Best settings for CS2 – sensitivity, DPI, audio and HUD config

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Here are the best settings for CS2 – whether it’s sensitivity, audio, HUD, or others, we’ve got it covered.

While we’ve already had a crack at writing up the best graphics settings for Counter Strike 2, finding out what the best best in-game options are for other features is just as important. There’s so many things in Counter Strike 2 that have such a devastating impact on gameplay and competitive success, so we’re going to breakdown what we think are the best settings to optimise your mouse sensitivity, audio calibration and a few of the visuals you experience on-screen.

What are the best settings for Counter Strike 2?

Here are the best settings for Counter Strike 2. We’re breaking down what we think is going to be the best for you to climb up the CS2 ranks. In our Counter Strike 2 tips guide, we emphasised the importance of optimal crosshair placement in order to combat enemies competitively. However, you’re going to have a tough time doing that without calibrating your mouse sensitivity to the optimal level.

Best mouse sensitivity and DPI for Counter Strike 2

Firstly, you’re going to need to make sure you have one of the best mice for Counter Strike 2. This is going to help you calibrate your mouse sensitivity, while also giving you the smoothest experience. You’re going to need to also make sure you have a mouse pad that is large enough for you to complete a full 360-degree rotation across the game’s screen without having to lift the mouse at all.

This means that you’re also going to need to set your DPI to a level that accomodates for this. We would recommend a DPI of 400 for Counter Strike 2’s best mouse settings.

There’s also a few more things we can do to find out if that DPI is going to suit you. Not everyone is going to respond to the same DPI as others, so you can find out if it’s going to work well if you find a spot with a wall in-game.

You can point your cursor at a single point, and strafe across the screen trying to keep your cursor on that one spot. If you can do so, you’re at a suitable sensitivity. If you’re struggling, you’re going to need to adjust your sensitivity slightly. If you have a high sensitivity, you’re going to have your crosshair dancing all around the place. If you’re on an extremely low sensitivity, your cursor won’t respond to your movements nicely either.

Best audio settings for Counter Strike 2

Firstly, we’re going to open up your Windows Sound settings. Right click on your output device, click Properties and then hit advanced. Change the bitrate to 44100 Hz Studio Quality, and uncheck the “Allow Applications to take exclusive control of this device.” After this, click Apply and Ok and then load up Counter Strike 2.

However, what’s really important is the actual settings within Counter Strike 2.

If you’re using speakers – you should open up the CS2 console and input the following: speaker_config 2 or speaker_config 1 depending on which works better for you. You’re going to want to use this console command in order to optimise sounds in generic audio settings. Realistically, the game was designed for those wearing headphones, so out of the gate the game isn’t quite ready for open speakers. This changes that slightly.

  • Master Volume – 75%
  • Audio Device – Default Device
  • EQ Profile – Natural
  • L/R Isolation – 0%
  • Perspective Correction – Yes
  • Enable Voice – Press to use Mic
  • VOIP Volume – 100%
  • Streamlined Push to Talk – No
  • Play Audio When Game In Background – No
  • Main Menu Volume – 0%
  • Round Start Volume – 0%
  • Round Action Volume – 0%
  • Round End Volume – 30%
  • MVP Volume – 40%
  • Bomb/Hostage Volume – 20%
  • Ten Second Warning Volume – 20%
  • Death Camera Volume – 40%
  • Mute MVP Music when player on both teams are alive – Yes

Rig up your game with the following settings, which will help you hear footsteps easiest in-game. You’re also going to want to do this so that you can locate enemies spatially within the map, alongside carefully listening in for combat cues such as grenade throws and reloads.

At certain points during the game – you might be clutching, for example – you’re going to need to mute your teammates so you can hear properly. Use a key bind console command to set up a quick mute so you can hear properly.

Best HUD & radar settings in Counter Strike 2

In terms of radar settings, you’re going to want to tone down the Radar HUD size and Map zoom slightly. Alongside that, for HUD settings, you’re going to want to set the HUD scale to 0.9, which is the smallest possible size. You’re going to see as much of the actual on-screen information without it being a hindrance to you.

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