Palworld player shares best base location that nobody is using

Palworld player shares best base location that nobody is using
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Pocketpair’s survival epic Palworld takes place in a gorgeous open-world playground full of Pals to capture, collect, and set to work. In addition to capturing Pals, you need to create a base that they can call home as well as perform jobs such as breeding or working at assembly lines. It’s up to you where you establish your home, but one Palworld player has shared the best base location that nobody is using or at least talking about enough.

If you’ve managed to break away from the game for even a day, then now is the perfect time to return as Pocketpair has released updates 1.4.1 and 1.1.4 for Steam and Xbox. The full patch notes list a handful of significant fixes, and these include a fix for the game’s worst-ever game-breaking bug. Bug fixes are always important, and some extra good news is that Pocketpair is also looking to add more content with planned future bosses and Pals.

While the addition of even more Pals to the complete Paldeck is exciting, you need to know what to do with them first of all. The key is first capturing and then assigning roles while looking after and regularly feeding them. Naturally, to contain all of your Pals, you need a base and you preferably want this base to be in an ideal and practical location.

Palworld player shares the best base location

Reddit user ParsleyTheDruid has shared a new best base location that they ‘highly recommend’ to other Palworld players. Located in the No Man’s Trail area, it’s different from the vast majority of bases that opt for flatland. It is absolutely gorgeous ‘surrounded by ancient structures with a massive cylindrical structure’ combined with a ‘large glowing circle atop’.

Below are all of the pros of the base listed by ParsleyTheDruid:

  • Four chests spawn at the top of the cylinder. All four can have a chance to be the Gold Key chests which are the best in the game, and from what I understand, have a chance to drop legendary schematics.
  •  There is a lvl 40 ice cave just below the structure, which is also considered one of the best dungeon types in the game. I also found that Gold Key chests can spawn right next to its entrance (Just picked up Refined Metal Cold Resistance Armor 2 Schematic from it.)
  •  You are surrounded by eggs. So many frozen and damp eggs it’s insane. Egg hunting is as easy as walking out into your backyard.
  •  You cannot get raided here. Like most mountaintop bases it’s inaccessible to raids and therefore they never happen.
  •  It looks cool AF. The exterior structures feel like part of your base. I went for a wall around the outside but you don’t need them. Part of me thinks I’d enjoy an open-air base more so I can see those outside pillars
  •  No temperature issues. Not cold at night not hot during the day. Centrally located near endgame areas (plenty of quartz nearby.)

Of course, no base location is entirely perfect. While all of the above pros are very appealing, there are a couple of cons that include difficulties with building and the fact that there are no natural resources from trees and ore to coal. In regard to natural resources though, it’s noted that these are not useful for a breeding base anyway.

The exact location of the base is in the No Man’s Trail area at coordinates 78X, 193Y. While this base is highly recommended, it’s only for Steam as the location on Xbox is reportedly very buggy.

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