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BREAKING: Counter Strike 2 confirmed for this summer, limited test starts now

Counter Strike 2
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After a few weeks of rumours and speculation, Valve has announced that Counter Strike 2 is not only real, but will be launching this summer – with a technical test beginning right now.

This new version of Counter Strike will be a complete overhaul and a free upgrade to CS:GO when it launches – and it’s players of that game who’ll be the first to try out the new one.

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Counter Strike 2 will feature a number of improvements over its predecessor, including the rebuilding of almost every older map – to use the most recent lighting, materials and textures.

Don’t worry though if you’re a purist – as many maps will still maintain the layouts you know and love – but given a visual overhaul to bring them bang up to date.

Other improvements include things like smoke from smoke grenades – which will now dynamically react with the environment. Even the backend of the game will be overhauled – with tick rates now a thing of the past.

You’ll also be able to bring your CS:GO inventory with you, with all items benefiting from Source 2 lighting and model upgrades.

Counter Strike 2 release window

While Valve wouldn’t give a specific date for the release of Counter Strike 2, it has given a window – saying that the new update will arrive in Summer 2023.

Until then, Valve will be holding a closed Limited Test which starts from today, and will run until the game releases in full later this summer.

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The Limited Test will include Deatmatch and Competitive Matchmaking on Dust2 – and we’re promised that later test releases will include other game modes, maps and features. Check out a full FAQ here.

There’s no word yet on if Counter Strike 2 will make it to consoles as well as PC, but more information on Counter Strike 2 will arrive in the coming weeks and months.

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Counter Strike 2

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Counter Strike 2

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