Tears of the Kingdom item dupe glitches have been nerfed – but there’s still hope

Tears of the Kingdom item dupe glitches have been nerfed – but there’s still hope
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Nintendo has put the kibosh on the popular item duplication glitches in Tears of the Kingdom as of the 1.1.2 update as of May 26, with the patch seemingly nerfing one of the community’s favourite glitches.

There is hope, however, for those that absolutely need this glitch to make their lives in Hyrule easier – first, head into your Nintendo Switch’s system settings, then head to the ‘System’ submenu, and find the ‘Auto-Update Software’ option – make sure that’s set to ‘Off’ – and you should be able to glitch to your heart’s content. Of course, you won’t get the benefit of any other update fixes either, but if you’re happy with that caveat then you should be able to play unhindered until the community finds a new way to dupe your items.

ORIGINAL STORY FOLLOWS: An item duplication glitch has been found in Tears of the Kingdom, which is even faster and easier than the previous one.

There’s a bit less prep work for this one, as posted to YouTube by PieBen and comes after the game’s most recent patch, so at the time of writing should still work. It shows them jumping from a height, opening their paraglider and getting themselves a bunch of diamonds using the trick – although any item from your inventory can seemingly be used with a couple of cavaets.

First, you’ll want to make sure whatever you’re duplicating is in the last of your inventory by dropping them all on the ground and picking them up, and then also find any item you have only one of. Then you’ll need to shield jump – and then in the middle of the jump in the air, hold the item you have only one of, plus the thing you want to duplicate. Then unpause, and you should find all the items your just selected on the ground – but also still in your inventory too, doubling those items. Nice!

The original glitch was posted to YouTube by Caspah, who explains the fairly simple method involved here. First, there’s a bit of prep work – and they advise players to head into their consoles settings to turn off auto-updates, just in case Nintendo decide to fix this glitch in a future patch for Tears of the Kingdom. Next head into game, and you’ll have to make sure you’ll have to obtain two bows that are the same, and are next to each other in your inventory. Then, you’ll want to equip a small to medium shield – and any sword. Then head back to the bows and arrows tab before exiting the inventory screen.

The next steps are as follows:

  1. Press ZR (Right trigger) to pull out your bow.
  2. Press up on the d-pad to attach the item you want to duplicate to the end of your bow.
  3. Press Plus to open the inventory menu, then select the bow highlighted in blue and ‘Drop’ the bow.
  4. Head to the next bow in your inventory, then equip it.
  5. Then press the Plus button twice in rapid succession – if done correctly, Link will now appear to be holding the bow with the item you want duplicated on the end of it.
  6. Now, select this bow in blue and drop this one too – and finally exit the inventory menu. You should now be able to press up on the d-pad, and the item number should now have gone up by 1.
  7. Feel free to pick up the bows on the ground and repeat as many times as you want.

Apparently the timing of pressing Plus in step 5 may take a little practice to get it exactly right – if you’re too slow, there won’t be any item on the end of Link’s bow, and if you’re too fast the menu won’t open at all. So you just need to find the sweet spot. Otherwise, this’ll be a handy way to stock up on additional Bombs, Chuchu Jellies or Zonaite in a pinch – at least until Nintendo potentially patch this out.

However, following the game’s first post-launch patch, this glitch still works for now – and we can confirm it. So for now, feel free to keep making extra items and filling up Link’s bag. We’ll keep an eye on it, and let you know if that changes.

There’s been plenty of neat tricks players have been finding in the new Zelda game, including plenty of a bunch of handy glitches for Tears of the Kingdom speed-runners – and given this glitch is sure to be handy for those wanting to nab some extra ingredients for Link, be sure to take a look at our Tears of the Kingdom recipes list.

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