Tears of the Kingdom vehicles

Tears of the Kingdom vehicles
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Tears of the Kingdom vehicles offer many ways for players to get across Hyrule’s varied topography much faster than on foot. While Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild would force you to climb rock faces at pretty much every turn, in its sequel, you can create machines to let you drive or fly over mountains, plains, and lakes.

The only limit to this mechanic is what you can imagine, and how much effort you’re willing to put in but here’s a breakdown some of the more common Tears of the Kingdom vehicles that you can build relatively easily, that are sure to come in handy. But vehicles are the only new features that have come to TotK; there’s new Tears of the Kingdom abilities and Tears of the Kingdom enemies, too.

Tears of the Kingdom vehicles

It is important to note players will be crafting their own vehicles with the items they find laying around the world thanks to Link’s new abilities. While you typically won’t find any pre-built vehicles lying around, experimenting with Zonai Devices and Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand can help you come up with all sorts of useful vehicles.

Tears of the Kingdom vehicles: Link gliding on a Zonai Wing above the Great Sky Island.

Zonai Wing

With there being so many Tears of the Kingdom Sky Islands, flying vehicles are important to get to certain areas. Using a Zonai Wing on its own, you can easily glide across large distances, reaching distant Sky Islands without a hitch. You can also attach some Zonai Fans to it to try and get a bit more speed and distance.

Tears of the Kingdom vehicles: Link driving a car made out of Zonai Devices and wooden planks.


With the Tears of the Kingdom map offering plenty of verticality, most of the vehicles we’ve seen so far are flying machines. But by attaching Zonai Wheels to almost anything, you can easily make yourself a car/truck. Most often these will be a stone slab or some wooden planks you find lying around. Small wheels are better for flat, solid ground, while big wheels help you navigate rough terrain, or even swamps and lava. These cars are also great for navigating the Depths thanks to them not taking damage from gloom. Just remember to attach a Zonai Steering Stick to control where you go.

Tears of the Kingdom vehicles: Link piloting a flying machine made out of a metal grate and four Zonai Fans.

Fan-powered flying machine

By attaching a few Zonai Fans to a small central platform, you can create a simple but effective flying machine. This can easily help you navigate Sky Islands, giving you height and distance to reach new areas. Stick a steering device on an you’ll be good to go.

Tears of the Kingdom vehicles: Link riding a raft made out of three logs and two Zonai Fans.


You can create a raft in Tears of the Kingdom by fusing logs together for easy buoyancy. Simply attach some fans to propel it forward.

Tears of the Kingdom vehicles: A hot air balloon flying in the sky above Hyrule.

Hot air balloon

Most of the flying vehicles we have been shown so far rely on fans to propel them up and forward in the air. A hot air balloon is probably your best bet if you’re only looking for vertical distance. Light a small fire using some wood and you’ll be able to float pretty high into the air.

Tears of the Kingdom vehicles: Link wielding a Mine-Cart Shield.


Not a vehicle, per-se, but you can build yourself a nifty skateboard using the Fuse ability. Simply fuse a minecart, Zonai Cart, or anything wheels to your shield, and when you shield surf, you’ll skate along using your new wheels.

Tears of the Kingdom vehicles: Link standing next to a Hoverbike.


This is one of the best vehicles in Tears of the Kingdom, and you’ll want to make the most of it. Attach a Zonai Fan in front of and behind a Steering Stick like in the above picture and you’ll have a fast, battery efficient mode of transport. Attach another two fans either side of the back fan, acting as a stabilizer in exchange for a higher energy cost.

Link’s new merging and meshing abilities open the door to countless possibilities, leaning into the player’s imagination to conjure up unique and interesting ways to get across Hyrule. For more on how Link’s toolkit is changing, check our Tears of the Kingdom Fuse and Tears of the Kingdom Recall explainer guides.

Does Tears of the Kingdom have pre-built vehicles?

For the most part, Tears of the Kingdom features very few pre-built vehicles in the overworld, instead focusing on player-constructed modes of transportation, pieced together using Link’s new Ultrahand ability. There are a few instances where you’re able to find some pre-built vehicles, although most of these are in Tears of the Kingdom Shrines, where they are required to complete a puzzle.

While you won’t find pre-built vehicles in the overworld, once you obtain the Tears of the Kingdom Autobuild ability you’ll be able to save presets of vehicles you’ve used, and build them at any time using items around you, or Zonaite.

How do you get more charge for your vehicles?

Vehicles are powered through Zonai Charge which can be increased by trading Crystallized Charges with a Zonai Construct north of Lookout Landing.