Palworld breeding tree reveals most OP Pal for unlocking best pals

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Pocketpair’s survival epic Palworld is full of cute and powerful monsters named pals. The designs of these monsters are responsible for pretty much all of the comparisons to Pokémon, and there are over 100 creatures to capture and add to your base. Most can be caught in the wild, but there are some that can only be unlocked through breeding. Specific unlocks require specific partners, and this Palworld breeding tree reveals the most OP Pal for unlocking some of the best pals in the game.

Palworld has been in early access format since January 19th and has been receiving updates on a regular basis. While not everything is repaired as fans are still waiting on an update to fix the game’s most annoying mechanic, the most recent update from Pocketpair has fixed the game’s worst-ever bug as well as fixed a hilarious but fatal breeding bug.

Seeing as breeding should no longer technically kill any of your pals through ‘death by snu snu,’ you can take advantage of the feature without any fear. And, if you want to create the best pals, you want to get this Pal with the most OP genetics into your shack.

Palworld breeding tree reveals most OP Pal for unlocking best pals

A Palworld breeding tree reveals that arguably the most OP Pal for unlocking some of the best pals in the game is Grizzbolt. As shared by the website Palbreed, Grizzbolt can be used to unlock the following pals through breeding:

  • Anubis + Grizzbolt = Ragnahawk
  • Incineram + Grizzbolt = Ragnahawk
  • Surfent + Grzzbolt = Ragnahawk
  • Surfent Terra + Grizzbolt = Ragnahawk
  • Tombat + Grizzbolt = Wumpo Botan
  • Foxcicle + Grizzbolt = Wumpo Botan
  • Grizzbolt + Relaxurus = Oserk
  • Caprity + Grizzbolt = Anubis
  • Grizzbolt + Pengullet = Petallia (Petallia + Mossanda = Lyleen)

These are just a few of the breeding recipes involving Grizzbolt. You can find even more on Palbreed and you can find the family trees involving Grizzbolt to make Ragnahawk, Wumpo Baton, Lyleen, Orsek, and Shadowbreak on Reddit.

Naturally, many jokes have stemmed from Grizzbolt’s ability to help unlock some of the best pals in the game. One fan on Reddit joked ‘That must be some magic seeds Griz is packing,’ meanwhile, another dubbed him a ‘true chad‘.

For more Palworld breeding, there is a secret Legendary in the game that cannot be found in the wild. And, away from unlocking pals through screwing, the community has shared an important PSA on how to most efficiently feed pals and one player has shared the best base location nobody is using.

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