Apex Legends perks – What is the perk system and how can you get perks fast?

Apex Legends perks – What is the perk system and how can you get perks fast?
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Apex Legends perks are a brand new feature arriving with Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale. While the game has long held a variety of Legend-specific abilities and skills, the perks system promises to bring something simple but fresh, creating added incentive for consistent play. So what are perks, how do they work, and are they worth it?

With the Uprising event start time upon us, Apex Legends perks are now in the game, and you can start getting your hands on these bonuses right now. Here, we’ll explain what they are, list the specific perks we so far know about, and share our best advice on how to get them. Perks aren’t a game-breaking feature though, and offer no replacement for a good character and loadout. If you want our advice on the best guns and best legends in Apex right now to help you take advantage of the Season 19 meta, before we reach the Season 19 end date and the Season 20 release date, we’ve got you covered.

What are perks in Apex Legends

The new perks system in Apex Legends refers to a series of weekly unlockable bonuses which provide certain utility features in-game. This is an important distinction, as the system is separate from perks you’ll find on Tier 4 armor, weapons, and equipment, and different from class perks, such as Skirmisher, Assault, and Support.

Did you know

Golden, Tier 4 equipment can come with their own special perks. Tier 4 body armor comes with an Improved Minor Heal perk which grants extra healing from medical kits and shield cells, for example.

These new perks are unlocked by progressing through the weekly Prize Tracker during the Uprising event. While there are plenty of other rewards in this tracker, such as account XP boosts, Crafting Materials, and cosmetics, the real highlight are the two perks you can unlock each week. Each one provides a small and simple bonus. All these perks do have a caveat though – they only work in unranked Battle Royale, so you won’t be able to make use of them in competitive play game modes.

Apex Legends perks - What is the perk system and how can you get perks fast: Uprising event track, highlighted on an unlockable perk.
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What are the perks available to unlock during the Uprising event?

Here are all of the new Apex Legends perks we know about so far, and what they do.

  • Grenadier Vision: You can see nearby ordinances through walls.
  • Grenadier Sling: You can stack one extra ordinance per inventory slot.
  • Medic Inventory: You can stack one extra medical supply per inventory slot.
  • Speed On Knock: Getting a knockdown will briefly boost your sprint speed.
  • Reduced Tactical Recharge: Reduces the recharge time for your Legend’s tactical ability.
  • Reduced Ultimate Recharge: Reduces the recharge time for your Legend’s ultimate ability.
  • Ability Charge on Squad Wipe: You’ll regain your tactical ability – regardless of remaining recharge – on wiping out a squad.

Whether or not we’ll see more perks like these show up following the Uprising event is unclear, but if reception to the feature is positive, then it certainly seems like a possibility.

Apex Legends perks - What is the perk system and how can you get perks fast: A player aims down sights at a Revenant attacking an injured Octane player.
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How to unlock Apex perks fast and get ahead in the game

Unlocking these perks is fortunately a fairly straightforward affair. You’ll pick them up when you unlock them through the event pass, a free track based on points earned during Uprising.

The fastest way to make progress here is to play the new Revenant Uprising limited-time mode, a kind of zombie-survival LTM that pits a simulacrum horde of Revenants against Legends trying to board an escape craft at an Evac point. Aim to complete weekly objectives and challenges as you play, and you should find that you quickly power through the ranks in no time at all.

That covers everything you should need to know about the new Apex Legends perks. If you’re still not caught up on the ongoing event and season, and want to learn more, why not check out our breakdown of the Uprising event skins or the new Apex Legend Conduit to continue? Or if you’re curious who voices Conduit, why not check out our Apex Legends voice actors list and breakdown?

Apex Legends perks FAQ

What are class perks in Apex Legends?

Unlike the new perk system with the Uprising event, class perks are a permeant feature, giving each Legend one of several special perks that let them perform unique actions or interact with special equipment based on which class they fall into.

Are the new perks in Apex Legends powerful?

Yes, the new perks in Apex Legends are pretty strong, offering significant tangible benefits inside and outside of combat.