MW3 early access New Zealand trick – how to play multiplayer on PS5 and Xbox

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The release date for when Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer and zombies will come out is only one day away. While early access to the campaign already launched last week, lots of fans want to know how to play MW3 multiplayer early by using the New Zealand release time trick. This is a common exploit on Xbox, but it appears to now work for PS5.

Call of Duty fans have not reacted positively to the Modern Warfare 3 campaign. Furious CoD players have accidentally review-bombed the wrong MW3 on Metacritic, and the biggest complaints appear to be that it’s too short and feels like Warzone PvE. Still, although massively disappointing, the story is worth playing through as there are campaign rewards to unlock before entering the online battlefield.

You can play the MW3 early access campaign right now by simply pre-ordering the cross-gen edition. This allows you to become a soldier alongside Captain Price again before you start fighting against the entire world of Call of Duty players.

Does the New Zealand trick work for MW3 multiplayer?

The Xbox New Zealand trick works for MW3 multiplayer and zombies. Per the official Call of Duty Twitter account, the full game on console has a rolling launch between 3 AM PT to 10 PM PT on November 9th. This means its release time unlocks at 12 AM midnight local for each region on console as 12 AM NZDT on November 10th translates to 3 AM PT on November 9th.

Of course, for the New Zealand trick to work, you need to preload multiplayer and zombies on console. And, in order to preload, you need to have pre-ordered the cross-gen edition at minimum. There is also the option of buying the Vault edition. This costs £99.99/$99.99 on the PSN store, and it comes with all of the following bonuses:

  • MW3 for PS4 and PS5/Xbox One and Series X/S
  •   Campaign Early Access
  •   Lockpick Operator Pack
  •   Soul Harvester Weapon Blueprint
  •   Nemesis Operator Pack
  •   2 Weapon Vaults
  •   BlackCell (1 Season)
  •   30 additional Tier Skips

How to play MW3 multiplayer early with New Zealand release time trick on Xbox and PS5

Provided you’ve pre-ordered and preloaded, the MW3 New Zealand release time trick will work at 3 AM PT/ 6 AM ET/ 11 AM GMT on November 9th. Once these hours pass, simply follow the below steps on your Xbox console:

  • Start your Xbox
  •  Head to Settings
  •  Click System
  •  Choose Language and Location
  •  Change location to New Zealand
  •  Restart your Xbox

In addition to all of the above steps, you also need to change your Call of Duty profile to New Zealand. Usually the New Zealand trick is not worth doing on PlayStation as you typically need to create an NZ account and buy the game using NZ PSN gift cards. However, CharlieIntel reports that you can play MW3 multiplayer on PS5 right now by simply changing your Call of Duty profile region on the CoD website to New Zealand. Per CharlieIntel, you need to access your Call of Duty profile, select Basic Info, Address, and then enter in a random New Zealand address. In addition to this method, theMW2Ghost says PS5 players can also just join the session of a PS5 friend who has exploited the New Zealand release time trick.

If you are planning to fly to New Zealand, be aware of the streaming PSA from Activision shared by CharleIntel. And in other Call of Duty news, we’ve provided a full recap of the Modern Warfare story so far to get you ready for Modern Warfare 3. Fans have also voted on why they’re buying the game, meanwhile, a hardcore CoD fan has used a classic SpongeBob meme to prove the game is not glorified MW2 DLC.

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