Apex Legends voice actors – A full cast list for Apex and where you might know them from

Apex Legends voice actors – A full cast list for Apex and where you might know them from
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The full Apex Legends voice actors list is a long one, and rightfully so. Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale game has gone on for a while, and in that time it’s expanded its roster of Legends to a vast, eclectic and interesting list. But of course all these characters need to be voiced, and some of those voices might trigger a nagging sensation of familiarity for some players.

So here, we’re going to introduce you to all the Apex Legends voice actors, who they are, and where you might know them from. If you’re looking for some information that might give more tangible rewards in-game though, why not check out our breakdown of the latest Apex Legends codes for some free cosmetics, or catch up on the new Apex Legends perks and current Apex Legends game modes you can unlock and play before the Season 19 end date and Season 20 release date?

Apex Legends voice actors: Ballistic posing in the lobby for the game.
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Apex Legends full voice actor cast list – Who plays who?

Here’s a full list of the voice cast for all Legends in Apex.

  • Announcer: Zehra Fazal
  • Ash: Anna Campbell
  • Bangalore: Erica Luttrell
  • Ballistic: Robin Atkin Downes
  • Bloodhound: Allegra Clark
  • Catalyst: Meli Grant
  • Caustic: JB Blanc
  • Conduit: Frankie Kevich
  • Crypto: Johnny Young
  • Fuse: Ben Prendergast
  • Gibraltar: Branscombe Richmond
  • Horizon: Elle Newlands
  • Lifeline: Mela Lee
  • Loba: Fryda Wolff
  • Mad Maggie: Nicola Kawana
  • Mirage: Roger Craig Smith
  • Newcastle: Gabe Kunda
  • Octane: Nicolas Roye
  • Pathfinder: Chris Edgerly
  • Rampart: Anjali Bhimani
  • Revenant: Darin De Paul
  • Seer: Iké Amadi
  • Wattson: Justine Huxley
  • Wraith: Shantel VanSanten
  • Valkyrie: Erika Ishii
  • Vantage: Natalie Canizares

In case the names alone aren’t ringing any bells, let’s dive a little deeper into who each of these people are. This of course also only represents a handful of the people who made Apex Legends, so if you’re looking for a slightly more broad breakdown, check our dedicated guide.

Apex Legends voice actors:  A player fights an enemy Pathfinder, firing a Havoc rifle into them.
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Apex Legends Announcer voice actor: Zehra Fazal

The Announcer might not technically be a Legend, but they are probably the most commonly heard voice in the game, so we felt they were more than deserving of a spot on this list. Throughout every match you’ll likely hear the Announcer’s voice updating you, informing you, and, well, announcing things.

Zehra Fazal lends her voice to bring these announcements to life. Currently a three-time award winner, she’s held a number of other voice roles and live action roles. The most recognisable include Dr Subia in the Lucifer TV show, Talia al Ghul in Batman: Death in The Family, Chief Engineer Upsana Kulkarni in Starfield, and Leslie Wills and Livewire in My Adventures With Superman. With over 100 other accredited roles though, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard her voice somewhere before.

Apex Legends voice actors: Zerah Fezal
Image by IMDB

Apex Legends Ash voice actor: Anna Campbell

Ash might be feeling a little sidelined in-game at the moment with the endless reign of Revenant and the Kill Code storyline, but she still remains a fan-favourite Legend. With deadly abilities that make her a perfect duelist, she’s perfect for aggressive playstyles.

The character’s voice is brought to us by Anna Campbell, another award-winning actress with quite a large portfolio of projects. Aside from Apex, she’ll probably be best known to most for her voice work in other games, and roles in both T.V and short film cinema. She voiced Gunnr in God of War: Ragnarok, played Tiffany in You, Me, & Her, and Tina Callis in Veronica Mars.

Apex Legends voice actors: Anna Campbell
Image by IMDB

Apex Legends Bangalore voice actor: Erica Luttrell

One of the original Legends to launch with the game, Bangalore is a great option for those new to the game, and an even better one for the more experienced player. She’s well-rounded, easy to learn, and versatile.

