Apex Legends cross progression explained – How does it work and what platforms does it cover?

Apex Legends cross progression explained – How does it work and what platforms does it cover?
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Apex Legends cross progression spent a long time as one of the most requested features for Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale title. With the arrival of Season 19, Ignite, we finally got it. But since then the feature has been the cause of some confusion for many players through a gradual implementation strategy and occasional lack of clarity.

So here, we’re going to explain Apex Legends cross progression, what Season 19 Ignite has done so far, if it’ll be finished before the Season 19 end date and Season 20 release date, and every other detail you need to know about the system.

How does cross progression work for Apex Legends?

Apex Legends cross progression merges your accounts and stats across multiple platforms into one main account, with the linking rolling out in waves for players across different platforms. At the moment, the system is up and working, even if it’s not yet available to everyone.

If you play on multiple platforms, you should get a pop-up appearing in-game the first time you log on during Season 19 or later. This pop up will explain how the account merging works, showing which accounts on which platforms have so far been automatically linked up to your EA account. Importantly, your new master account will be whichever one is the highest level and has the most associated progress.

Various features across your accounts will then merge into one, effectively consolidating all of your progress. Here’s a list of what will be merged through cross progression.

  • Unlocked Legends and characters.
  • Cosmetics and skins – though platform exclusive cosmetics like the Switch’s P.A.T.H skin and Xbox Gold rewards will remain platform locked.
  • Heirloom Shards, Crafting Materials, and Legend Tokens.
  • Apex Coins – there’s an exception for Nintendo players, who will not have their Apex Coins available on other platforms. New Coins bought after the account merge will also stay locked to the platforms they are purchased on.
  • Achievements – This only applies to progress-based achievements and trophies, which will unlock on all platforms after linking.
  • XP, prize trackers and seasonal track progress.

Some things will still stay locked to certain accounts however. This will be the case with Ranked Apex game modes and leaderboards, for example.

Apex Legends cross progression explained: A screenshot of the account linking pop-up
Image by Respawn Entertainment

What platforms does cross progression for Apex Legends cover?

All platforms are looking likely to be covered by cross progression. Here are the ones we know for certain will benefit from it.

  • Playstation, including PS4 and PS5
  • Xbox, including Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S
  • PC, including Origin and Steam.
  • Nintendo Switch.

We aren’t certain about Apex Legends mobile yet.

Apex Legends cross progression explained: A swarm of Revenants and Legends fighting uphill.
Image by VideoGamer

How is cross progression being implemented?

Cross Progression is being rolled out in waves for Apex Legends. This doesn’t mean that particular platforms are getting it sooner and others later, but that just a fraction of players across all types of platforms are getting cross progression when each wave comes. The aim of this seems to be to help ensure problems in the process are minimised and addressed quickly.

While we don’t know all the dates and times for each wave, it currently looks likely that this process will conclude well before Season 20 of the game releases.

It’s also worth reiterating that the actual account linking process is automatic on Respawn’s end. You won’t need to do anything besides log into your accounts on each or any platforms you play on.

That covers everything you should need to know about Apex Legends cross progression. It’s not the only highlight of the current season though. If you still want to learn more about Apex Legend Conduit, try out the latest Apex Legends codes, or you haven’t caught up on the Uprising event and Uprising event skins yet, we’ve got you covered.

Apex Legends cross-progression FAQ

Is cross progression automatic for Apex Legends

Yes, the cross progression account linking process for Apex Legends happens automatically.

Do Apex Coins carry over between linked accounts in Apex Legends?

Previously bought Coins will carry over when your accounts are linked. The exceptions are newly bought Coins and any Coins on Nintendo Switch accounts.