Palworld update fixes hilarious but fatal breeding bug

Palworld update fixes hilarious but fatal breeding bug
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Palworld has received a significant new update from Pocketpair. For the time being the developers are working tirelessly to eradicate bugs and glitches before moving on to adding new content. This is quite possibly the biggest and most important update since the game’s early access launch as the patch has fixed major gameplay bugs in Palworld including an hilarious but fatal breeding glitch.

Despite only launching on January 19th, the game has quickly developed a massive fanbase consisting of millions across Xbox and Steam. Not only does it have a huge fanbase, but the community is also one of the most favorable across gaming. They have shared an important PSA on how to most efficiently feed Pals, and one particular fan has shared the best base location that very few people are using.

Not only is the Palworld community extremely helpful and friendly online, but they also have a wicked sense of humor. In responding to the newest update from Pocketpair, fans have expressed their glee over the developer fixing what was coined the ‘death by snu snu’ glitch.

Palworld update fixes fatal breeding bug

Pocketpair’s newest Palworld update has fixed a fatal breeding bug. The game’s most recent patches for Steam and Xbox are 1.4.1 and 1.1.4 respectively, and the full patch notes have been shared by the developer. One of the biggest fixes that fans are thrilled about is the following:

  • Fixed an issue where if a Pal that was manually assigned to a breeding farm went to sleep, it would not wake up forever.

Although Pals were not technically dead, the issue was that they would never wake up after breeding. This was a massively annoying problem vented about online by many players, so it’s good to see that Pocketpair has resolved the problem in a very timely manner. Now that the issue has been fixed, players are able to joke about the bug without having to lament its existence.

Many on Reddit coined it the ‘death by snu snu‘ bug, and Pocketpair’s patch notes have been joked about with many fans saying ‘not wake up forever’ sure is a funny name for dying‘. Lots of fans have joked that the Pals were literally screwing themselves to death with one fan quipping it’s the result of ‘Lovander sneaking into your base when you’re away‘.

In addition to fixing this glitch, updates 1.4.1 and 1.1.4 also fix the worst game-breaking bug since launch. And, in even more fantastic news, Xbox has committed to partnering with Palworld to bring a heavily requested PC-exclusive feature to console.