Erica Luttrell provides the voice for Bangalore. A pretty successful actress, she’s got a long list of accreditations in both videogames and TV, lending her voice on many occasions. Players might recognise her as the voice for Esther in Castlevania Nocturne, Eyitayo ‘Ripper’ Davies in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 (2023), Haily Johnston in Dead Space, and Rocksy in Fallout 76’s Wastelander DLC, just to name a few.

Apex Legends voice actors: Erica Lutterl
Image by IMDB

Apex Legends Ballistic voice actor: Robin Atkin Downes

One of the newer and older faces in the Games at once, Apex Legend Ballistic is a veteran from the Thunderdome, the precursor to Apex in cannon. He’s a precise, aggressive, and thoughtful Legend with a lot of firepower to back up his experience.

He’s voiced by Robin Atkin Downes. Downes certainly mirrors Ballistic when it comes to experience, having been accredited with an astonishing 443 roles across film, TV and video gaming. Some of the many highlights include The Spider in Destiny 2, Colonel Gralm in Star Wars: Squadrons, Scarecrow and Thomas Wayne in Batman: The Long Halloween, and various additional voices in Diablo 4, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, and The Last of Us Part 2.

Apex Legends voice actors: Robin Atkin Downes
Image by IMDB

Apex Legends Bloodhound voice actor: Allegra Clark

Legend Bloodhound is another classic character, and one of the first to come to the mind of many when they think of the game. An expert tracker and intel gatherer, he’s favoured by newbies and veterans alike.

Bloodhound is voiced by Allegra Clark, an actress with a lot of range. She’s provided voices for games and T.V across a variety of projects. This includes the English dub voices for Maki Zen’in and Kasumi Miwa in Jujutsu Kaisen, Marisa in Street Fighter 6, Dorothea in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Kraven’s Hunters in Spider-Man 2.

Apex Legends voice actors: Allegra Clarke
Image by IMDB

Apex Legends Catalyst voice actor: Meli Grant

Legend Catalyst is a potent pick for those seeking crowd control and area denial. Her ferrofluid manipulation abilities make her an effective ally and a daunting enemy.

Catalyst is voiced by Meli Grant, an actress with plenty of voice acting experience, though fewer roles quite so major as some of her contemporaries. She’s particularly experienced in English dubs for anime, with a variety of unnamed and named roles. A few notable titles she’s leant her talents to include Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure as an unnamed prisoner in Part 6, Fairy Tale as Dimaria Yesta in the Alvarez finale arc, and Quitela and Maji Kayo in Dragon Ball Super.

Apex Legends voice actors:  Meli Grant
Image by IMDB

Apex Legends Caustic voice actor: JB Blanc

Inarguably the worst-smelling Legend, Caustic is another popular controller, with the ability to lay traps, deny areas, and weaken any opponents foolish enough to take him head-on. He’s particularly notable for his menacing voice and demeanour.

That voice is brought to us by JB Blanc, an actor with a long list of roles in T.V and particularly in other games. Arcane fans will recognise him as the voices of Vander and Bolbok, anyone who’s played Horizon Forbidden West may know him as the voice for Rost, Diablo 4 fans could remember him as the voice of Yasir, and Fortnite fans he’ll likely be the voice of Oscar in Chapter 5. That’s just to name a handful of course.

Apex Legends voice actors JB Blanc

Apex Legends Conduit voice actor: Frankie Kevich

The newest addition to the roster, Apex Legend Conduit is a powerful support character focused around shield regen, team cohesion, and enemy area denial. Her flexibility gives her a fantastic degree of versatility, which serves her well in most team setups. She’s also got a bubbly and energetic personality.

We can thank Frankie Kevich for bringing that personality to life. Frankie is fairly new to the scene compared to some of her contemporaries, with most previous roles being in smaller T.V shows or shorts. Some might nevertheless recognise her as the voice of Fenrir in Smite and Cantabile in Arknights.

Apex Legends voice actors: Frankie Kevich

Apex Legends Crypto voice actor: Johnny Young

Crypto has held a strong position as an intelligence gatherer in both Apex’s lore and gameplay for some time. With a capacity to work well individually or in a team setup, he’s hard to master, but arguably worth the effort, backing up his skill with a cool and calm demeanour.

