All Tears of the Kingdom glitches – tips for speed-runners

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Here’s a list of Tears of the Kingdom glitches and bugs that might help you if you’re speed-running the game. We have recently reported that a speed runner has completed Zelda Tears of the Kingdom in less that two hours. We’re constantly updating this page with quirks and other things that could help Zelda fans out of a jam if they’re stuck on a boss, level or just want some additional help.

Many of the glitches that made Breath of the Wild so great for speed-runners have since been patched, though there’s still a few that have made their way into the sequel. One ‘glitch’ in particular is this ingenious boss fight skip which makes use of the new Ultrahand ability to traverse the map.

However, there’s a reason we used the word ‘glitch’ sparingly – as it’s really just a game mechanic implemented by the developers. A few of the latest ones to be found by the community involve using a Bomb Flower to help you get up to higher areas, and an infinite horse stamina exploit – we detail them below.

Tears of the Kingdom glitches for speed-runners (so far)

  • Infinite Horse Stamina glitch
  • Safe descent exploit
  • Fast travel save
  • Bomb Shield Jump
  • Infinite Paraglider
  • Item Duplication

Infinite Horse Stamina glitch

The Infinite Horse Stamina glitch works by mounting your horse and holding ZL, ZR, and A, which will make you enter Bullet Time mode as soon as you jump off the horse – then, tap X to do a shield flip and cancel with the bow, while remounting the horse.

However – there’s a catch. This glitch only works in version 1.0, and anyone with the latest Day One patch will not be able to try this glitch out.

Safe descents exploit

While not technically a glitch, this exploit makes use of a built in-game feature to help you skip boss fights. After chopping down a tree, you can use the Ultrahand ability to dangle it over a ledge. After, you can then use Recall to create a ‘pseudo-stasis effect’ after which you can then jump onto the log and use it to descend slowly.

Fast travel save

Again, this is not a glitch, more a ‘good to know’. There are reports that if you’re falling and about to get fall damage, you’re able to use fast travel via the Purah Pad to quickly warp yourself out of danger. While not a glitch per say, this could come in handy for those looking to avoid restarts.

Bomb shield jump

This first made its appearance on Reddit a couple of days after the launch of the game. This can be used instead of Ascend to climb, and could well come in handy for those looking to speed run the game. All you need to do is get a Bomb Flower and Fuse it to your shield. Then run towards where you want to jump up and then flip into the wall so you hit the bomb flower on your back. You’ll then shoot up the edge.

Use the Zonai Wing without rail

We first noticed this trick to use the Zonai Wing without the rail on Reddit, and it is a lot easier than it sounds.

  • Use the Ultrahand ability to slightly place the Zonai Wing in the air, before bringing it down to the ground
  • Jump onto the vehicle, and use Recall to rewind it back into air
  • Fly away!

Infinite Paraglider

If you’re trying to fly long distances with your paraglider, there’s a great trick that you can make use off. It will take a little while to get where you’re going, but you could potentially fly across all of the sky islands using this technique.

  • Start paragliding
  • When you’re nearly out of stamina, deploy the Zonai Wing
  • Jump on top of the Zonai Wing and use it as a platform to relaunch the paraglider from

Item Duplication

The glitch, first found by Twitter user Modoki_returns, allows you to duplicate weapons and shields fairly easily – making progressing through the game much easier.

  • Remove equipped weapon, shield, or bow
  • Pick up a yet-undiscovered weapon (It needs the ??? symbol)
  • Open Inventory with the Start button as the info message pops-up
  • Sort items with Y Button
  • Equip item into the last slot of your inventory
  • Leave inventory
  • Open inventory and drop the recently-equipped item
  • Pick it up
  • It will now be a copy of the new item you had previously picked up

We’d recommend using the exploit when you know you’re just about to pick up a rare or powerful weapon. Alongside that, you’re going to need to have a worthless item on hand at all times to be replaced.

BotW glitches that have been patched in Tears of the Kingdom

  • Bomb Impact Launches (BIL) – Runes removed
  • Bow Lift Smuggling Slide (BLSS) – Patched
  • Whistle-Sprinting – Patched so much so that attempting takes up more stamina
  • Shield-Clipping – Patched
  • Bullet-time mode bounce – Patched

While many of the glitches from Breath of the Wild have been patched, you might still be wondering if there are cheat codes or mods available in game – however, at the moment, there are none.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be more glitches in Tears of the Kingdom?

There will likely be more glitches discovered in Tears of the Kingdom, though they will likely be discovered over the course of the launch week.

Can you use glitches to speed-run Tears of the Kingdom?

At the moment, there are only two speed-running exploits that have been discovered, though they both contribute to shortening the time to complete a playthrough.

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