Apex Legends Neon Network and how to get Compute Nodes

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The new Apex Legends Neon Network event has just begun. With a limited-time in-game event store and a new currency to collect in matches called Compute Nodes, there’s a lot to dive into with this event.

Here, we’ll go over what the Apex Legends Neon Network event is, how it works, what you can get from it, and how to get Compute Nodes. This is likely to be the last big event before the Season 18 release date, so make sure to try it out while you can.

What is the Neon Network event?

The Neon Network collection event is an in-game event happening in non-ranked battle royal matches, with a goal of collecting Compute Nodes to unlock rewards in a limited time store. The event introduces randomised areas across the map during battle royales where players can go to pick up Compute Nodes.

These Nodes can be spent on various skins and cosmetics in a time-limited event store. The more you earn, the better the rewards you can unlock.

Apex Legends Neon Network: The event collections shop screen.

How to get Compute Nodes

Compute Nodes are the currency you’ll need in order to pick things up from the in-game store. To do this, players will use the Node Tracker device given to them to track down these optimal points, and connect to them. The Node Tracker will be in your inventory during any unranked battle royale match when you land.

While hacking at these locations, the battle will continue, and players will have to defend themselves. The hack itself only takes a couple of seconds, but upon success, players will need to pick up their loot as well. This can make the sites vulnerable to ambush, so be careful with your approach. Successful hacks will generate a large number of Compute Nodes for players to collect.

Apex Legends Neon Network: The Node Tracker being held up in-game.

Neon Network start and end times

The Neon Network event began on July 25 2023. It will last a total of two weeks, coming to an end on Tuesday August 8, 2023. It’s currently unclear if this will be a one-off event, or if we could see it returning again in a future season.

That covers everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Neon Network event. With a variety of skins to unlock, including a few for some of the best legends, be sure you don’t miss out on this event.

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