That’s a demeanour leant to the character by Johnny Young. Young doesn’t have an enormous list of credits, but has held several smaller roles and a few big ones too, with Apex perhaps being his largest to date within gaming. Fans might also recognise him from a few T.V shows, including Infinity Train where he voiced Min-Gi and Rookie Cops where he played Wi Seung-hyun.

Apex Legends voice actors: Johnny Young

Apex Legends Fuse voice actor: Ben Pendergast

A master of explosive ordnance, Fuse’s grenades are perfect for whittling down enemies, assisting an aggressive push, or covering a strategic retreat by cutting off angles of attack. His utility with those bombs is matched by an equally explosive personality, captured perfectly by Ben Pendergast.

Ben has held a number of roles in smaller capacities for T.V, though plenty of these are still likely to be well-recognised, like his voicing of General Hux for Star Wars: Resistance and Lego Star Wars: The Holiday Special. In more recent years though he’s taken on an increasing number of voice roles in gaming. Fans might know him as the voice of Patroclus in Hades, Týr in God of War: Ragnarok, and Dr. Synes in Exoprimal, to name a few.

Apex Legends voice actors: Ben Pendergast

Apex Legends Gibraltar voice actor: Branscombe Richmond

The first word in defensive Legends, Gibraltar is an imposing obstacle for any enemy to overcome. With a number of shield-based abilities, he can act as a sole bulwark for his allies, which has kept him a popular choice since launch.

Gibraltar is voiced by Branscombe Richmond. Branscombe has had a pretty long career compared to most of the other actors and actresses on this list, starting all the way back in the mid 70s and holding some minor roles in projects like the 6 Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. Although he’s got far fewer roles in gaming, he’s played a lot of different parts across a variety of TV shows and movies. He’s probably best known for his role as Jesup in The Scorpion King, and most recently played Professor M in Killer Witches From Outer Space.

Did you know?

The character Gibraltar is a South-Pacfific Islander. His voice actor, Branscombe Richmond has English, French, Native American, Native Hawaiian, French-Polynesian, Spanish and Portuguese roots.

Apex Legends voice actors: Branscombe Richmond

Apex Legends Horizon voice actor: Elle Newlands

The enigmatic scientist, Horizon is a perfect fit for those who like to strategise and outmanoeuvre their foes. With a range of abilities helping her to attack from unconventional angles, reduce enemy mobility, and provide better lines of combat to her team, there are few Legends that can offer what Horizon brings to the table.

Elle Newlands lends her voice to Horizon, though it’s far from her only role in gaming. She’s also voiced Dran Melee and Nightweaver in Remnant 2,the Makyr Facility voice in Doom Eternal, Grant in Halo 4, and Valeria Jenner in CS:GO, to name just a handful. She’s also taken on T.V and movie projects, even providing additional voices for blockbusters like Star Trek: Into Darkness and Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Apex Legends voice actors: Elle Newlands

Apex Legends Lifeline voice actor: Mela Lee

Lifeline is another of the original Legends, and likely the first face to come to mind for many when thinking of support class characters. She’s all about improving team survivability, able to automatically delegate revives, heal her teammates with drones, and even call in care packages containing valuable loot.

She’s voiced by Mela Lee. Lee has worked on a number of T.V and videogame projects outside of Apex. For T.V, she’s probably best known for voicing the characters Tikki, Gimmi and Froggy in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, with credits for more than 130 episodes. In gaming, outside of the title battle royale of course, she’s voiced Jade in Mortal Kombat 11, Dominique Savuage in Starfield, and Dryzr Tech as well as a player voice in Remnant 2.

Apex Legends voice actors: Mela Lee

Apex Legends Loba voice actor: Fryda Wolffe

If you’re struggling to find loot, Loba is the Legend you’ll want to look to. She’s mainly geared around helping to support her team by making it easier to find great gear. She’s also benefited in the recent narrative with a starring role throughout Kill Code.

Fryda Wolffe voices Loba in-game. She’s taken on a number of roles across primarily T.V and video games. A few standouts include voicing The Collector in the T.V show The Owl House, Seryn in The Elder Scrolls Online’s Elsweyr DLC, Carol in Cyberpunk 2077, and Gabriela in Just Cause 4.

