Apex Legends Uprising event start time, rewards, and everything else you need to know

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The Apex Legends Uprising start time is right around the corner, heralding Respawn Entertainment’s latest in-game collection event for their flagship battle royale. But what is the Uprising Event, what’s it about, what can you get, and when exactly will you be able to jump in?

That’s what we’re here to answer. With Apex Legends season 19 well underway and the Post Malone collab now behind us, let’s take a look at the Apex Legends Uprising start time, rewards, and other details so you can dive into it well prepared before the Season 19 end date arrives.

Apex Legends Uprising collection event start time and end time

Apex Legends Uprising will begin on December 5, 2023, at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET/ 6 PM GMT. It’ll kick off with a one hour cinematic experience, wrapping up the long-running Kill Code arc that’s been unfolding since Season 18.

Uprising will run for a total of four weeks, coming to an end on January 2, 2024. After this point the limited-time gamemode is unlikely to return, and any cosmetics you’ve missed will only become available when they rotate into the Apex store.

Apex Legends Uprising event start time, rewards, and everything else you need to know: A player loots powerful weapons from supply bins as the evac timer counts down.
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Kill Code: Uprising – What’s the story behind this event?

For those unaware, Kill Code has been a long-running narrative behind many of the recent events in Apex Legends, really getting underway when the Revenant Rework came into fruition last season.

As far as we know, Uprising marks the end of this story, with the Kill Code Part 4 cinematic now available to watch.

Footage by Respawn Entertainment

The whole story in detail is a bit too long for this guide, but here’s a basic summary of the key plot.

After discovering the foundry in which Revenant was created, Loba and her team are thrown into a desperate race to find the preserved head of Caleb Cross, Revenant’s original identity. The head acts as a control node, and Revenant wants it back in order to determine his own destiny. After gaining a newly upgraded robotic form and wrecking havoc for the better part of a season and a half, Revenant and Loba’s team come to a shaky alliance to find the head and destroy it, so that Revenant can be at peace. But when they finally track it down, the lure of power and the want to be feared again grow too great. As the event name suggests, Revenant takes back control, betraying Loba and launching an uprising with an army of other Revenant drones under his command.

Apex Legends Uprising event start time, rewards, and everything else you need to know: A player fights a lone Revenant drone.
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Did you know?

Kill Code Part 4 represents the final chapter in the Kill Code story, as confirmed by Respawn Entertainment. If you’re not caught up and want a deeper look at the story so far, the Apex Legends official YouTube channel has all the previous cinematics available to watch.

Apex Legends Uprising’s new gamemode – Ready for 30v30?

The Revenant Uprising LTM is perhaps the highlight of this event. A limited-time mode, players will compete in two teams of 30, split into indivudial squads, with the Legends on one side and the Revenant army on the other. The Legends will aim to escape, rallying at an Evac point to get out with their lives. Team Revenant meanwhile will try to stop them, as the EA homepage for Apex describes it “swarming the ground like something straight out of your nightmares”.

Legends will have the initial advantage of course, but maintaining it rests on a thin margin. Every time a squad falls, they’ll join the simulacrum horde, becoming Revenant drones. One player-controlled red eyed Revenant on the side of the horde will also spawn in , boasting powerful red shields and high tier loot and weapons to help them get started.

The gamemode will run during dedicated periods throughout the Uprising event.

  • December 5 – December 11
  • December 15 – December 18
  • December 22 – December 25
  • December 29 – January 1

In each instance, the gamemode will open at 11 AM PT/ 2 PM ET/ 7 PM GMT, and close at 10 AM PT/ 1 PM ET/ 6 PM GMT.

Apex Legends Uprising event start time, rewards, and everything else you need to know: A swarm of Revenants attack a player.
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Apex Legends Uprising rewards – what cosmetics can you pick up?

As always with collection events, an alternative high point for many players will be the shiny new limited-time cosmetics available to collect. Like always, we’ll get a set of 24 in total, with half being Epic grade and half being Legendary skins.

The event includes:

  • A new Prestige skin for Loba, Apex Lycanthrope. You’ll unlock this automatically if you manage to pick up all the other event cosmetics.
Apex Legends Uprising event start time, rewards, and everything else you need to know: Loba's Presitge skin
Image by Respawn Entertainment
  • A new Ballistic skin
  • A new Bangalore skin
  • A new Vantage skin
  • A new Wingman skin
  • A new peacekeeper skin

All these new skins will be Divine themed, with heavy accents of gold, white, crimson and black. They aim to capture a certain regality and grandeur. As usual, we expect you’ll pick all of them and more up through Uprising event packs, special limited-time Apex Packs that give exclusively event cosmetics, and can’t give repeats of any cosmetic you might already have unlocked. If you want more information and a more in-depth breakdown, be sure to check out our dedicated Uprising event skins guide.

Apex Legends Uprising event start time, rewards, and everything else you need to know: Bloodhound's Allfather's Chosen skin in menu.
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Apex Legends weekly reward trackers

There’s one more highlight for this event, and that’s the reward trackers, a new system of bonuses for continued play. Each week, you’ll get a sort of mini battle pass track that you can earn XP in by completing weekly objectives and finishing matches. Some unlocks are pretty basic, such as Crafting Materials, account level XP boosts, or rare cosmetics. Others are a lot more impactful on your gameplay, with weekly abilities acting as bonuses for Legends you’ll be able to utilise in unranked Battle Royale. These will include all sorts of simple boons, like an extra ordinance slot, a reduced Ultimate cooldowns, and more. At the end of each week, these trackers will reset and refresh.

That covers everything you need to know about the new upcoming Apex Legends Uprising start time, story, gameplay, and rewards. There’s still a lot more going on this season though. Whether you’re not caught up with the changes to the Storm Point map, haven’t decided if you want to try out the new Apex Legend Conduit, or just want our insights on the best guns in Apex or the best Legends you should be playing, we’ve got you covered.

Apex Legends Uprising FAQ

What is Apex Legends Uprising?

Apex Legends Uprising is the latest collection event for Apex Legends. It comes with new in-game story, a limited-time event, and a number of fresh cosmetics to collect.

How long will Apex Legends Uprising last for?

Apex Legends Uprising is going to run for a total of four weeks.

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