Call of Duty event label. 

Here are the rewards you can expect from the Monster Energy collaboration with Call of Duty:

  • Inner Beast Weapon Blueprint + 15 Min 2XP
  • The Beast Operator Skin + 15 Min 2XP
  • Caught In The Crosshairs Weapon Vinyl + 15 Min 2XP
  • Zero Chill Operator Skin + 15 Min 2XP
  • Future Season Content + 15 Min 2XP
  • Future Season Content + 15 Min 2XP
  • 15 Min 2XP

Double XP weekends let you earn twice as much XP as usual in matches. This includes working towards objectives or taking down enemies across MW3’s multiplayer modes. You’ll notice unique indicators highlighting “Double XP” events when they occur. Usually, they are automatically applied for a specific weekend, which is announced in advance. 

Note that you cannot use Double XP tokens during a Double XP weekend and stack these effects up. So save these tokens for regular days when there’s no such promotion. Doing so will let you double player XP or weapon XP to improve specific weapons at your convenience. Reaching closer to the MW3 max level gets you access to new weapons, killstreaks, and other gear. Here’s how to get double XP tokens in MW3.

That covers the latest information on the MW3 double XP weekend. Stay tuned for more updates as the game’s next season comes along. Expect more information before the end of the year with the holidays coming around. Before that, rack up some kills with our best Renetti loadout for MW3 and best Striker loadout in MW3. And if you lean towards assault rifles in the game, we have an MTZ-556 loadout for MW3 and a best SVA-545 loadout in MW3 as well.