Apex Legends class list and class perks explained

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Looking for an Apex Legends class list? Since Season 16, Respawn Entertainment has streamlined the selection process for Legends in their flagship battle royale with the introduction of a class system. This sets every character into a distinct category based on what they do and what they’re good at, offering them all a distinct class-based perk.

Here, we’re going to walk you through the full Apex Legends class list and explain each class perk and what they do. If you want to learn more about the game though, we’ve got plenty more content for you to sink your teeth into. Whether you’re just curious about the Apex Legends voice actors cast, want to know where you can download Apex, or are more interested in the hands-on gameplay features like the current Season 19 meta, we’ve got you covered.

Full class list for Apex Legends – Who belongs where?

There are a total of five classes – Assault, Controller, Recon, Skirmisher, and Support – that all available Legends are categorized into. Each group reflects a particular playstyle, the Legends within it usually excelling in the associated area of combat.

Here’s how the Legends are currently distributed across categories.


  • Ash
  • Bangalore
  • Ballistic
  • Fuse
  • Mad Maggie


  • Catalyst
  • Caustic
  • Rampart
  • Wattson


  • Bloodhound
  • Crypto
  • Seer
  • Vantage


  • Horizon
  • Revenant
  • Pathfinder
  • Octane
  • Valkyrie
  • Wraith

Did you know?

Since it’s introduction, two characters to date have changed classes. Mirage was moved from Skirmisher to Support, and Revenant was moved from Assault to Skirmisher when he received his full rework in Season 18.


  • Conduit
  • Gibraltar
  • Lifeline
  • Loba
  • Mirage
  • Newcastle

Respawn haven’t just stopped at class categories though. Each class also has access to unique perks that give them particular advantages in-game.

Apex Legends class list and class perks explained: The Legend selection menu, currently selected on Fuse, which also shows all Legends and their associated classes.
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Apex Legends class perks and what they do

Each class comes with one or two unique perks designed to align with their skills and abilities. Here’s a breakdown of the class perks for every class, and an explanation for how they work.

Assault perks

Assault class characters have the Carry Extra Ammo and Access Weapon Supply Bins perks. Both are fairly self-explanatory. Carry Extra Ammo allows Assault class Legends to carry one extra stack of ammo per inventory slot. Access Weapon Supply Bins gives them the ability to interact with and unlock red weapon supply bins, which have hidden loot compartments containing valuable weapon attachments at a minimum of rare grade.

Generally, the latter perk is great for early-game, giving some immediate advantages in equipment for opening skirmishes. The latter meanwhile retains usefulness throughout a match, becoming particularly useful in the late game when ammo is more scarce and fights more protracted.

Apex Legends class list and class perks explained: A popup showing Legend Ash's abilities, as well as her Assault class' perks.
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Controller perk

Controllers only have one perk, but it’s a pretty good one. Access Ring Consoles allows Legends in this class to activate ring consoles found around the map. When used, these consoles will update the character and their squad’s maps with the position of the next ring following the current round.

This information is invaluable for teams that like to plan and strategize to stay ahead of the competition, and gives yet additional support bonuses to having a controller within a defensive team makeup.

Recon perk

Recon Legends have the Access Survey Beacons perk. This perk allows interaction with modified Survey Beacons found around the map. When used, the devices will scan the map, revealing all enemy positions for a brief time.

For a team that likes to go on the offensive or simply remain aware of their surroundings, this kind of information is precious, and saves Legends in this class from needing to spend their tactical or ultimate abilities on an occasion.

Skirmisher perk

Skirmishers get the Care Package Insight perk. This one allows any Skirmisher to see the internal contents of a care package without opening it, highlighting the most valuable item inside.

It’s a simple but effective perk. With care packages being coveted for high-tier loot – especially in the late game – knowing whether or not the reward is worth the risk is key to picking and choosing battles and optimising your strategies for the best footing.

Apex Legends class list and class perks explained: A pop-up highlighting Legend Wraith's abilities, as well as her Skirmisher class' perk.
Image by VideoGamer

Support perks

Support class Legends get access to two perks, Craft Ally Banners and Access Extended Supply Bins. Much like the Assault class, the latter perk lets support players access a hidden compartment in Extended Supply Bins for valuable loot. These blue bins contain high grade healing and survival items such as shields, phoenix kits, and so on. The Craft Ally Banners perk is arguably one of the best, letting a support Legend craft unrecovered or expired Ally Banners at any replicator.

Both these perks are fantastic. Better shields and healing can make or break a team’s survivability in firefights, so better access to them should be a priority for any well organised squad. Crafting Ally Banners effectively means that, although not easy, a surviving support player has the unique ability to pull their whole squad back into the game in a pinch, in effect the ultimate utility.

That covers our breakdown of the Apex Legends class list and class perks. Just knowing the perks might not be enough though. Whether you want to get your hands on some free XP with the latest Apex Legends codes, need a refresher on how Apex Legends cross progression works so that you can fold all your progress into one account, want to know what Apex Legends game modes you can currently hone your skills in, or just want to know how we’ve ranked the best Legends in Apex, we can help you out.

Apex Legends classes FAQ

How many classes are there in Apex Legends?

There are currently five different classes in Apex that Legends are categorised into.

What’s the best class in Apex Legends?

While its impossible to say that one class is truly superior, we’d say the utility of the class perks for Support Legends makes them the most useful in the current meta.

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