Apex Legends Death Dynasty event and Apex double XP

Apex Legends Death Dynasty event and Apex double XP
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The Apex Legends Death Dynasty event is now here, alongside Season 18 Resurrections. Alongside this event and the launch of the new season, we’ve got double XP, earnable from all game modes for a limited time. But what exactly is the event, and what has it got going on?

In this guide, we’re going to walk you through the Apex Legends Death Dynasty event, the double XP you can earn from it right now, and what the rewards are. If you missed out on last season’s Neon Network event, this could be your chance to experience what the limited-time occasions have to offer, if it comes back in the future. If not, be sure to get ready for the Uprising event skins, game modes, and more instead.

What is the Death Dynasty event?

The Death Dynasty event is an in-game event for Apex Legends where players can unlock unique skins and cosmetics. The event has a total of 12 items in the event pass and 24 in collections to unlock, with all cosmetics being vampire themed in celebration of Revenant Reborn.

To unlock rewards, you just need to play the game and get kills and knockdowns, which will give you points progressing you along the event pass. The more kills you get, the faster you’ll progress of course.

Apex Legends Death Dynasty event: The Death Dynasty event pass, available for the duration of the event.

Death Dynasty start and end times

The event began with the new season: Season 18 Resurrections. It’s set to last for two weeks, eventually ending on August 23 at 6PM BST/2PM EST/ 10AM PT. This is likely a one-off event, so enjoy it while you can.

Although the event may be one-off, it is likely that we’ll see some of the skins return. Expect to see the various sanguine designs pop up in the main store over the course of the season once the event ends. While it’s not quite as good as effectively earning them for free, it’ll mean you’ve still got an opportunity to pick up the ones that catch your eye.

Apex Legends Death Dynasty event: The Season 18 battle pass menu.

Apex Season 18 Double XP

During the run of the Death Dynasty event, there’s going to be double XP rewards for different game modes. This means you’ll earn twice the normal amount of XP for completing matches, allowing you to work your way through the battle pass significantly faster.

From August 8 – August 15, standard Battle Royale mode will have Double XP. This does not included ranked mode. Then from August 15 – August 22, Mixtape Mode will have Double XP. This is the rotating arena that includes a variety of different game modes, such as Team Death Match, Control, and Gun Run.

Apex Legends Death Dynasty event: Revenant fires through a barred doorway at an enemy Watson player with the R-99 SMG.

Death Dynasty event pass items and skins

The event pass for Death Dynasty has 12 unlockable items in it. Some are materials, or boosts to help accelerate you through the battle pass, while others are different types of cosmetics. By racking up more and more event points, you’ll be able to gradually unlock each of them. From start to finish, the unlocks in the event pass are:

  • 250 event point – Death Dynasty universal banner badge.
  • 500 event points – 10 battle pass stars.
  • 750 event points – What’s Your Name universal holospray (Epic).
  • 1,000 event points – 3 battle pass stars.
  • 1,250 event points – Midnight Meltdown Caustic banner frame (Epic).
  • 1,500 event points – Face Your Demons universal holospray (Epic).
  • 2,000 event points – Blood Drop weapon charm (Epic).
  • 2,500 event points – 25 Crafting Metals.
  • 3,000 event points – 3 battle pass stars.
  • 3,500 event points – 25 Crafting Metals.
  • 4,000 event points – Blood Reaper Rampage weapon skin (Epic).
  • 5,000 event points – Twilight Torturer Caustic legend skin (Epic).

The cosmetics on this list aren’t the only ones arriving with the event, however.

Apex Legends Death Dynasty event: The crimson and gold skin Blood Reaper for the Rampage LMG.

Death Dynasty collection items

Outside of the event pass, there are also a number of collection items to unlock. These 24 cosmetics can’t be earnt through racking up event points directly. To get your hands on them, you’ll either need to purchase them with crafting materials or Apex coins, or unlock each one randomly through opening Death Dynasty event packs. You can’t get duplicates though, so opening 24 packs guarantees all 24 cosmetics.

Apex Legends Death Dynasty event: The event screen for the Death Dynasty collections skins, with the Soul Devourer skin for the Havoc energy rifle highlighted on display.
A screenshot of the Death Dynasty event weapon in Apex Legends.

There are 12 epic grade cosmetics and 12 legendary grade cosmetics. Here’s a full breakdown of them all.

Cosmetic NameCosmetic TypeCosmetic For…Cosmetic Grade
Ready Set GhoulLegend SkinOctaneEpic
Death MoonLegend SkinSeerEpic
Soulless HuntressLegend SkinVantageEpic
Blood GrippedWeapon SkinEVA-8 ShotgunEpic
Blood RevolutionWeapon SkinDevotion E-LMGEpic
Plasmatic PrecisionWeapon SkinCharge Rifle E-RifleEpic
Ritual AscensionLegend FrameCatalystEpic
Summoning FuryLegend FrameCryptoEpic
Cosmic HorrorLegend FrameHorizonEpic
Dusk DescentLegend FrameLoba Epic
Final FarewellLegend FrameRampartEpic
Gothic GatewayLegend FrameWraithEpic
Void’s VassalLegend SkinWraithLegendary
DarkwatcherLegend SkinCryptoLegendary
Hellforger SkinLegend SkinRampartLegendary
Hell’s BaneLegend SkinLobaLegendary
Crimson GoddessLegend SkinCatalystLegendary
Brood AnomalyLegend SkinHorizonLegendary
ExsanguinatorWeapon SkinR-99 SMGLegendary
BloodboltWeapon SkinLongbow Sniper RifleLegendary
Sanguine SidearmWeapon SkinWingman Hand CannonLegendary
Ethereal HeresyWeapon SkinCAR SMGLegendary
Soul DevourerWeapon SkinHavoc E-RifleLegendary
Blood RageWeapon SkinRampage LMGLegendary

Again, some of these will become available in the regular store on randomised rotation after the conclusion of the event. Now is your best chance to get them, but not necessarily your only chance.

That covers everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Death Dynasty event, as well as Apex Legends Double XP. Be sure to take a look at our breakdown of the Legends ranked in Apex if you need some advice deciding who to play to rack up points during the event.

Is the Death Dynasty event free?

Yes, the Death Dynasty event is open and free to all Apex Legends players.

Does the Death Dynasty event have new game modes?

The Death Dynasty event itself is not a new game mode, but a collections event overarching across the whole game.