CoD MW3 Countdown Clock to Launch – What Time Does it Start?

CoD MW3 Countdown Clock to Launch  – What Time Does it Start?
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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is arguably the biggest game of the year, and it’s set to only get bigger with the arrival of its online component. If you’re waiting to duke it out with people all over the world, then the good news is that you only have a little longer to wait. The MW3 multiplayer and zombies release date and time countdown is almost over, and here you’ll find exactly when you can play online on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Make sure to play the MW3 early access campaign right now so you can unlock all of the campaign rewards. It’s not the best Call of Duty story of all time with fans complaining it’s too short and plays like Warzone PvE, but it’s still worth experiencing if you’re planning on picking up the game anyway. Captain Price stars once more, and you can finish the story in roughly four hours.

While the campaign hasn’t been received well, some Call of Duty fans will argue it doesn’t matter as they purely play for the multiplayer. In this case, you only have to wait one more day for the online component to arrive.

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 screenshot featuring MW3 multiplayer countdown.

MW3 Countdown Clock

MW3 multiplayer release date

The release date for MW3 multiplayer and zombies is November 9th/10th. This is for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, and the launch day simply depends on your region. Activision confirmed these launch days in their specs and PC trailer blog post. As for the campaign early access, this launched on November 3rd for everyone who pre-ordered the cross-gen bundle on consoles and the Standard edition on PC.

Ahead of the multiplayer and zombies launch, you can preload the full game right now whether you are on console or PC. And, in order to preload at all, you of course need to have pre-ordered. You only needed to have purchased either the cross-gen bundle or Standard edition to get early access to the campaign, but there is also the Vault edition for £99.99/$99.99 on the PSN store to get the following bonuses:

  • MW3 for PS4 and PS5/Xbox One and Series X/S
  • Campaign Early Access
  • Lockpick Operator Pack
  • Soul Harvester Weapon Blueprint
  • Nemesis Operator Pack
  • 2 Weapon Vaults
  • BlackCell (1 Season)
  • 30 additional Tier Skips

When does MW3 multiplayer come out?

The release time for MW3 multiplayer is 9 PM PT on November 9th and 12 AM ET/ 5 AM GMT on November 10th. These launch hours apply to PC through both Steam and As for PlayStation and Xbox, the console release time is a rolling launch between 3 AM PT and 10 PM PT on November 9th. Per CharlieIntel, this translates to a local midnight launch on November 10th for every region aside from North America which is 9 PM PT on November 9th.

All of the specified launch hours come courtesy of the Call of Duty Twitter account. Because of the rolling launch for console, the early access New Zealand release time trick will work for CoD players on Xbox. In addition, some players have been able to play MW3 multiplayer in offline local mode.

MW3 multiplayer release time PC US

  • 9 PM PT on Thursday, November 9th
  •  12 AM ET on Friday, November 10th

MW3 multiplayer release time PC UK

  • 5 AM GMT on Friday, November 10th

Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer release time PS5 and Xbox US

  • 9 PM PT on Thursday, November 9th
  •  12 AM ET on Friday, November 10th

Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer release time PS5 and Xbox UK

  • 12 AM GMT on Friday, November 10th

While multiplayer and zombies come out on November 10th, it’s not the same for Season 1. This is because the Season 1 start date is scheduled for December. There are plenty of maps and locations confirmed for launch, and we have answered whether there is skill-based matchmaking.