Apex Legends voice actors: Fryda Wolffe

Apex Legends Mad Maggie voice actor: Nicola Kawana

Perhaps the only match for Fuse in explosive and fiery spirit, Mad Maggie is a great Legend for those who like to apply constant pressure to their enemies. With destructive abilities which force foes from cover and powers that help her team keep their momentum going, she’s become a popular choice for more experienced players.

Mad Maggie’s voice comes from Nicola Kawana. Nicola has acted in a number of T.V shows and movies, though Apex is her first foray into the world of gaming. Some shows people might recognise her from include Legend of The Seeker, where she played Sylvia, One Lane Bridge, where she played Pounamu Edwards, and Jackson’s Wharf, where she played Mahina Jackson.

Apex Legends voice actors: Nicola Kawa

Apex Legends Mirage voice actor: Roger Craig Smith

Mirage is a Legend all about illusions, using hologram tech to trick, escape, and ambush his enemies. He’s also the Marmite of Legends, which is to say most people either love him or hate him. Regardless, he’s got a lively personality and a unique voice, thanks to the talents of Roger Craig Smith.

Smith is an accomplished voice actor, with five awards and 12 nominations under his belt to date. His enormous portfolio includes plenty of recognisable roles. Fans may know him for voicing Bruce Wayne in Batman: Arkham Origins, Ezio in Assassin’s Creed, Captain America in the Avengers Assemble T.V series, and Sonic The Hedgehog in many of the more recent franchise games.

Apex Legends voice actors: Roger Craig Smith

Apex Legends Newcastle voice actor: Gabe Kunda

Brother to Bangalore, Newcastle marked a step up in the meta for defence-oriented Legends. With abilities geared towards fortifying positions and aiding teammates quickly and efficiently, he’s a perfect pick for a team loadout that’s focused on holding ground.

Newcastle is voiced by Gabe Kunda, a talented voice actor with plenty of experience in the gaming sphere. Players might also recognise him as the voice for Kay-0 in Valorant, the voice of Inarius in Diablo 4, and the voice for Macaron in Hi-Fi Rush.

Apex Legends voice actors: Gabe Kunda

Apex Legends Octane voice actor: Nicolas Roye

Octane is the embodiment of speed in Apex, moving faster than any other Legend. His mobility skills and great flexibility as a solo player, he remains one of the most popular choices in the game. For many, there’s a lot to be said for Octane’s full and ferocious personality, too.

That’s something we have Nicolas Roye to thank for. Roye has worked on a number of T.V shows and other games. Some of his most notable roles include voicing Sulla in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, voicing the English Dub for Tetta Kisaki in Tokyo Revengers, and Rodriguez in Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 (2022).

Apex Legends voice actors: Nicolas Roye

Apex Legends Pathfinder voice actor: Chris Edgerly

Pathfinder is the ever-bubbly robot Legend of Apex, a sharp contrast to Revenant and Ash. His ziplines and mobility skills help him serve as the perfect scout for any team, as well as lead the charge on flanking attacks and complex manoeuvres.

He’s voiced by Chris Edgerly. Chris has leant his voicing talents to a number of shows, games, and movies. In Passengers, he voiced the InfoMat computer system. He voiced TEL in Infinity Blade 3, Aragorn in the Lord of The Rings: The War in The North, and Cid in the Kingdom Hearts 3 Re:Mind DLC, to name a few more.

Apex Legends voice actors: Chris Edgerly

Apex Legends Rampart voice actor: Anjali Bhimani

Rampart is another strong addition to the defensive Legends pool, using barricades and a very large minigun named Sheila to fortify positions and set up counteroffensives. Though not often seen compared to the most popular Legends, she consistently leaves a strong impression when used skillfully.

Rampart is voiced by Anjali Bhimani. She’s worked on around 100 different projects across T.V and videogaming. Some notable roles include playing Auntie Rubie in Ms. Marvel, voicing Symmetra in Overwatch, and playing Lady Amangeaux Epicée du Peche on Dimension 20.

Apex Legends voice actors: Anjali Bhimani

Apex Legends Revenant voice actor: Darin De Paul

Revenant has been the star of the show recently. With his full Revenant rework and the Kill Code story, now beginning to reach its end with the current Uprising event, he’s been a front-and-centre antagonist for almost two seasons now.

