Call of Duty fans are begging for this one change in MW3

Call of Duty fans are begging for this one change in MW3
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Fans of the Call of Duty franchise have had to put up with questionable features for years, but there’s one particular element that has been spiting players consistently – the UI.

The reaction to Modern Warfare 2’s User Interface was tangibly sour upon the game’s launch last year, and with the upcoming MW3 soon to arrive on gamer’s screens – the fans have begun begging for change.

There’s a YouTube video out there titled “How to find the campaign in Modern Warfare 2 (2022)”, which says all you need to know about the game’s poorly optimised user interface. Not only that, but it has over 100k views, really emphasising the issues that players of the game have experienced with MW2.

Everyone remembers the original Black Ops menu – a man is restrained in a chair and sits in front of an old CRT display with the words “Campaign, Multiplayer, Zombies, Settings, Quit” flickering on screen. From there, you can access individual menu screens displayed in a linear fashion with nothing but crucial information. In contrast, the Modern Warfare 2 menu can be described as a media dashboard with a pretty high chance of infuriating the user.

The UI was formerly in charge of Hulu’s dashboard, so you might recognise the sliding panel organisation from there.

Prospective players of Modern Warfare 3 have said that the previous game’s UI was “like a sports game” and that they “appreciate them playing around with it but they took it too far”. On the other hand, some have said that they “don’t appreciate the playing around with it at all” and that the “fact that the front page changes every other week is already a f*** up”.

These complaints come amidst a storm of Starfield controversy, in which Bethesda were criticised for a lack of innovation in their simple menu. At the very least it seems that no matter what developers try with their menus – there’s going to be complaints.