Palworld fans can easily win $100 Steam gift cards from Pocketpair and here’s how

Palworld fans can easily win $100 Steam gift cards from Pocketpair and here’s how
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Pocketpair has done an incredible job with Palworld. Not only have they delivered an excellent survival game beloved from day one, but they have also listened to the community and consistently provided significant updates. Now, in another amazing bit of service to the community, Pocketpair is giving Palworld fans the chance to easily win $100 Steam gift cards.

It’s been a remarkable couple of weeks for Pocketpair. Xbox has committed to partnering with Palworld to bring a highly-requested PC exclusive feature to consoles, and the game has broken all sorts of records despite just recently getting surpassed on Steam by PlayStation’s first PC launch exclusive. The survival game is in early access only, and the next update is on the way as per its official roadmap.

Developer Pocketpair has repeatedly thanked the community for the game’s success, and communication with fans has been strong, especially on Discord. And, as a new way of thanking fans, Pocketpair is giving away $100 Steam gift cards. Not everyone can win the bounty, but it’s very easy to enter and should take no longer than a minute of your day.

How to win $100 Steam gift cards from Palworld developer

Palworld fans can win a $100 Steam gift card by participating in Pocketpair’s giveaway on Twitter. One way of winning is retweeting, liking, and following the Palworld_EN giveaway post on X. You also need to reply with your ‘favorite pal’ and #PalGiveaway to increase your chances of winning. Two separate people can win by following these steps.

Another way to win is by positing art with the hashtags #PalworldArt and #PalGiveaway. The art you post can be anything including illustration, cooking, or crafts. Similar to the first method, two individual winners will be awarded a $100 Steam gift card through sharing their art. This is a chance for the community to show their creative side.

Two people will win individual $100 Steam gift cards by simply reposting and replying with their ‘favorite pal,’ and two more people will win individual $100 gift cards through sharing art. You only have until 2 AM UTC on February 16th to enter, and this translates to 6 PM PT and 9 PM ET on February 15th and 2 AM GMT on February 16th.

There’s no mention of how any winners will be contacted, but it will presumably happen through DM. If you enter outside of the United States, Pocketpair says the gift card will be ‘Automatically converted to your country’s currency’. The odds of winning are slim, but you may as well enter as it’s very easy and the first method doesn’t take very long.

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