Best counter-terrorist loadout in CS2

Best counter-terrorist loadout in CS2
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Wondering what the best counter-terrorist loadout in CS2 is? Even though the task of defending sites sounds much less daunting than having to take one over, you will still need the right equipment to get the job done. This is where our recommended loadout can help you out.

Of course, to succeed in Valve’s ever-popular FPS, you’ll need to have knowledge of CS2 maps and the best CS2 terrorist loadout as well. However, if you already consider yourself well-informed regarding these elements, then keep reading to find out our suggestions for the best CT loadout.

Best counter-terrorist loadout for opening rounds in CS2

Here’s what the best CS2 counter-terrorist loadout should look like for opening rounds:

  • Secondary Weapon: USP-S (default)
  • Utilities: Decoy Grenade (optional) ($50)
  • Armor: Kevlar Vest ($650)

We recommend keeping your distance as much as possible to defend sites effectively, as the USP’s strength is in its precision and taking long-range battles. It also pales compared to the efficiency of the terrorists’ starting weapon – the Glock-18 – in close-range gunfights, so you’ll be better off spotting combatants at a distance. The Kevlar Vest is also integral since the Glock’s relative lack of long-range accuracy means you will be peppered by plenty of body shots if the opportunity arises for the enemy.

Best counter-terrorist loadout for late rounds in CS2

Here’s what your best counter-terrorist loadout for late rounds in CS2 should look like:

  • Primary Weapon: M4A1-S ($2900)
  • Secondary Weapon: Five-Seven ($500) or P250 ($300)
  • Utilities: Flashbang, Smoke Grenade, Frag Grenade, and an Incendiary Grenade ($1500 total)
  • Armor: Kevlar + Helmet ($1000)

Not only is the M4A1-S slightly cheaper than the M4A4, but it also has a much more manageable spray pattern. In addition, your enemies will have trouble locating you in sites due to its suppressor, which prevents your icon from popping up on the minimap when you pull the trigger.

As for the secondary weapon, you can opt for either the quick-firing Five-Seven or the cheaper yet equally effective P250. If you’re in a bit of an economic bind, you can always opt for the latter, and you would still have a reliable backup weapon to fall back on.

Of course, the most crucial aspect of any CT loadout is its utilities. To hold a site effectively, you’ll need to delay terrorist assaults as much as possible. This is where Smoke, Frag, and Incendiary Grenades come in handy. If you want to push for more information yourself or if you want to take a gunfight, you can use your Flashbang to give yourself and your teammates an advantage.

That covers all you need to know on the best CS2 counter-terrorist loadout. For more, check out our guides on CS2 tips, how to play with bots in CS2, and how to show ping in CS2.