Palworld guide shares 10 ultimate farming secrets the game doesn’t tell you

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Like most survival games there is lots of depth to Palworld meaning there are lots of mechanics to get to grips with and fully understand. The vast majority of it is straightforward and very accessible, but there are some things the game doesn’t teach players about at all. Many hidden features can be stumbled across through simply playing the game, but others are more elusive. And this Palworld guide from a fan shares 10 ultimate farming secrets that the game doesn’t tell you about.

As mentioned, there are many secrets in Palworld. There is a secret Legendary creature that can only be unlocked through breeding, and the community has shared a guide to 20 secret tricks that you really should follow to get the best experience. Although not a secret on the part of Pocketpair, a fan has also shared the best-hidden base location that not enough people are using for a breeding base at the very least.

While breeding is a key component of the game, so too is farming for resources and more. To help with the game, a fan has shared 10 farming secrets probably unknown to lots of the community.

10 Palworld farming secrets

Below are 10 ultimate Palworld farming secrets shared on Reddit by user Aiming4Gaming0:

  1. Work speed does not affect pals assigned to the ranch and the time to lay one egg is always a random value between 30 and 50 seconds no matter the Pal you are using. You can safely aim for passives that reduce food consumption or sanity drop rate instead.
  2.  Work speed does not affect farming resource output, but ascending does have an effect. This means collecting several Chikipis and condensing them into one is more useful as with each star it will have a chance to lay one more egg, capped at five eggs for max ascension level.
  3.  Pals can indeed work outside the ranch and still lay eggs.
  4.  A ranch can only hold four pals. Inputting a fifth or putting an extra pal even close to the ranch will result in another pal disappearing from the ranch.
  5.  Cremis and Melpaca are better than Lamball for farming wool. Lamball yields one wool at a time, while Cremis and Melpaca yield two wools at a time with up to six at max ascension level.
  6.  Staying away from your farming base is more efficient than staying inside.
  7.  Bees are problematic as there are so many issues with them doing absolutely nothing while they’re grazing. If you want a steady supply of honey, let them do it somewhere in the background and just visit them to collect it.
  8.  Maus can be considered a passive method for farming gold. Maus can be captured from inside dungeons, and they produce 10 gold at a time and work at night.
  9.  Unfortunately, skipping the night skips the output of pals working at night on the ranch. This means you won’t get 10 gold from Maus if you skip the night.
  10.  Get 17 cakes in 10 minutes! Assigning Astregon to ore node mining results in 80 ore pieces per 7 minutes. Smelting these 80 ore pieces into ingots can be done in a matter of seconds with Jormuntide Ignis. You can these ignots into 80 nails using Anubis. Sell these 80 nails for gold and you will be able to buy 146 eggs and 119 milk to bake 17 cakes. You can bake cakes in 30 seconds by using an electric kitchen and flame cauldron with any kindling 4 Pal assigned to cooking.

Again, all of the above tips and secrets come courtesy of Reddit user Aiming4Gaming0. They have also uploaded a very helpful version of the guide to their Aiming4Gaming YouTube channel if you want a visual reference.

For more Palworld, we have the full patch notes for the latest updates and on Steam and Xbox respectively. This update has fixed the game’s worst-ever bug as well as fixed a fatal breeding bug that resulted in the ‘death’ of pals.

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