We have Darin De Paul to thank for all the voicework here. De Paul has done a lot of voiceover work in film, T.V, and videogaming. Some of his most notable roles include voicing Reinhardt for Overwatch 2, Emperor Calus for Destiny 2, and J. Jonah Jamenson for Spider-Man 2. He has a knack for sequels, it seems.

Apex Legends voice actors: Darin De Paul

Apex Legends Seer voice actor: Iké Amadi

Seer is another intel gatherer Legend, designed to operate over smaller areas with unmatched acuity. A good Seer player can drastically alter the balance of power between teams, all while Seer himself keeps a calm and collected tone.

Seer is voiced by Iké Amadi, an actor with a wide range of credits in T.V, and more recently in a number of games. He’s given his talents to voice Angor Rot and Detective Scott in the movie Trollhunters, Jameson Locke in Halo 5 Guardians, and General Shao in Mortal Kombat 1 (2023), just to name a few.

Apex Legends voice actors: Ike Amadi

Apex Legends Wattson voice actor: Justine Huxley

Wattson is another scientifically-minded Legend with a focus on static defence. Her popularity in pick rates vary, but she’s generally well-regarded by most of the community, in no small part thanks to her affable personality.

Justine Huxley is the actress responsible for voicing Wattson. Though fairly new to the acting scene, she’s nonetheless landed a number of roles in games and T.V. Her largest role to date is her part as Little Red Riding Hood in the T.V show Goldie and Bear. She’s also taken on roles to help voice local populations for major gaming titles like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Apex Legends voice actors: Justine Huxley

Apex Legends Wraith voice actor: Shantel VanSanten

Wraith is the original goth pick for Apex Legends, though Revenant and Ash have both since tried to upstage her. With supernatural abilities that make her ideal for hit-and-run tactics, she’s a difficult enemy to put down, and a great ally to rely on.

Wraith is voiced by Shantel VanSanten. Though she leant her talents to Wraith for Apex, she’s mainly starred in film and T.V roles throughout her career so far. Some of the most well-known include playing Lori in The Final Destination, Karen Baldwin in For All Mankind, Patty Spivot in The Flash, and Quinn James in One Tree Hill.

Apex Legends voice actors: Shanten Vansanten

Apex Legends Valkyrie voice actor: Erika Ishii

What sci-fi/fantasy work wouldn’t be complete without a reference to the Norse gods? Valkyrie saw an explosively popular arrival in Apex, dominating the scene in her early appearances. Armed with limited flight capabilities, she quite literally provides a form of air support to her allies, making her indispensable for attack, defence, and retreat.

Valkyrie’s voice actress, Erika Ishii, has a pretty strong career so far, with eight awards under her belt and a spate of roles in T.V and videogames. Players and fans might recognise her as the voice of Anna Bray in Destiny 2, Ruth Dzeng in Cyberpunk 2077, and Dr Wenjie Evans in Death Loop, for example.

Apex Legends voice actors: Erika Ishii

Apex Legends Vantage voice actor: Natalie Canizares

Players who like snipers tend to love Vantage. A Legend all about long-range kills, she’s well suited to providing distant but devastating support and suppression. Vantage is a fairly new Legend, and while somewhat niche, excels in her area of expertise.

Apex Legends voice actors: Natalie Canizares

Natalie Canizares voices Vantage. She’s new to the scene, but fans may recognise her for a few of the other roles she’s picked up to date. She voiced Catherine the food blogger in Mitchells vs The Machines, Tiffany in the film Dead Body, and Vanessa in T.V miniseries Friend Request.

That covers all of the Apex Legends voice actors to date. If you’re done learning about the people who play them, why not see how we rank the best Legends in Apex when it comes to playing them? We’ve also covered the best weapons in Apex if that’s more your thing. Or if you’re not quite done learning more about the game, why not find out how to send gifts to friends?

Apex Legends cast FAQ

Are any Legends in Apex voiced by the same person?

No. All Legends in Apex are voiced by different actors and actresses.

How many voiced Legends are there in Apex?

There are currently 25 voiced Legends in Apex, 26 if counting the Announcer.

Are Ash and the Announcer voiced by the same person in Apex Legends?

No. Although their voices sound quite similar, the Announcer in Apex and the Legend Ash are voiced by different voice actresses.