Palworld is shockingly surpassed on Steam by PlayStation’s first day-one PC exclusive

Palworld is shockingly surpassed on Steam by PlayStation’s first day-one PC exclusive
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Ever since its early access launch on January 19th, Palworld has completely dominated the gaming industry. It has been enjoyed by several million players on PC and Xbox, and it remains incredibly popular and beloved. Yet, despite its overwhelming popularity, Palworld has shockingly been surpassed on Steam by PlayStation’s first day-one PC exclusive, at least for the time being.

Pocketpair’s survival epic has been played by over 19 million users since its launch. Because of its success, Xbox has committed to partnering with Palworld to bring a highly-requested PC-exclusive feature to console, and Pocketpair has remained committed to improving the game on an almost daily basis through updates. Most of the updates are purely patches to iron out bugs and glitches, but the official roadmap reveals planned content additions such as more bosses, more islands, and more pals to add to your paldeck.

Again, the game still has a very healthy playercount, but its dominance over the gaming world is temporarily waning as it has been surpassed on Steam by a newly released PS5 and PC exclusive.

Palworld surpassed on Steam by PlayStation’s first day-one PC exclusive

Palworld has been surpassed by Helldivers 2 on the Steam top sellers charts. As reported by comicbook, Helldivers 2 is now the top-selling game across Steam and its pre-orders reportedly outpaced the current sales of both Palworld and Counter-Strike 2.

This is a fantastic feat for both Sony and Helldivers 2. Developed by Arrowhead Game Studios, Helldivers 2 is published by PlayStation and it is the first exclusive to launch on both PS5 and PC from day one. Other PlayStation exclusives have joined PC and Steam such as Horizon Forbidden Dawn and The Last Of Us, but, again, Helldivers 2 is the first to record a simultaneous release across both platforms.

Although Helldivers 2 has knocked Palworld from the top of the best-sellers chart on Steam, Pocketpair’s survival game still has a much bigger playercount. As of writing, Palworld currently boasts an 861,000+ 24-hour peak playercount per SteamDB, meanwhile, Helldivers 2 has achieved 55,783 so far on launch day. However, expect Helldivers 2 playercount to significantly increase as it is only launch day and most people in the United States are still sleeping.

Another asterisk needs to be acknowledged. The Steam top sellers chart is basically a list of games that have generated the most revenue in the past week. This basically means Helldivers 2 is the highest-selling game of the week beginning from February 5th. It has not beaten Palworld in overall sales, but it’s still doing incredibly well and here’s hoping its success continues.

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